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If you are prone to back injury or other joint issues, you are certainly looking to strain yourself as little as possible. Will the movers pack and unpack your items for you? Well, you are in luck, since professional moving companies in Washington DC provide full service, which includes all aspects of the move. This will enable you to relax and enjoy yourself as the movers will handle everything from the packing of your items to their delivery. This is also a fantastic option for people who would otherwise be unable to relocate due to health issues.

What encompasses a full-service?

Basically, all aspects of the move are included in a full moving service. The movers will come with all the packing materials and supplies necessary to pack up all of your items. This includes boxes, paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape. You don’t have to worry about moving blankets or padding either, as they will bring them along with the other materials.

What can the movers pack and unpack?

The longest phase when it comes to moving preparations is packing. It is both difficult and time-consuming and can be very tricky to organize. However, when you are opting for a full-service move, trained packers will pack up your entire house for you. Your belongings will be put into boxes practically in no time in comparison with the time it usually takes to pack. When professionally packed, you can rest assured that even your most fragile items will be safe from harm’s way.

Disassembling furniture can sometimes be a nightmare, especially if you lack the proper tools and need to improvise. Luckily, the service of disassembly is a part of full-service moves. The moving professionals come to your location with all the necessary tools to disassemble your furniture items.

Movers looking for things to pack and unpack
It is important that movers pack and unpack all of your important stuff

Loading, unloading, and the delivery of your items

When all of your items are packed up and ready, the skillful movers will load them safely into the truck. Not only will they move your furniture and boxes, but also heavier things, like large fridges, washers, and other appliances. Once they arrive at your destination, all of the items will be safely unloaded and arranged in your house.

Regardless if you are moving across town or to another state, the movers will take your belongings to your new location. A delivery window will be provided to you, giving you an idea of when the shipment will arrive. However, make sure that you are at the new location to receive it. Alternatively, you can rent out a storage unit, and tell the movers to take your items to it. This is useful when you cannot move to the destination yet.

When they arrive at your destination, the movers will also unpack your items for your once they unload the truck. They will place them inside of your new home or office for your, wherever you need them to be. After all of the stuff is unpacked, they will take care of all of the packing materials left from the move. There will be a lot of them, and you can either keep them or they can dispose of them for you. They will completely clear the mess left after the unpacking for your, leaving you with your items ready for use. Even if you are looking for office movers Washington DC all of the aforementioned services can be provided.

A man and a woman carrying moving boxes
It is better to let professionals take care of your items’ safety

Calculating the costs

Hiring someone to do all of this work for you is going to cost more than just hiring them to do one of the services for you. The more assistance that you are going the need the higher the price will be:

  • The number of movers that you need affects the price, which is usually an hourly rate.
  • Furthermore, the number of items that you need to move affects the time it takes to perform all of the services.
  • An additional factor can be the distance that the movers will need to travel.
  • Extra fees may apply when using the moving companies packing materials, while others include them in the price.
  • The time of the year may play a crucial role, as prices are higher during the moving season.

Make surer to compare prices between different companies before making the final decision. Also, look into the services that they can provide and if additional fees may apply. You can save some money by doing some things yourself.

How much time does full-service require?

Doing all of these things can take quite a while, several days or weeks in fact, of course depending on the size of the move. However, there a few thighs to consider and to help you out to get an idea of the duration. Firstly, a moving company can send their in-house estimator to provide you with a precise estimate. When the estimator finishes with the walkthrough, you will get a time estimate along with a more realistic final price. The estimator’s walkthrough will take no longer than an hour. Secondly, packing up a 3 bedroom will take about 2-3 hours to complete, with a few movers.

When it comes to the loading and unloading of the truck, you can expect this to take up the least time. It should take no more than an hour or an hour and a half to both load and unload the truck. If the movers are also unpacking your stuff for you, you can expect it to take about the same time as the packing did. Finally, don’t forget to take transportation time into account, based on the distance that the movers have to travel.

A person using a calcualtor
Determining the approximate cost can take you closer to your final decision

Finding reputable movers to pack and unpack for you

Having proper and direct communication with the moving company is very important. It will allow you to discuss all of the details about what the movers pack and unpack for you. Call several moving companies like Excalibur Moving and Storage, and see what they have on offer. Ask them to provide you with a general estimate for your move size, and compare the numbers. Be sure to be thorough with your research to find the moving company that provides the services that you require.

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