2022 moving trends in Washington DC

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Moving is a very common thing that happens every day. In fact, it’s becoming more common for people of all ages to move around the country or even the world. According to a study released by Census Bureau in March 2019. We see that more than 3 million households in the United States changed locations between July 1 and Dec. 31 last year. That’s an increase from 2 million during the same period in 2018. And although residents of Washington, D.C., don’t have specific data on where they move from or go to after getting their new job at headquarters (there’s no zip code there). We can still look at the moving trends in Washington DC and see how people are moving around our nation’s capital city over time. Make sure to hire Excalibur Moving and Storage services for your relocation. Now let us dive in!

The majority of people are moving within 5 miles of where they currently live

The average distance for people moving within Washington DC was 5.3 miles and the average distance for people moving outside of Washington DC was 1,218.8 miles. Moreover, the average distance for people moving to Washington DC was 5.3 miles! So, what does this mean for your city? Well, it means that if you’re thinking about moving to Washington DC, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to get out and look for a house or apartment close by.

family packing for a move after learning about the moving trends in Washington DC
Before you relocate make sure to check the moving trends in Washington DC

You’ll want to check out neighborhoods with good schools and easy access to public transportation (like bus lines). And if possible, try not to live too far away from downtown—it’s nice being able to walk everywhere when visiting family and friends! And of course, remember to hire local movers Washington DC to help you relocate successfully! Plus, hiring professionals will remove a lot of stress from your moving experience.

How to understand moving trends in Washington DC?

Now, moving trends in Washington DC are very hard to track. However, we can track where people moved the most around the city. And the best way to do that is to see what kind of neighborhood Washington DC has to offer. In 2022 many people chose the following neighborhoods as their local moving destination:

  • Columbia Heights
  • Capitol Hill & H Street Corridor
  • Southwest Waterfront & The Wharf
  • Adams Morgan

All of the above were the most popular neighborhoods to move to in Washington DC in 2022. Now, if you are also thinking about moving locally here, do some research to find out what to expect. Also, if you plan to move in Washington DC make sure to hire Washington DC movers. They can help you relocate in a fast and smooth way! While at the same time being very safe and taking extra care of all your belongings.

aerial view of the neighborhood in DC
Moving trends are best seen in the neighborhoods to which the locals have moved recently

Columbia Heights

Many people who were looking for a creative and historical side of Washington decided to move to Columbia Heights. This is a neighborhood rich in history. It is also very famous because it is home to Columbia Height University which was founded in 1821. An interesting fact here is that this university was the dream of George Washington himself.

Moreover, in the recent past, this neighborhood has become a very popular destination for all the residents of the city. There are many reasons for that. For instance, you can find a very diverse community of people here. Not just Americans but people from all over the world move here. Note, that Hispanic culture is the one that is most present in this neighborhood.

Another reason why many locals choose to move to Columbia Heights is because of the peace and relaxed feel this neighborhood has to give. Even though it is close to universities and other attractions, when the night starts to fall everything tends to quiet down and all the bustling shuts down. Moving here is becoming a trend because you can walk everywhere you need in no more than 30 minutes.

Furthermore, because the Hispanic culture is present here you can expect some of the best Mexican restaurants like La Casita. Therefore, if you are a fan of spices and Mexican food, call your residential movers Washington DC right away, and schedule the move to this neighborhood.

Capitol Hill & H Street Corridor

This neighborhood has somehow always been a trend. Moving here is perfect for anyone who loves history while living in the center of everything that is happening in Washington DC. Compared to the other neighborhoods this one offers a bit faster pace of life to its residents.

Moreover, you are probably familiar with Capitol Hill, it is one of the most iconic landmarks in the US. After the Statue of Liberty of course! Furthermore, there are many historical sites like museums, buildings and such to visit here. But that will be interesting in the beginning, after you settle down completely in the new neighborhood you will just walk by them.

two girls walking
Walkability is a very important factor when you choose your neighborhood. You do not want to turn on your car every time you need something from the store!

And yes, another great thing about Capitol Hill & H Street Corridor is that it has great walkability. Thus, you can walk around your neighborhood and enjoy it fully! And if you get tired of walking, there are many metro stations in this neighborhood that will take you anywhere you want to go. These are some of the most common reasons why people choose to move to this neighborhood, for its accessibility, and of course the central location it offers. So, if you are interested in moving here get some of the best moving services Washington DC and start preparing for your move.

Southwest Waterfront & the Wharf

Many people who choose to relocate to this neighborhood were mostly sick of city life and wanted to escape to a location which is closer to the sea. Thus, it is perfect for seafood lovers and for people who love art. This neighborhood is also one of the most popular ones to live in. It is located near the downtown, but it has a waterfront panoramic view. People who enjoy the water, art, seafood, and a calmer pace of life tend to move here. And in recent years many people choose to relocate their businesses to this neighborhood. If you plan to do that too, make sure to hire office movers Washington DC to help you with your commercial relocation.

Some interesting facts about the Wharf

Moreover, the Wharf was fully completed in 2017. From that point on it has given the city a waterfront style. Believe it or not, you can even get a water taxi here. This complex encompasses many luxury stores, more than 20 famous restaurants, cafes, and more! No wonder many people choose to move here in recent years. If you want to follow this moving trend as well, make sure to hire long distance movers Washington DC. Furthermore, one very special activity you can do in this neighborhood is playing golf.

There is a man-made island East Potomac Park, and amongst things like a swimming pool, and sports field it also offers a very famous golf course as well. Relaxing here with your buddies is something you will be able to do every weekend. Additionally, many seafood lovers move to this neighborhood so that they can be near the iconic Municipal Fish Market where you can find everything you can dream of when it comes to seafood! Moving here has been a trend for people who enjoy the mix of a waterfront lifestyle with a hustling culture. If you are one of those people, pack your bags and call your interstate movers Washington DC right away! They will relocate you in a heartbeat!

man playing golf
If you enjoy playing golf moving to this neighborhood is definitely the right choice for you!

Adams Morgan is also a very popular neighborhood for local relocation

Now, this neighborhood is a favorite of all the young professionals who want to live in a neighborhood with a diverse culture. Plus, it has some of the best nightlife scenes in the city, together with the dining scene! Moreover, Adams Morgan is a neighborhood located north of downtown. It is known to locals as a young neighborhood. Because the demographic here indicates that it is mostly inhabited by young working professionals and students. Furthermore, one of the great things you can enjoy while you stroll down this neighborhood is the stunning architecture. You will come across beautiful historic townhouses, interesting designs of apartment complexes, houses, and more!

Moreover, moving here is becoming a trend because the locals describe the neighborhood as lively, full of young spirit, diverse, chill, etc. As already mentioned, it is perfect for young professionals. However, keep in mind that there are no metro stations in this neighborhood. Therefore, getting around has to be done on foot or by bike. No wonder moving here is becoming a trend. Many young adults who finish college or move out of their family home come here to start their new life chapter.

aerial view of Washington DC
Many young professionals decide to move to Washington DC

From which cities are people moving to Washington DC?

Now, the residents of Washington DC are not the only ones who are moving between neighborhoods. A lot of people from other states choose this city as their moving destination. Interestingly, the states with large numbers of people like New York, Florida, and California are among the common ones who choose to relocate to Washington DC. Furthermore, we can make a distinction between two categories when it comes to people that move to Washington DC from out of state. First, we have people who come from major cities in the US. For example:

  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • New York

However, the second category belongs to the cities that are close to DC. For example:

  • Arlington
  • Herndon
  • Gaithersburg

These are regarded as the suburbs of the larger cities. All of this shows that the trend of moving to the city center locations is becoming more and more popular with movers. If you also plan to relocate to Washington DC in the near future. Make sure to hire a reliable and professional moving company to help you with all the moving tasks.

a couple packing after learning about the moving trends in Washington DC
Understanding moving trends in Washington DC will help you decide if you want to move here or not

Another thing that influences moving trends in Washington DC is the cost of living

One major factor that play the role in moving trends in Washington DC is the cost of living. Without further ado let us get into the statistics. For example, according to a statistic published by Expatisan, the average price of monthly rent in an expensive part of the city is around 3,715 US dollars. On the other hand, if you choose to rent a home in a less expensive neighborhood you can expect to pay around 2,875 US dollars for the same 900 square feet apartment. Moreover, all the utilities like gas, electricity, and internet will sum up to around 160 US dollars.

Furthermore, keep in mind that an average yearly salary in Washington DC is around 105,000 US dollars. Therefore, you will have enough to live and enjoy all the other attractions this city has to offer. If by now you are interested in hopping on these moving trends in Washington DC. Make sure to hire professional movers as soon as possible. Because they are usually booked a few months in advance.

The bottom line

By now you can clearly understand what the moving trends in Washington DC are. Hopefully, the information provided in this blog will help you decide if you want to change your neighborhood if you already live in the city or move here from another state. If you decide to relocate here, make sure to hire Excalibur Moving and Storage services for your relocation.


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