5 reasons to move to Rockville this year

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    For all those people who plan relocation, finding a proper place to move to is very important. It is not always easy to choose the most appropriate place. The reason for that lies in the fact that there are many great places to live all around the US. If your recent plans include moving to Rockville then rest assured that you are on the right track. This is one of the largest Maryland communities that many people choose to visit and stay here. Recent studies that many young professionals starting their carrier choose Rockville as a starting point. Moving and storage Rockville MD say that they move lots of people to central Montgomery County every month. Before you definitely decide whether this is the right place for you, you need to do some research. Also, read this text and learn why to move to Rockville this year.

    Rockville, MD

    One of the most popular places in entire Maryland is just outside Washington DC. Rockville got its name from the biggest, Rock Creek. Also, it is one of America’s leading small cities for work, play, and life. Being one of Maryland’s oldest towns, the city is full of rich history. Its residents say that this is one of the most popular cities since it offers great opportunities for living. In addition, it is also family-friendly, so many young families find their place here. If you are among those lucky ones who wish to move here, find moving services Rockville MD on time. In 2021, its residents 92% rated Rockville’s overall quality of life as excellent or good. The place has a great vibe for many. Families, empty nesters, professionals, young couples, all they say that the city slogan is “Get Into It”.

    panorama city view
    There are many reasons to move to Rockville this year

    Reasons to move to Rockville this year

    There are around 66,420 people living in Rockville. Since many young people and young families choose to live here, the median age is around 38,7. One of the top reasons why people with children come here is the low crime rate. This is a safe city thanks to the fact that the city has fewer criminal incidents than the national average. Residential movers Rockville MD relocate here to people of different nationalities. If you are looking for a diverse city, you will find it in Rockville. The city consists of different races as follows: 48% White, 20.5% Asian, and 16.4% Hispanic or Latino. When it comes to costs of living, you cannot say that this is a cheap place to live in. However, since it offers great job opportunities, it makes the city affordable. Currently,  Rockville is 53% more expensive than the national average.

    Work opportunities and other services

    Its residents are not far from workplace opportunities and convenience services. Start-up businesses get plenty of support from local governments. Also, it is home to more than 350 bio-science companies.

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    Many young professionals choose Rockville as their home city

    Here you can find many important federal laboratories and different agencies. Both the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Standards and Technology hire many people every year. This is among the 10 happiest cities to work in. In addition, there are plenty of convenience services and places for shopping in this area. There are lots of stores along retailers along Rockville Pike and Shady Grove Road and at Rockville Town Square. In addition, the city offers great health care through Healthcare Shady Grove Medical Center. In addition, Holy Cross Germantown Hospital and Medstar Montgomery Medical Center are among the most popular in the area. The ever-growing economy offers also incentives for shop owners and thrive.

    Rockville neighborhoods and public transportation

    There are so many popular neighborhoods in Rockville. Some of them are Rockville Town Square, Twinbrook, Westmore, Woodley Gardens, Rockshire, West End Park, etc. Young professionals prefer Town Square. It gives them the option to be lost to DC without living there. Families and homeowners prefer living in Twinbrook. The best places to build new homes are Westmore and Woodley Gardens. From Metrorail to Capital Bikeshare, Rockville is the ultimate transportation hub. Starting from Shady Grove Metro Station you can take a ride to four downtown areas. four downtown areas cost $216. To drive through the city you would need to pay around $350 for gas. If you want to move to Rockville this year, you should know that using Zipcar stations is also an option. Zipcar drive costs around $10 per hour. Capital BikeShare is also available and costs $2 for 30 minutes or $8 a day.

    Other reasons to move to Rockville this year

    Rockville offers a great variety of fun activities no matter you have a family with kids or if you have a partner. It offers 1,000 acres of parkland creating a cozy atmosphere for its neighborhoods. There are many places for outdoor activities such as Blueberry Hill Park, Crabbs Branch Stream Valley Park, and Upper Rock Creek Park. Also, water-sport lovers can visit Rockville Swim and Fitness Center. Rockville Civic Center offers fun free things to do in Rockville. The area offers residents an array of great restaurant options.

    a woman standing and looking into a city and thinking about reasons to move to Rockville this year
    The city offers a great variety of fun activities

    Most bars and restaurants are close to the Town Square shopping center. Here you can taste cuisines from all around the world. For example, there is some spicy Thai and Middle Eastern food. Also, there is one of the best American wood-fired pizzas you can taste in Matchbox. Finally, Rockville is a Top 100 Places to live in the United States.

    Resettling in Rockville certainly sounds like a great plan. If you plan to move to Rockville this year, you should know that this is among the most popular places to live for good reasons. The city offers great job opportunities both for young millennials and young families. Its residents understand the importance of its rich culture and history. Other Rockville amenities are the low crime rate and a population that cares about civic and social causes. Finally, you will not lack fun activities if you choose this place to be your new home. Here you will feel the taste of a real American suburban lifestyle.

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