Handling mixed emotions when moving long distance

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Moving is challenging, stressful, and for many, anxiety-inducing. When you add the nostalgia and sadness that often comes with relocating, the whole process becomes even more difficult. You need to multitask and think about many things during your move which takes a toll on anyone. In this article by Excalibur Moving and Storage we will give you tips on handling mixed emotions when moving long distance, so don’t go anywhere, and let’s dive in together!

4 tips on handling mixed emotions when moving long distance 

First of all, moving can be disorienting and frustrating. You are leaving your safe space in which you feel comfortable and protected. Many people will experience feelings of anxiety or fear about their new home or the move itself. This is normal, so don’t worry! If you are overwhelmed and want professionals who will handle your move without stress, check out long distance movers Washington DC.

Just follow these tips and try helping yourself with your mixed emotions:

  1. Stay organized
  2. Stay calm
  3. Have a positive attitude
  4. Have fun
handling mixed emotions when moving long distance 
A list of tips on handling mixed emotions when moving long distance

Stay organized

Minimizing your moving stress will help you manage your emotions as well. Make sure you start planning your move on time so that you can avoid as much anxiety as possible. Use your time wisely to declutter, pack and clean up. In case you need additional help, moving companies Washington DC can make your move a breeze!

Moreover, you can:

  • Make a moving checklist
  • Declutter your items
  • Inform yourself about your new neighborhood

Stay Calm

This is a very important tip as it will affect your emotional well-being during your move. Since you know that moving day is coming up, it’s important that you tune into your feelings. Pay attention to the factors which are making you stressed or anxious and try to control your thoughts. Tell yourself everything is going to be okay, try to journal, or have a list of all the things you are excited about nearby. This way, you can always remind yourself of something positive when you start to slip into negative emotions.

Have a positive attitude and reach out to a friend

Try handling your mixed emotions by believing you’re doing something good. Tell yourself the reasons why you are moving and be there for yourself. If you are feeling lonely or can’t console yourself, reach out to a friend and talk about it. The worst thing you can do is keep everything in because then all of your repressed feelings are going to come out on moving day. Remind yourself that you are loved, that you have friends and family, and that you will build new relationships in no time! If you want to focus on staying calm during your move, moving services Washington DC are here to take all of your worries away.

A group of friend laughing
Friends can always make you feel better!

Have some fun!

Sometimes, having fun and not taking yourself too seriously is exactly what you need. You could organize a housewarming party and have all of your friends over for some drinks and laughter. Spend some quality time together and reminisce about the times you’ve spent at your home. You can also make a toast to new beginnings in new places!

Another idea is having a garage sale. This is also a great opportunity for you to let go of some things and make room for new ones in your life. Experiences like these can give you the push of confidence you need to handle your feelings and dive into a new experience.

After handling mixed emotions when moving long distance

If you follow the tips above on handling mixed emotions when moving long distance and take good care of your physical and mental state, you have nothing to worry about! Make sure to think positively and remind yourself that being sad is okay because it means you enjoyed it there. However, new exciting beginnings are waiting for you and you are strong enough to tackle any challenge you give yourself. So, stay tuned and happy moving!

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