6 Tips For Newlyweds Moving From Washington To Another State

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The happiest day in your life certainly had a huge impact on your life. And while you may still be under the impression of everything, there is a chance you would want to move to another place.  Before you actually do it, you should make a good and strategic plan in order to do it right. Leaving Washington step by step is essential as you want to avoid unwanted risks and unexpected situations. Here are our 6 tips for newlyweds moving from Washington to another state! 

Tips for newlyweds moving from Washington to another state

For successful relocation, moving companies like Excalibur Moving and Storage offer different services and deals. And for everyone who is planning their first relocation, this is probably one of the methods to go with. The main goal is to have fast, safe and effective relocation, and you need to rely on professional help at times. Your first step is choosing the ideal state for you. Start with setting priorities for you and your partner first. This will give you a great insight into what place is the most suitable for you. Think of your work, opportunities, weather, and many other things that matter to you. 

mover standing in front of his van
Tips for newlyweds moving from Washington to another state include hiring a moving company to make it easier and faster!

Another thing to include here is checking out some long distance movers Washington DC. This is important because different types of relocations need a different approach. You will also have much more time to plan and focus on other tips for newlyweds moving from Washington to another state.

1. Deal with paperwork before you leave Washington

After your wedding and with relocation getting closer, your excitement may rise. And while it may be amazing to enjoy it you will soon need to focus on things surrounding your relocation. The first thing is probably dealing with your paperwork before you leave Washington. While moving companies Washington DC deal with transportation and other services, you should focus on:

  • Canceling mail, memberships, and subscriptions: It is much better to deal with this issue while you are still in Washington. You would want to avoid wasting time later on this but instead subscribe to new ones.
  • Getting medical records: This is one of the most important things to deal with and you should start doing it right away. You will need to get a new doctor once you arrive so make sure you have everything ready.
  • Preparing personal documents: Your personal documents should be with you all the time. Especially during the trip or travel. Once your relocation starts you can have a special bag or box for these items that can stay close to you.
  • Getting job references and others: If you have your job references printed, make sure to pack them in a paper folder. Avoid putting it in the books or folding it so you don’t damage or wrinkle the paper.

2. Start packing on time

Packing is the most important part of every relocation so make sure you start on time. There is a chance you will still have some items unpacked from your wedding so keep them in boxes if you don’t need them. Original packaging is always the best during a move as it is designed to protect the item. Take some time to explore moving services Washington DC as this may be a great option for everyone who doesn’t have experience. Here are some additional packing tips: 

  • Pack one room at a time
  • Get some high-quality packing material
  • Label your boxes
  • Put the boxes in a corner until the movers arrive
  • Make a list of your items
couple wrapping and packing items in the box
Follow the tips and your plan so the relocation is much more fun for you and your partner!

If during a packing process you realize that this is too hard for you, you can always go with packing services in Washington DC. Professional movers will pack and move your items safely and there will be no risks involved. These tips for newlyweds moving from Washington to another state are designed to help you move with ease. 

3. Leave the items you don’t need

This is not a time to be too sentimental about your old items. If you have a basement or attic that is full to the ceiling, consider leaving some of them. Your new home should be clean and fresh and there is no need for piling everything right away. On-site storage is a great option and you should consider it. Everything will be safe until you are ready to come and pick it up.

4. Get your new place ready

Tips for newlyweds moving from Washington to another state include your new place as well. If your new place is not too far from Washington make sure to pay more visits during the relocation. You should focus on some basic things like cleaning and letting some fresh air in there. Once you arrive it will be much better to unpack your items in a clean and fresh place. If you have some friends or family members there, ask them to do it for you.

5. Organise your budget in advance

Because your wedding is over, your budget probably needs some recovery. In order to avoid spending more than you can, organize your budget on time. If you are not sure how to do it you can always ask for some financial help on the side. This will turn out to be an amazing decision and no risks will be involved! This will also form a great habit for all future processes and events.

three friends holding packing boxes
You and your partner should include friends in your relocation process!

6. Don’t forget to enjoy it!

Of course, think of your relocation as a second honeymoon that will last forever! Try to stay positive throughout it and in case you encounter some issues calmly solve them with your partner. Consider hiring a moving company if things start to get too complicated. Follow our tips for newlyweds moving from Washington to another state, keep a huge smile and enjoy your new dream home!

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