Bethesda moving guide for 2022

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Bethesda is a lovely place near the nation’s capital, filled with interesting locations. It is rich in culture and has a good economy. You can spend a lot of time there and you will learn and discover some really interesting stuff. However, Bethesda is also a little bit specific when it comes to relocations. It’s not a classic place to move to. A Bethesda moving guide includes a lot of planning and some good preparation. You don’t want to lose money and time just because you didn’t know how to do the relocation. This guide will help you do it all perfectly while saving money and time.

Bethesda moving guide should start with the destination

Every moving guide should start by giving you a clearer picture of the place you are about to move to. So, the same goes for Bethesda. You don’t want to begin the relocation with movers Bethesda MD only to be surprised by the prices in the new place or how terrible the traffic is.

In the case of Bethesda, you will be moving to a thriving urban area near the nations’ capital. That means you will have easy access to Washington D.C. and you will be able to quickly get to the capital. With a little over 60 000 residents, it’s far from a giant like NYC or LA, but Bethesda is constantly growing and developing. You will easily find beautiful restaurants in Bethesda, as well as nice museums and custom shops. That really makes it a lovely little place, but it also makes its prices rise. That means furniture, groceries, and utilities are all more expensive than the national average.

Two people from the moving company are standing around the van.
A good Bethesda moving guide will make your relocation a piece of cake.

Understand the moving timeline

It’s important to have a certain timeline you can follow. People love to draw up schedules because that way they have a much more clear approach to the relocation. They know when to expect changes, when to start packing and when everything will be over. A lot of people who’ve already been through some relocations will tell you that the best time to start preparing is 6 months in advance. Of course, it’s not always the same. If you have more stuff, you will start preparing earlier and if you have less stuff, you’ll start preparing later. Any good Bethesda moving guide will help you create a good schedule and have an organized moving timeline. That way your movers and packers in Maryland won’t surprise you and you’ll be able to help them out if they need some kind of assistance.

Know how to hire good movers

It’s always recommendable to hire movers. Yes, it’s cheaper to do it yourself, or at least it seems like it. People tend to think like that until the moving day comes. Then, when they damage an expensive piece of furniture, they realize it would be much better if they hired movers. So, think about it. Try to find long distance movers Bethesda MD has to offer that is both affordable and reliable.

Affordability is easy to check. They will tell you their price so you’ll know how big will be the expenses. Reliability, on the other hand, isn’t so easy to check. If you want a reliable company, you should check if they have reviews on their site. All the good companies aren’t afraid to show their customers thoughts about their service. The best scenario in any Bethesda moving guide, however, would be to get a recommendation from a friend or a relative.

A good Bethesda moving guide will suggest you start, forward, or cancel services

If you have any services you would like to forward to your new address, you should do it before the move. The same goes for canceling those that can’t be forwarded or that you just don’t like anymore. Also, make sure you start your electricity, water, and other necessary services at your new address a few days before the move. You don’t want to move to the new place and don’t have any water or electricity. It would be a really bad experience.

Two people are putting food into boxes.
Get rid of all of the stuff you won’t need and if possible, donate it or sell it.

Get rid of all the stuff you don’t need

This is one of the more important steps in a Bethesda moving guide because it saves you money. Here are a few ways it saves you money:

  • Most moving companies adjust their price to how much stuff you have
  • With less stuff, you will have to spend less fuel
  • A good garage sale can bring you extra money for the relocation

So, basically, you should get rid of anything you won’t need in the new place. You can either sell the stuff, throw it away, or do the best thing possible, donate it. Once you do so and declutter, you feel how much more freedom you got by doing that. You will feel lighter and you will have more room. It really is a great way to prepare for a move.

Get some good packing supplies

People often make the mistake of buying cheap or used packing supplies. Any good Bethesda moving guide will advise you to do the opposite and buy new, high-quality supplies. That way, you will protect yourself from a lot of accidents and from damaging your stuff. If your belongings are packed in some old boxes, they might fall apart and if it’s something breakable, you’ll be in trouble. Don’t be stingy when it comes to packing materials, there are other great ways to save your money.

A man is labeling boxes.
Label your boxes properly and you will make the movers’ job much easier.

Starting to pack on time is a part of every Bethesda moving guide

If you’ve gotten your supplies and are ready to start packing, you should start it as soon as possible. Of course, it shouldn’t interfere with your daily life, but if the time is near and you have enough time, you should open up those boxes and start filling them. Decide which one will be for which room and label each and every one of them differently. A good Bethesda moving guide always points out the importance of organized packing. If you pack well and on time, you should have no worries about how it will go.

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