Common reasons people decide to leave Rockville

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If you check all the positive reviews about Rockville, you be surprised that there are only 69,000 residents. After all, you would expect a higher number with so many advantages. However, there are many common reasons people decide to leave Rockville. If you plan to live here and hire a moving company Rockville MD, you should know all the pros and cons. Even though living in Rockville has many positive sides, a perfect city doesn’t exist. For this reason, it is important to see all sides before making your final decision. In addition, if you know the reasons why people are leaving, you can see in advance whether life in Rockvillle is for you or not. This way, you can save money and avoid all the stress of relocating.

Get to know Rockville

Due to its closeness to Rock Creek Park, Rockville had numerous other names before being given the name Rockville. When Rockville was formed in 1860, the earliest structures were located in what is now the city’s downtown. But, Confederate forces destroyed the records. Remember that throughout the Civil War, the area below the Mason-Dixon line was known as the South. In the past, Prince George’s County included Rockville. It was then transported to Frederick County. Ultimately, it was divided into Montgomery County in 1776, which still exists today. Things were so bad by the middle of the 20th century that Rockville was the first city in Maryland to join an urban rehabilitation program. It took a while for Rockville to develop into what it is today because of demolished and old buildings.

tall buildings are reasons people decide to leave Rockville
Rockville is rich in history

The problem of living in a city with a rich history

Even though it is interesting to live in a city with such a rich history, there is a problem. If you want to renovate or expand your house, you have to ask for permission. Although getting permission is not anything new, as a matter of fact, you have to do it in every city, it is a bit more complicated in Rockville. The local government tends to be stricter with all the rules and requirements. In addition, they will take a lot of time to actually grant you the permission you need. For this reason, the process can take a long and can be expensive. This is one of the common reasons people decide to leave Rockville. Bureaucracy is one of the reasons why people decide to hire long distance movers Maryland to move somewhere else. If you plan to expand your house, keep this in mind.

The real estate market is one of the reasons people decide to leave Rockville

The residences here range greatly in style. There are single-family houses, condos, apartments, and townhomes. Homes that are 100 years old, as well as those that are quite recent, you can find in the historic area. This a reminder that you cannot tamper with the historic area.  Prices for condos range from $200,000 to $700,000 which is one of the reasons people book residential movers Rockville MD and relocate somewhere else. Townhomes range in price from $400 000 for a smaller property to $1 million for a big, more recent townhome with four or more bedrooms. Single-family houses can cost anywhere between $500,000 for a tiny house to $800,000 for a house in the Wootten High School area. You can certainly spend more than $1 million if you want to.

A moving truck in front of the house
A real estate market offers everything from condos to townhouses

Affordability issues

Before you start searching for moving services Rockville MD, check first your budget. Unfortunately, life in Rockville is expensive. The cost of living in Rockville is 140% more expensive than the national average, while utility costs are 10% more expensive. Gas prices and other transportation costs are 5% more than the national average. Grocery costs in Rockville are 9% more expensive than those nationwide. In addition, the median home value in Maryland is around $350 000. Rockville’s median home value is $550 000. It is $200 000 more expensive in Rockville. Considering that you cannot change, renovate, or expand your house in the city, you have to ask yourself if it is worth paying this much. Furthermore, the median household income is $86 750 in Maryland while it is $116 050 in Rockville. As you can see, residents of Rockville do earn more but the expenses are also higher.

Taxes are the common reasons people decide to leave Rockville

Apart from having high living costs, Rockville has another problem. You have to pay taxes to live in this city. This is not uncommon, in fact, many cities have a similar thing. However, it might be a shock for someone coming from a city where they don’t pay a city tax. Apart from your standard set of taxes, you will have to pay something called Rockville property tax which means a city tax. Before you decide to move here, you should check how much this tax will be for you. In addition, if you decide to move your business here with office movers Rockville MD, check taxes again. With a city tax, you will have a lot of great benefits. The city of Rockville is its own municipality. This means the city has the power to change things around the way they want.

Tax form as taxes are reasons people decide to leave Rockville
You have to pay additional city taxes

All the services you can find in the city

Since you will have to pay additional taxes, the city offers plenty of services. These would include the following:

  • Animal and Pets
  • Arts
  • Camps and Education
  • Community Assistance
  • Crime and Public Safety
  • Development and Zoning
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Permits and Inspections
  • Rainscape Rebates
  • Recreation Activities
  • Centers and Parks
  • Recycling, Trash, and Yard Waste
  • Streets and Sidewalks
  • Water, Sewer, and Stormwater

As you can see, the list is pretty long. The city of Rockville is trying to make life easier and more comfortable for people using interstate movers Rockville MD and relocating here. However, even though they all sound great on paper, some services don’t work that well in practice. For example, as a part of its recycling and trash service, the city sends trucks to pick up fallen leaves during the fall. This would be great if they don’t follow strict schedules causing stress and annoyance for some locals.

Traffic in the city can be a problem

Rockville is relatively a big city. Like the rest of the cities in the US, locals mostly depend on cars to go around. This causes frequent traffic jams and congestion. Another reason for a traffic problem would be the city’s location. Rockville’s location is great. It is close to Washington, specifically the District of Columbia, and Gaithersburg, a popular place for biotechnology companies. This means Rockville is a popular city for commuters because of its central position. With this comes all the traffic that many wish to avoid. It can be annoying to deal with traffic if you simply wish to visit your storage Rockville MD. This is also one of the common reasons people decide to leave Rockville. Luckily, Rockville does have 3 metro stations on a red metro line that takes you straight to Washington DC. You can avoid traffic but you will encounter large crowds on trains.

cars on the road
Prepare for frequent traffic jams

There are also reasons why you should move to Rockville

Now that you know all the common reasons people decide to leave Rockville, here is what makes Rockville so great for living. The first would be food. Every food shop you could desire is in Rockville, along with a farmers market. Next up is Gaithersburg, where Costco is located. There are several great restaurants if you search for all the restaurants on Google with four stars or higher. You may get typical American cuisine at places like Clydes Tower Oaks Lodge, which offers a unique experience, Stanford Grill in the Tower Oaks neighborhood, Matchbox on Rockville Pike, and Silver Diner. There are several options available if you prefer Asian food, most of them are centered around Rockville. Iron Age, Bangkok Garden, and Urban Hot Pot. La Canela or El Mariachi provides Latin cuisine, including Peruvian cuisine. Even Greek food is available at Mykonos Restaurant on Rockville Pike.

What to do for fun in Rockville?

As mentioned, the city tries really hard to make life easy and comfortable for its residents. That also includes a lot of recreational activities. Although they are making an effort, Rockville is still not a utopia for walkers and cyclists. Now, there are 34 miles of paths. Furthermore, every residence in Rockville is a short stroll from one of the city’s 33 parks. There are three community centers: Twinbrook, Thomas Farm, and Lincoln Park. Together with the Rockville Senior Center, Croydon Creek Nature Center, Glenview Mansion Civic Center, and Rockville Swim and Fitness Center, there are other outdoor recreation opportunities.  Sports, exercise, dance, arts, and music classes are offered. Sports leagues, events, 5K and 10K runs, and festivals also exist. If you’re interested in receiving updates on events, the arts, and other things, Rockville has newsletters that you may sign up for on their website.

woman jogging
There are many opportunities to be active in the city

Education for kids and jobs for you

As a result of Rockville’s highly regarded schools, a lot more families are moving there. Bells Mill Elementary School, Herbert Hoover Middle School, Farmland Elementary School, and Lakewood Elementary School are a few of the most well-known schools in Rockville. Thomas S. Wootton High School and Richard Montgomery High School are two examples of high schools in Rockville. In addition, residents in Rockville can attend colleges like Montgomery College. In Rockville, the yearly salary is $71,000. Software engineers, project managers, and administrative assistants are among the most sought-after occupations in Rockville. Rockville’s average household income is $116,450. The average hourly income is $20.38 if you’re seeking employment. While some individuals work in Washington, DC, others do so in Rockville. It takes roughly 25 minutes to commute. Again, this is an amazing advantage if you want to work in DV

What about your pets?

This area is particularly dog-friendly so if you have a pet you will get used to Rockville’s lifestyle very quickly. Dogs in Rockville must have permits, but once they do, they are allowed in the King Farm dog park. Many pet shops, groomers, daycare facilities, and recreation spaces are available. Also, there are several places with dog-friendly patios. A dog can be authorized for an off-leash program, which is an interesting fact. They judge the dog based on how it responds to several distractions, such as children playing ball, a car blowing its horn, and oncoming humans. This is very reassuring, especially when you have kids. You will know that the city is making sure that both your pets and kids are safe. In addition, since there are many parks in the city, you can easily find a place to take your dog for a walk.

a dog on a leash
Rockville is a pet-friendly city

Historic places to visit

Since Rockville’s history was mentioned, these would be the places to visit. Once upon a time, visiting Washington power brokers enjoyed staying at Glenview House. You may now visit a place listed on the National Register for Historic Places as it is now accessible to the general public. The first Mass was said at St. Mary’s in 1817. Although the structure has undergone several modifications since then, much of its original history and beauty still exist, giving tourists a wonderful window into the neighborhood and culture of Rockville. Upton Beall, the esteemed clerk of the Montgomery County court, formerly resided in the city of Rockville. The stunning brick structure that he and his family abandoned has been turned into The Museum and Mansion at Beall-Dawson which features changing exhibitions on the development of the city.

Should you move to Rockville?

As you can see, the common reasons people decide to leave Rockville would include expensive housing, taxes, traffic, and bureaucracy. However, Rockville is often listed as the best place for young professionals, families, and women. If you can deal with all the problems, you should definitely move to Rockville.

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