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There are those who say that the price does not really matter if you are getting a good service. And, in all honesty, there is some amount of merit to that logic. However, they miss the point of top service. The best service not only provides quality, efficiency, and reliability but also affordability. There is little point of having an excellent service no one can or is willing to afford. What that translates to in practice in having to compare moving quotes among moving companies in order to determine which one offers the best price to quality of service ratio.

So, with that out of the way, let’s proceed with this guide on how to compare moving quotes in order to find the best company for you.

What makes reliable movers

But, first of let us begin with the advice on how to find reliable movers. Now, the moving industry today is big. Therefore, you will find quite a lot of companies for you to compare moving quotes. But that will not matter much if you don’t know exactly what kind of a moving company you are searching for. What attributes does a good company possess?

Service, Efficancy, Customer, Reliability, Quality on the blackboard
Did you hire a reliable mover?

Well, we have some experience in the field. Therefore, to ease your price comparisons, we will try to narrow the reliable companies down to a more manageable number. To do this, we recommend using a system.

We present to you…

These are the three factors we consider to be the most important ones when trying to find a reliable moving company.

  • License and insurance. So first off, you really need to get a legal company. There should not be much debate about this. Any company that is not licensed is regulated, therefore they are more likely to scam you. Their contracts are not to be trusted, their intention is often not coming from the best of places, and trying to compare moving quotes of thee companies is irrelevant since, more often than not, they will not actually stand by them (to your detriment, of course)!
  • Reviews. Secondly, you need a company that has “a good name”, sort to speak. In other words, you need a company that has a proven track record, one that previous clients approve. There is no better way of finding this out then by online platforms like Yelp (second only maybe to talking face to face with some clients, though that would be extremely impractical).
  • Professionalism. Finally, you need to gauge the stance of the company. Are they acting courteous and professional? Are they organized and in uniform? Do they answer your questions well, while also taking the information you are telling them into account? If they do, that means you are dealing with professionals.

A good contract is crucial

To emphasize further the point on reliability and accountability, we will talk about what kind of contract should a local moving company offers you and what are your rights. Well, first let us reaffirm what we said earlier. If you need movers, only licensed ones will do. Only make contracts with such movers. Furthermore, there are other things to be on the lookout for.

First of all, small print. Devil is in the details. Make sure you have read the contract with great care before putting your signature on it. Secondly, you want the contract to have everything stated clearly. Be wary of the ambiguous. Take special care never to sign so-called blank documents. Your signature could then be maliciously misused in order to scam you. Do not accept this.

As for your rights, when having to compare moving quotes it is especially important to know about the 110% rule. Moving companies will often offer non-binding estimates, but you should know that even as such, non-binding, these estimates hold value. There is this thing called a 110% rule, and it regulates the moving companies in such a way that the final price of the move cannot exceed the 110% of the original (10% increase). Many people do not know this, and you will agree that it is a piece of rather useful knowledge.

Now compare moving quotes

Moving quotes are very important for a successful moving day. The moving industry is big and there are companies for every place and every pocket. However, you need to find the company that best suits you on the price. So, first off, ask for the free estimates. A vast majority of the moving companies will offer this to you.

compare moving quotes - stacked coins
So, how does one go around comparing moving quotes?

By asking for those you will get the general look into prices. Furthermore, with the implementation of 110%, you should also be aware of the maximum range of the price. Don’t compare too many companies, or too little. The first scout for the good ones, and then make your final judgment based on the estimate comparison. After that, it is time to pack fragile items and hire a company!

How about their capability and services

Long distance move is a difficult thing to pull of, and that is something you should keep in mind while trying to make that final selection after you compare moving quotes. What we are aiming for here is their logistical capability. You should always make sure that the company itself possesses the capability and experience to pull the more complex job off!

Highway at night
What logistical capabilities does your mover of choice posses

Secondly, way in the price and availability of additional services like electric installation, storage or packing. All of this can be a huge help, and having storage through a mover rather than some other party might be cheaper.

When you sum it all up

So, how does one compare moving quotes? Well, as you have seen, it is pretty straight forward. First, you decide on what companies meet the basic demands. After that, ask for free estimates. Use 110% while determining the final price. Finally, use their capability, experience, and additional services as a tie-breaker. Bon voyage!

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