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When you first get your own apartment, leaving behind the room of the house of your parents you called your own, you are quickly confronted with a stark realization. You will almost always lack space for something that you want. Be it that we are talking about a piece of furniture, decorative item, house appliance or anything else… one thing remains constant. Our wants are always greater than the amount of space that we have. And, the trend is such that the apartments are growing ever smaller. That is why you need to either downsize often, which is not the most desirable thing to do or find an alternative. That alternative is, of course, a storage facility. So, what are some of the features to look for in the storage facility? Let us find out together!

Types of storages there are

Before we can talk about what features you are to look for in storage providers such as Excalibur Moving and Storage, we must first figure out what we are talking about. Having the right perception of what storage spaces are for and how they differ from one another will help you greatly in your attempts to pick the right one. After all, you need to know what categories you are working with before you can select the one that suits you.

Storage spaces have some things that are always in common. They always (need to) provide safety and security to your items, space for their storing and will take monthly rent for such kind of services. Storage units always consist of garage-like units that can be set for various purposes. However, this is where similarities end and where differences could be significant begin.

  • Outdoor – The first type of storage we are going to consider for these features to look for in storage facility guide are those that are outside. Storage units are lined up and accessible by vehicle on a parking-like open space. There are definitely benefits to this kind of storage unit. First of all, is accessibility. You definitely want to use this one if you need something heavy, but only if the weather conditions of that are kind.
  • Indoor – Indoor storages are the ones that are completely within the premises of one building. Storage units are accessible at all-weather, but there is a possibility of some harder transport should you need to store something heavy.
  • Climate controlled – Most often than not, indoor storages are also climate-controlled, which is a great way to fight off mold and pest.
  • Special storages – For wine cellars, cars, anything that requires special care. There are innumerable types of these.

Features to look for in storage facility depends on their purpose

Now that you know what kind of storage Rockville MD you can find, let’s talk about what you need. Since, of course, we cannot know what kind of storage you need when writing this post, you will have to be the one that is doing the heavy lifting on this particular assignment.

Categorize exactly what is it that you need to be stored. Are we talking about something that is suitable to weather, moisture, etc? Indoor, climate-controlled storage is the way to go. How about furniture? A good, outdoor storage unit will do the trick.

features to look for in storage facility - cardboard boxes
What will your storage be used for?

Finally, if you are storing electronics, a whole business, a car, vintage wine etc… You will need some special kind of deals.

Here it would be good to mention what never goes into the store. You can never store firearms, hazardous materials, or flammable materials. Pretty much chemicals of all kinds, anything flammable, guns and or their ammunition. And, of course, you shouldn’t (and most of the time it is straight-up forbidden to) store cash.

Always work with professionals

One thing that you must not do when trying to find storage sooner rather than later because of moving in a hurry or some other pending deadline is to entrust your items with a dishonest storage provider.

contract signing
Sign your contract with a trusted company

Don’t fool yourself. Whenever there is a service that is useful and convenient there are amateurish or, even worse, malicious people that are ready to take advantage of this and provide their own counter service. Don’t trust unlicensed or badly reviewed storage facility provider and definitely take insurance.

Take great care when storing

When you are trying to store liquids, electronics, and other things that might be open to elemental damage, make sure that you are doing it right. Find good packing materials, never put anything heavier atop of something lither, avoid having boxes on the floor etc. These kinds of steps, together with storage facilities that can be trusted in, will make it so that you don’t have to worry too much about the items you stored in the storage units.

Know your foes

One reason why you might want insurance is that there are things that can happen to your items while they are behind the lock and key of a storage unit. Here we are not talking about thieves but about pest and mold.

analog clocks
Have the look on the temperature and moisture!

Both can be detrimental to your store if you don’t take care to keep them at bay. Termites can destroy your furniture and moisture levels can facility dangerous mold. Be sure to inspect your storages regularly and search for the climate-control feature.

In conclusion

Items that we store in our storage facilities are things we value and appreciate. More often than not they are not exactly cheap. That is why you need to take to heart all the features to look for in a storage facility we have mentioned. Make sure that the provider is legit, that the storage unit is up to your needs, and that you inspect it on regular bases. And, of course, plan thoroughly before picking the right one and committing yourself to packing. With all of that in mind, you will do just fine. Best of luck!

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