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The good news is that moving to, from and inside the state of Maryland is pretty much the same as moving anywhere else in the continental United States. However, the bad news is that moving anywhere is always complicated. This has stayed true regardless of how common of an occurrence it has become! Millions of Americans are moving each year, thousands within Maryland. To facilitate this, numerous moving companies have arisen over the years, ready to provide their clients with the necessary help. They aim to provide the logistical capability, physical strength, technical know-how and, quite frankly, with peace of mind. However, how do you pick the right one? How does one go about finding reliable movers in Maryland?

Let’s dive right in!

What makes a reliable mover

In order to find good, reliable movers in Maryland we must first know what actually makes a reliable mover in the first place. The question might seem to have a pretty straightforward answer if you did have experience moving, but if you never had to move before, you might be finding it harder to figure out. After all, if you never moved, or have only moved young under the wings of your parents, you are likely to have never even considered all the work you have to do when moving. And there is a lot of it.

After you know where you are moving (for example, let’s use Baltimore to Washington DC) you will have a lot of things to figure out. The distance (which will determine the type of moving – local or long distance), the utilities, address change, contact change, packing, pet relocation, downsizing, storage, etc. All of it makes for a lot of work that has to be done before the moving day, without even considering that you somehow have to move all of that stuff. That is exactly why finding reliable movers is so important. That way you will have someone to help you with most of these tasks.

How should a reliable mover look? Let’s see:

  • Licensed – In order to help narrow down your efforts of finding reliable movers in Maryland, you can throw any unlicensed companies out of the selections. They could be malicious, unequipemt and many other forms of completely unreliable.
  • Well reviewed – They should have a good track record with their clients – seeing as you will soon be one of them.
  • Full of additional services – More services they offer, more can they be relied upon. There are a lot of things to be done on a move… Why not leave it to them?

Reviews – making finding reliable movers in Maryland easy

Ok, so checking up on a license is very easy. It should be evident on their website. But, after that, you do have to wonder. How much can you trust the company? After all, looking at a website of any company will go pretty much the same. They all claim to be the best, most reliable moving company in Maryland. How do you know the difference between those who are honest and have merit and those who are simply claiming all of that without any legs to stand on? What if you are moving in a hurry and don’t have time to look into it? Reviews are the answer to that particular question.

finding reliable movers in Maryland - baltimore, maryland
How to find truly reliable movers for your Maryland relocation?

In the days before the internet, you might have needed to question family and friends for word of mouth. However, nowadays you have dedicated platforms, such as Yelp, for example, that will do the work for you. They have compiled hundreds of reviews for any company you can think of. Simply select Maryland and moving companies and you will quickly find a list of those rated the best.

However, just remember that most stars do not equate the best service, necessarily. You also need to read the actual revies, seeing what services are your movers adept with and with what kind of relocations.

What kind of move and what kind of cost

You need those kinds of details because there are differences between local and long-distance movers Maryland. Office and residential relocators etc. You need to make sure that you understand what kind of move you are going to take. If you are moving more than 4 hours away, it will most probably be considered to be a long-distance relocation. Anything shorter is local.

A bridge in Maryland
How far do you need to go?

With long-distance one, having a company with a lot of logistical capability really matters. Additional services are a lifesaver here as well. When it comes to moving quotes, most companies will offer it for free. Make sure it is binding, or at least that they operate under 110% rule as most licensed movers do. The price of a local move resides mostly in the work time, while the long-distance one mostly hinges on the weight of the items.

Know the importance of experience and professionalism

What makes companies like Excalibur Moving and Storage and others around Maryland more successful than their counterparts? Well, once the company is licensed and has trucks and equipment, it all comes down to experience and professionalism.

a contract being signed
Make sure you work with professionals!

Only the most skillful mover can truly make it the industry that is so competitive. Those are excellent news for those hoping to get the best service possible at the lowest price possible.

Always aim for most professional companies, as they are flexible, adaptable, and know how to treat a client well.

Trust your gut!

When you take all of this into account you will probably be left with around 3 to 5 companies you need to choose from. How do you narrow it down further when finding reliable movers in Maryland? You don’t, really. After all of this, they are all pretty neck-to-neck when it comes to the quality of service. All you need to do now is to trust your gut. One of the movers simply feels the best. If it does, that means you trust them – which is what reliable movers are all about!

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