Expert tips for moving a pool table with ease

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    Just when you make a decision to move, you realize how challenging that is. There are so many tasks to be done and some of them are even out of your reach. Or at least, it feels like that when it comes to moving a pool table with ease. So do yourself a favor and just call movers and packers in Maryland, if that is the area you are living in. They will help you and answer all your questions. And you will feel relief in a few minutes.

    Choose the right moving company for you

    The subject of choosing the right moving company is an important one. You really want to skip hiring amateur movers and choose only the experienced ones. So if you’re living in Rockville, you will search for long distance movers Rockville MD if you want to change the state, for example. And you will want to have only the people who you can trust by your side.

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    Find the best moving company you can.

    Hiring movers don’t have to be expensive. The price will depend on the distance you are moving to and the weight of your load. So hiring residential movers Rockville MD will be much cheaper than hiring cross-country movers. Have in mind that the price doesn’t always show the quality of the company. Don’t skip doing your own research about movers and check the reviews that other people wrote. Their opinion and experience will be so valuable and can affect your choice.

    Don’t hesitate to ask for free estimates. You have to have at least three of them before you decide to sign the contract. Ask and search for everything you don’t know. And you also have to know who regulates moving companies. That way you could check do your movers have a legal business, which is another important thing you don’t wanna miss.

    Tips on moving a pool table with ease

    It really is obvious that moving a pool table will be, at least, challenging. Almost every table has to be disassembled so it can be moved properly. It is so easy to overlook many tips during that process if you are not familiar with it. So this is why we want to share some tips on moving a pool table with ease. These focus on those not that obvious areas of moving a table will help you to do all the right things.

    Tips on moving a pool table with ease
    These are our tips on moving a pool table with ease.

    Read the Instruction Manuel

    You will have to take apart your moving table, so don’t skip on reading the instruction manual. Although it doesn’t seem that way, pool tables have many pieces, some are big and the others are small. There aren’t two manufacturers that make their pool tables exactly the same. So if you even have taken apart some table before, it doesn’t mean that you will be familiar with the details of the table you are about to move now. If by any chance you don’t have the manual in your hands, try to find one online in PDF form. This is so worth spending time in the search.

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    Don’t skip reading the instruction manual.

    You would want to be really well organized when you’re moving your pool table. That way you will avoid losing more time than needed. There are tons of little pieces. You will have to keep track of them all because you will need to put them back where they belong to. The smart thing is to use labeled sandwich bags that will help you to know where each piece belongs to.

    That same thing applies to pieces of the pool table. The majority of those tables are made of three pieces of slate that are joined together. Combines they make a flat playing surface. You also have sic of rails and sic of pockets, legs, cloth or felt and also some more ends and odds that will differ from one model to another. You could also use a black marker to label most of the items. But if you don’t like the idea of marking them permanently, get yourself some stick-on labels.

    Save all the pieces

    It can happen that there will be some piece you just won’t use again. Those could be some pockets that are held to the table with staples. When you remove the staples, they may bend or break. Or even get damaged. So you may want to throw them away and buy new ones when you start to put back your pool table. But our advice is to skip on doing that until you put together the whole thing back and have a fully functional table. You may use them for reference. And also, you don’t actually know what you’ll need until you start putting it back.

    Having a plan is everything

    Having a moving plan is such a beneficial thing. You have to think of the tooth that you will take to get your pool table out. Take the measurements of all the doors and turns, all hallways. Empty the whole of that path. And if you are lucky, you maybe have a chance to move the frame of the table without moving legs. Take into consideration all the stairs you have to pass. Tables are so heavy, even just one piece can weigh about 200 pounds. So you will need to have help if you want to avoid breaking the slate.

    Moving a pool table with ease is possible

    A pool table is such a bulky item, but still, it can be relocated. And if you are ready to listen to our tips, you will find moving a pool table with ease quite possible. So just go from one piece of advice to another. Prepare well, since preparation is always at least half of the job. Find someone to help you, if possible experienced. If this is not a thing, just call your best friends to give you a hand. You will figure it all out. It will ask for some time and some patience, but you will manage it. We believe in you.

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