Guide to packing your attic before moving

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    Moving brings joy since you are moving to start a new life, work. And tears, when it comes to the whole moving process, which involves packing your attic before moving. And then the moving itself. Nearly every family who lives in a home has an attic or other storage area. Which should be filled with various treasures and rarely-seen items. However, not every item has to be kept. But, packing an attic doesn’t have to be difficult!

    Most of the attic is often filled with junk! As in things that you don’t often need, or just things that you forgot that you even had them. While going through your stuff and deciding what to get rid of it’s even more important when packing your attic before moving. Also, this should be the first step in every room of the house when packing.

    Things you will find in the attic before moving

    The attic is often used as extra storage space, for rarely used items, family heirlooms, furniture, or seasonal clothing and decorations. Certain items need extra care when packing and wrapping. Just because they’ve been stored in the attic for a while doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful when handling them. The following are some things you’ll find in an attic, where you’ll need to be very careful when packing and handling them. If you are not able to handle that due to the lack of time you should check out movers and packers in Maryland. And they will help you with that.

    packing your attick before moving
    When you are packing your attic you can find a lot of different things.

    When packing your attic before moving, it’s best to sort through the items that you don’t use very often. This will help you stay organized, and make your work a bit easy. When it comes to heirloom you will a lot of different things. Such as family photo albums, wedding dresses, military uniforms, trophies. Those could all be important sentimental items that need to be brought to the new home. You need to carefully pick and sort those items. Be sure to use the appropriate packing materials when you’re packing antiques and family heirlooms. Here are some materials you’ll need:

    • Bubble wrap is essential for packing your attic before moving
    • Unprinted newspaper
    • Sturdy boxes
    • A permanent marker

    There is also an option for the rarely used items, and that is to find a suitable storage unit. So you can keep those things safe, and use them when you need them. When it comes to storage units, storage Rockville MD will help you with that. Keep that in mind.

    Packing your seasonal clothing and decorations

    If you have been using the attic for storing your seasonal clothing and decorations, now is the best time to sort them out and choose what you are going to take with you. And to also get rid of some old things, that have been collecting dust for years in your attic. For unwanted things, there are a couple of options to choose from to get rid of them. You can sell them on the internet, donate to a charity organization.

    After you get rid of the unnecessary things, it is time to pack your seasonal clothing. You will choose them, depending on where you are moving. Sort your things out, try using vacuum-sealed storage bags if they haven’t already been stored air-tight. The bags will reduce the space the clothes take and protect them from dirt, moisture, and bugs. In the lack of time, you can use packing services that do everything for you. Once you move into your new home, you’ll be able to just leave them in your new attic as they are or store them in the closet. 

    This way, it can be much easier to move

    packing your attic
    In your attic, you will certainly find some Christmas decorations.

    In case you used a plastic storage container, make sure there is nothing else inside it that can damage the clothing. After that, tape the container and load it onto the moving truck. When it comes to your hanging clothes, purchase a wardrobe box, and just transfer the hanging items as they are. That way you won’t damage them.

    Holiday decorations are very often stored in an attic. They also need to be treated and packed carefully. Over time, boxes, where the decorations are, can become weaker and less sturdy. Be sure to check the boxes if they are sturdy enough for the move. If they aren’t make sure to replace them.

    Packing your furniture

    When packing an attic, you might have extra furniture that is stored there. And you of course want to bring it with you to your new home. You have to ensure to pack it properly. But first, you have to disassemble it. Try to find the instructions manuals to do it. You will need certain tools that will help you in that matter. Make sure to place these inside sealed plastic baggies as you begin to disassemble furniture parts. Depending on the type of furniture, those screws, bolts, and nuts will be different, so you’re going to need to have one complete set of screwdrivers for removing the screws and one set of wrenches for removing the bolts and nuts. Also, you will be needing a hammer.

    packing your attic before moving
    Make sure you place the screws and bolts in some plastic bags to prevent losing them.

    After you disassemble it, the best way to pack furniture is to cover them in blankets and wrap them tightly when moving. This way you will protect them from dirt and dust. They will take less space in the truck which will make it easier for loading and unloading it from the truck.

    All the tips above will help you when packing your attic before moving. It can be also overwhelming going through so many various things that are stored in your attic. And to choose which items will join you in a new chapter of your life. On the other hand, you can always hire moving professionals how will do the job for you. So take it slow, plan every step well. And enjoy the ride.

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