Should you hire professionals when moving locally?

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Moving is a demanding and time-consuming task. If you are moving just a few blocks away you might be thinking it is easy and that you can do it yourself. But a local move is still a move. No matter if you are moving a few blocks away or to another city, you have almost the same tasks. You can’t skip packing, loading, relocation, unpacking, etc. wherever you go. So, if you are questioning should you hire professionals when moving locally or not, here are some tips to decide.

Should you hire professionals when moving locally?

A local move is typically less than 50 miles and does not cross state lines. So, you should check the distance between your old and new address. If you are moving within the same city that is the local move. You can contact some of the local movers Rockville MD has to offer and get a free estimate. Then you can decide if it is acceptable to your budget.

But it is not only the budget you should think about, it is also your time. When you are moving there are several things you should do and think about:

  • declutter your home
  • provide packing supplies and pack your belongings
  • relocate to your new home
  • unpacking
  • rent a moving truck ( if you decide not to hire a moving company)
  • rent a storage unit, if you don’t have enough space in your new home
  • decide whether to hire professionals when moving locally or not

So, here are some tasks you should think about, and it is almost the same whether you are moving locally or if it is a long-distance move. Which are aspects that you should take into consideration when you need to decide about hiring professional movers? It is for sure your time and money.

hire professional movers when moving locally
Make a list of tasks no matter if you are moving locally or not.

Advantages of hiring professional movers when moving locally

People usually avoid hiring a moving company because they think that it will save them some money. But sometimes it may turn out that you end up spending more by moving yourself than by hiring a moving company. A reliable moving company will do all the work for you, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, relocation, offering a storage unit, etc. And, most important they can offer you insurance, so in case your items get damaged, lost, or stolen, your money will be reimbursed. Make sure you contact some of the local movers Potomac has to provide and choose the ones that suit your needs and your budget. You don’t want to bother your friend or family with the relocation, hire reliable movers and you can spend some quality time with your beloved ones.

Storage units

When you are planning your move, you must prepare your items. Firstly, you should declutter your home. Throw away everything you do not need or you don’t use anymore. Check the condition of your items so you can estimate if it is worth relocating and repairing. Then check the sizes of your items to see if they fit in your new home, and also think if certain items fit in your new home esthetically.

storage-hire professionals when moving locally
You will not have to worry about finding the right storage unit if you hire reliable movers.

If certain items are in good condition, you can keep them. But those that are in good condition but you still don’t need them, you can sell them on the internet. Organize a garage or a yard sale. Also, you can give them to your friends or family, or in the end, you can donate them to some charity organization.

In case you are not prepared yet to get rid of certain items or you just don’t have enough space for them, you can store them. It is important to choose the storage of the right size. Your movers will be able to offer you a storage unit that fits your needs. Make sure you choose the climate-controlled storage unit. Check the security of the storage, if it is under surveillance 24/7, or if there is someone who watches over the facility at every moment.

Packing and unpacking

Once you have decided what to take with you, it is necessary to buy enough packing supplies. You will be needing some cardboard boxes, bubble bags, plastic bins, stretch wraps, packing tapes, moving blankets, and a dolly. After you pack all of this you need to load the moving truck. If you are not skilled, and you do not use proper lifting techniques you might end up injured. That is why you should call your movers for help. They will have the packing supplies already, so you don’t have to worry about that. Then, they will pack all your belongings, and not only that. The professional movers will unpack your belongings once you relocate and they will remove the packing waste from your home.

You will not have to worry about packing with professionals by your side, they will do all the work for you.


If you decide to hire a moving company you will not have to rent a moving truck and lose your time by measuring your items and choosing the moving truck. Reliable movers you choose will have different types of vehicles in different sizes and will choose the right one to safely relocate your belongings. When they arrive at your new home, they will unload the truck. You can just give them the instructions on what goes where and they will take care of everything. Your belongings will be unpacked and placed in the right room in no time.

Hire professionals when moving locally or not

Here are some of the facts to help you decide if you should hire professionals when moving locally or not. But there is no one right answer, the final decision is yours. You should only think about what can you do to make your move stress-free and you will have your answer.

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