Hidden moving costs to be aware of

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    Moving is hard, time-consuming, and costly. You must prepare the relocation plan, get ready for packing, and find one of the best moving and storage Rockville MD companies. And it all becomes much harder if your moving budget is limited. So, let us help you calculate your moving costs and beware of the hidden moving costs that might hinder your progress. Let’s take a look.

    Prepare your relocation plan properly to avoid hidden moving costs

    If you gather all the basic info and prepare your relocation plan upfront, you’ll be able to avoid hidden moving costs for sure. So, before you contact your residential movers Rockville MD you should inspect your home, furniture, and belongings. This way you will know how hard it will be and you will prepare enough funds for packing supplies. Also, you will calculate your moving costs precisely and tie all loose ends.

    Movers should inform you about potential hidden moving costs
    If you find a moving company you can communicate with, there shouldn’t be any hidden costs at all.

    Once you have the information on paper, call your movers and communicate further. Ensure they are licensed and that they have all the equipment necessary for the job. Ask about the moving services Rockville MD movers offer and together form the best and most affordable relocation plan. And do not be afraid to ask any questions in order to have a much clearer picture of the service you are receiving and what you are paying for.

    We hope you have an elevator in your building

    One of the most common hidden moving costs is tied to the complexity of the move. If you are located on the 3rd floor and you have no elevator in the building your movers will charge you extra. What is sketchy in this situation is the fact that some moving companies won’t mention it unless you ask. They will simply add it to the final bill. It is a severe punishment especially if you did not report this beforehand. So, if you miss this one, you can expect between $50 and $100 added to your costs. Sometimes even more if your movers charge by the hour.

    Be aware of the disassembling costs

    Your movers are eager to help and they will do anything to make your relocation safer, easier, and more pleasant. But don’t be surprised if all the help they provide appears on your final bill. This is usually the case with robust items, special items, extremely valuable ones, and high-risk items. Also, it applies to disassembling and assembling. So, as we already said, communicate this upfront and feel free to reject the offer and do some things yourself. This way you will reduce the moving cost for sure.

    Last-minute cancelation and storage fee will cost you as well

    We can all agree that a last-minute cancelation is not cool. If it happens to you, your movers might reduce the moving price, add an additional moving service free of charge, or compensate you in some other way. But if you cancel or change your moving date last minute, you can expect to pay for it. This is the price you can expect to pay in this situation:

    • A week in advance is around $50 to $100
    • Less than a week in advance is up to $150
    • Five days or less is up to $300 or a full moving deposit.
    A man stressing out
    Last-minute cancelation can cause headaches, stress, and a loss of money. Avoid it if possible.

    So as you can see, it can be quite expensive to mend this mistake. And you should know that the final price can go up depending on the situation. For example, if your movers already have your cargo loaded but you delay the delivery, they must store it in one of the storage Rockville MD units. Renting a storage unit is an amazing moving service, but you should avoid using one in this manner. If you must cancel do it well in advance.

    Moving insurance has some hidden moving costs as well

    Finally, we must mention the moving insurance. You should know that you already have basic insurance in place which is 60 cents per pound. It is calculated per item of course. Yes, we can agree it is not worth mentioning but you must know about it. This is why we suggest you should always seek full coverage or purchase insurance from an insurance company. Hence, if you ask your movers if you are covered and they say yes, ask them which kind of coverage is in question. You must avoid thinking you are covered when you are actually not. It is not so much of a hidden cost but it can hurt in the same way if you forget to ask your movers about it.

    Now you know more about the basic hidden moving costs. There are a few more you can find along the way but those fall under the fraudulent moving category. As long as you ask your movers and stay transparent all the way, you won’t have any problems. Good luck.

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