What to discuss before moving in with a roommate?

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Moving is, in general, a stressful and exhausting process. No matter if you move alone, with your family, or a roommate. There are things that you should discuss before moving in with a roommate. Or with your family. You also have to hire somebody to relocate you. There are movers and packers in Maryland that the residence recommends. This also involves a good preparation, sorting out your belongings and adequate packing. And also ensuring to transfer them without damaging them. No matter if the roommate is a friend or a complete stranger, living with them changes the relationship. It is important to establish roommate rules before moving in with someone new.

Things you need to discuss before moving in with a roommate

Having a roommate can be a great thing, but it can easily be turned into a nightmare. If there are no agreements and discussions about some rules that need to be followed. No matter if you are having a roommate in college, or you are having a roommate after college where you both work. Moving services Rockville MD that the residence recommends can help you relocate. You should make some rules and discuss it over in order to achieve a good relationship and a clean apartment or home. People are different, but they can live and function together if there are some rules and agreements that need to be set.

Girls cleaning.
Divide cleaning responsibilities in order to keep your apartment clean.

Here are some things that you need to discuss before moving in with a roommate:

  • Cleaning of the apartment should be to discuss before moving in with a roommate – Talk about chores you don’t mind doing and the ones you absolutely hate doing. If you like to vacuum and the other one likes to wipe counters, you can easily divide cleaning responsibilities based on who will do what and how often. You should create a chore chart or some other tracking system. It will help you stay organized.
  • Paying the bills on time – This is a must! It’s that you find a roommate that you can trust with money. And to make sure that bills are paid on time. You should find someone who is responsible and has a job.
  • Quiet hours – This is also an important thing you should discuss. Talk about your sleeping habits and your schedules. If you both have work or class during the week and have weekends off, get into the specifics of going out and having parties at the apartment.

Communication is the key

This should be your top priority. Everything starts with good communication between roommates. Discussions, agreements or disagreements. If there is a problem you should talk about it and try to find the best possible solution. It’s okay to have people over sometimes but not always. It’s important to have an open line of communication.

woman sleeping in bed.
If you want a quiet night, discuss it with your roommate.

You want to discuss who is coming over and for how long. Feel comfortable enough to say no when you really need a quiet night in. There are things that you share and things that you don’t. Discuss things you both are willing to share, such as food, bathroom products. Make sure you split the costs when purchasing items that you are willing to share.

If one of you is bringing a pet to the apartment then this should certainly come up before you sign the lease. It will be good to let your roommate know if you don’t want pets. No one will blame you for that. A pet is a big responsibility, and you don’t want to walk your roommates dog early in the morning instead of him. Because for instance he just cannot wake up early, and the dog of course has his needs.

Every person has a soft spot for at least one of their deadbeat friends such that they think it is a good idea to let them “crash for a while.” It is always a good idea to set some ground rules with your roommate. If you’re a light sleeper, it’s cool to ask that partying friends be out or chilled out by the early a.m.

Find reliable movers is something you need to discuss before moving in with a roommate

Either way if you are relocating on your own or hiring pros this is what you should discuss before moving in with a roommate. It is a crucial thing, and requires a lot of preparation and planning. Most of the moving companies can offer a professional packing service. They will do it all for you so you won’t have to think about it.

Man moving boxes
Find reliable movers.

Important things are to sort out your belongings and see what items are going with you. With the unwanted items you have several options. Either you organize a garage or yard sale, or sell them over the internet. You can also donate them or find a storage unit to store them until you need them again. It is up to you which option you will choose.

There are some key things you should know. In order to find movers, make sure to check at least 3 companies. That way you will have a better overview of the services they offer and of course the prices. Be sure to check their website in order to get as much information as possible. Also check the company’s ID for its validation. If you find some spare time, drive yourself to the address of your potential movers. Just to check if they really exist. You can never be too sure. We don’t need to mention how important insurance is. That way your belongings will be covered no matter what happens to them. This is a must that you should ask your potential movers. If they not offer it just skip them.

There are a lot of things to discuss before moving in with a roommate. A good communication is the key to a successful relationship. No matter if friend, partner or roommate.

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