How In-House Moving Estimates Work

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    In-house moving estimates are by far more organized and clear than estimates given over the phone. In-home estimates will be more accurate then over the phone estimates. Even if you give them a full list and accurate description of your moving needs, it’s hard to get a firm grasp of the full scope of the job unless you survey it in person. Another benefit of receiving in-house estimates as opposed to phone estimates is the fact that you get to meet the movers in person prior to your move and prior to hiring them.

    The process of an in-home moving estimates:

    • First, a customer will call Excalibur moving and storage to request an in-home estimate. Our sales agent on the phone will then set up an appointment when the moving specialist can come out to the customer’s house to take a look at the rooms and the items that are being moved to give their best assessment of how big they think the shipment will be and how much they think it will cost.
    • When our moving specialist arrive at the customer’s house for the in-home estimate, he will do a walk-through and go through each room very carefully, often making notes of what is going to be included in the move and estimating the total size of the shipment based on what the customer is going to be moving.
    • From this estimation, and careful surveying of the house, Excalibur movers will be able to reach an accurate estimate based on all of the factors involved. This estimate can be one of three different types of estimates, a binding, non-binding, or binding not-to-exceed estimate and those are options that you’ll have to discuss with Excalibur when the time comes.

    Questions to Ask the Movers

    When an Excalibur moving and storage representative arrives at your home to survey your belongings and provide you with an in-home moving estimate, it’s also an excellent time to ask them any questions you may have about the estimate process, the moving process or even about their company in general.

    Here are the most important questions you should ask us:

    1. What kind of estimate will I be receiving? A binding estimate, a non-binding estimate, or a binding not-to-exceed estimate?

    2. Will the estimate be provided in writing after the in-home estimate

    3. Are there any other fees or charges that I should know about? (Examples: packing material, fuel, bulk items, long hallways, stair, etc…).

    4. Do you have a US DOT number? Can you verify your license and insurance?

    5. Do you provide storage services? Just in case you will need us to hold your stuff before your next location is ready to move in

    6. How will you handle my goods during the move? What kind of safety precautions do you take to ensure that my belongings are moved safely?

    7. Do you have a claims process for any lost or damaged items?

    8. When will my belongings be delivered?

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