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    packing and moving tips
    1-2 weeks before you move!!!

    These are some helpful moving tips to help you prepare for you upcoming move.

    • Make sure to separate out which items you’ll take with you and which items the
    movers will take. Items you may wish to take with you could be jewelry and
    important documentation.

    • Make sure you haven’t overlooked anything in the house, including minor

    • Mark the moving boxes to be shipped with the words, “Fragile,” “Do Not Load”
    and “Load Last” stickers.

    • Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator, freezer and clean your stove all
    at least 24 hours before moving to let them air out.

    • Prepare items you will need while your goods are in transit.

    • Pack a suitcase that you’ll bring with you,   clothing, medication and any
    other important items that you will need for the first 2 days, while unpacking.

    • Prepare your “first night back” and “ready box” so they’re ready for your
    move. Your first night box should contain the toiletries and hygiene products
    you will need for the first night in your new home.

    • Transfer all prescriptions to a drugstore in your new city. Clear all your
    safety deposit boxes.

    • Make sure your mover knows the address and phone number of your new home.

    • Arrange for payment to the moving company. Contact your moving company to
    inquire about methods of payment accepted.

    • Pick up any dry cleaning and laundry.

    • Schedule the eclectic, water, cable and other utilities to be turned off.

    • Return videos and library books.

    • Disconnect and clean any appliances that will be moving with you and those
    that will remain.

    • Gather keys, alarm codes, garage door openers and be prepared to hand them
    over to the new owner or rental office or real estate agent.

    • If your old home will be unoccupied for a period of time after you move,
    notify the police.

    3-4 weeks before you move!!!

    • These are some helpful tips to help you prepare for you upcoming move.

    • Notify your moving company if there are any changes in your moving dates. If
    you will need any additional services such as piano moving, packing or storage
    you should ask the moving company for pricing information.

    • Decide how much packing you will handle yourself. You should inform the moving
    company of any items that you decided for them to pack.

    • Consider giving your plants to friends or a charity if you are moving your
    items to a storage facility, you’ll want to find a place for your plants.

    • Make moving arrangements for your pets. Take your pets to your veterinarian to
    ensure proper up to date health certificates and rabies vaccinations. Some
    states will require these documents.

    • You will need to carry all valuable items with you. If you have any valuables
    around the house, be sure to collect them before leaving.

    • Return any borrowed items such as library books. Also collect all items that
    are being repaired stored or cleaned (clothing, furs, shoes etc.).

    • If you are moving to a building with an elevator make sure the elevator will
    be available on your intended moving day and time of arrival at your

    • Contact or visit your local Post Office to obtain a Change of Address form.
    You can also obtain this form online at the postal service website by visiting

    • Contact utility providers (e.g. telephone, gas, electric, cable TV and trash
    collection) at new location with your moving date to make arrangements for
    connections. Doing this now is preferred then doing it after you move.

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