How to avoid feeling stressed during your local move in Washington

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It is perfectly normal to feel stressed during relocation. Regardless of whether you are organizing a long-distance or a local move in Washington, you have to plan and prepare carefully. Relocations include many tasks and activities, from finding reliable local movers Washington DC that can meet your needs to packing all your belongings. However, there are ways to decrease stress and anxiety levels and be as composed as possible in this situation. Read on and find out how to ensure a smooth and successful move.

Good organization is the key to a stress-free local move in Washington

Relocations can be hectic, especially if you are unprepared and don’t know what to expect. That is why it is essential to properly prepare for the moving day and finish as many tasks as possible in advance. Remember that the moving process doesn’t start on a moving day, but weeks or even months before. You need to know exactly what you should be doing before, during, and after the move. So, create a moving checklist. It should be a list of all your moving activities, starting with top priorities such as researching residential movers Washington DC. Also, create a timeline for all these tasks so that you don’t forget anything and stay on track.

Creating a moving checklist
Making a moving checklist will help you stay organized and less stressed out during your local move in Washington

Hire professional movers

The most important part of relocation and the best way to avoid stress during a local move in Washington. Make sure you find a reliable, experienced moving company, such as Excalibur Moving and Storage. Licensed movers who know what they are doing will handle your things with care, help you pack, find the best routes, and avoid any possible damage to your belongings.

In order to find the best mover for you, it is necessary to do thorough research. Check local movers’ ratings and reviews. Visit specialized moving websites where you can find all the necessary information, companies’ overall marks, previously submitted comments, and complaints. Also, request several in-house moving estimates and compare moving costs. Select a reliable company that can satisfy your needs and fit your budget.

Start packing in time when organizing a local move in Washington

Packing is a part of the moving process that will take most of your time. First, you need to go through all your belongings and organize them into several piles. Select items you want to transport into your new home and get rid of the rest. There is no point in packing and transporting clothes you no longer wear, pieces of furniture that won’t fit into your new home, or old gadgets you no longer use. Remember that decluttering is an important part of the moving process because the cost of your move depends on its size. So, the more stuff you have, the higher the moving expenses. You can donate things you don’t use or organize a yard sale and earn some extra money for relocation.

A woman packing kitchen bowls
Learn packing techniques and use good packing materials

Use quality packing supplies

Once you decide which items you want to keep, it is time to start packing them. Gather moving supplies in advance – cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, markers, scissors, and tape. Your cardboard boxes don’t have to be new – you can find used ones in local liquor stores or bookstores. However, make sure they are durable and sturdy. Otherwise, they might break, and your belongings will end up damaged. You don’t want to add this stress to an already challenging situation.

Protect each item before placing it in the moving box. Use bubble wrap or packing paper to protect your things. Once you pack everything, label each moving box. Write essential information on the side of each box – handling instructions, content, destination room. This will speed up the process of unpacking.

If you are an inexperienced mover and not used to heavy lifting, we recommend hiring a full-service moving company. Professional movers will take care of every aspect of your move, even the packing process. They will provide quality packing materials, protect everything, and transport all your items to your new Washington home. Also, you won’t have to worry about possible moving injuries, which can be quite common.

Do you need storage?

Renting a storage unit can facilitate your move and decrease your stress level. Research moving and storage Washington DC and find a safe, local facility to hold your belongings. You won’t have to worry about where everything goes and which item to transport. Leave all your things in a storage facility and unpack at your own pace.

Researching moving companies online
Check moving companies’ online reputation before hiring a particular one

When choosing storage pay attention to several factors. The main priority is the safety of your belongings so rent a unit with video surveillance, fences, and security. Next, your storage should be close to your new home so that you would have easy access. Finally, rent the right size storage unit. In order to do this, you need to create a list of all possessions you plan to leave in storage.

Help your child deal with emotional stress

Moving can be very stressful for your kids, especially if they are school-aged. They have to leave their old friends behind, find a new school, fit in, and settle in. Include them in the moving process – they can help you pack things or label boxes. Also, visit your new neighborhood before the moving day, explore the area, and find exciting places to hang out.

People often feel stressed out when organizing a local move in Washington. There are many moving activities they need to plan in advance. However, a good moving plan is a thing that can ensure a smooth relocation. Knowing what you should be doing at all times is the best way to reduce stress levels. Follow our instructions and you you won’t have moving issues!

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