Tips for packing books and photographs for a move

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We think that there is no person who doesn’t have books or photographs in his home. Only the number and quantity are different. People say that books are a man’s best friend and that photographs are the only memory of a certain moment. Also, there are book collectors who have their own library in their homes, and there are also people whose hobby is painting. And it’s certain that they also have large collections of photographs. And what happens when the time comes to move? If you have a small number of pictures and books in your home, you may be able to pack them yourself. While in other situations you will really need the help of movers and packers in Maryland. But now, we decide to help you and reveal useful tips for packing books and photographs for a move.

What do you need to know about packing books and photographs for a move?

Whether you’re packing furniture, your personal belongings, books, or photographs, packing is always the hardest part of any move. As such, it will take a lot of time and require a lot of effort and work. Even packing can be a very stressful job if it isn’t started on time. But it all depends on the amount and number of things you want to pack and move with you. The only truth is that the fewer things, the less work. So, most people decide to leave the packing work to residential movers Gaithersburg MD who will get it done much faster. Therefore, the benefits of their help are numerous, and one of them is that your books and photographs will arrive at the new address safely and securely.

A shelf with books and photographs
On almost all shelves you can always see books and photographs that represent memories.

What you need to know is that the packing of books and photographs isn’t much different from the packing of other things such as some souvenirs, decorations, etc. Also, you will have to make sure that you find all the necessary packing supplies. If you have trouble with that, you can always count on packing materials MD. So, getting the packaging directly from the moving company is one of the easiest ways. Also, they can help you choose the type and material.

Packing books for a move

Packing books isn’t as challenging and difficult as packing furniture or some other more demanding items. As with all things, books require adequate preparation before packing them in boxes. But it’s not demanding either.

couple packing books for a move
Packing books can be a big challenge if it’s a large quantity.

So, we have prepared some tips for packing your books for the move, let’s see:

  • Find the right packaging. It would be ideal if they were plastic boxes because if they come into contact with external factors such as rain, they will remain dry. But plastic packaging isn’t suitable for storage, because of moisture.
  • Get your books ready. People usually like to keep some things between the pages of a book, especially money, check all the books, then wipe the dust off them.
  • Make sure that there aren’t too many books in the box. But again avoid their walking so that your books don’t get damaged.
  • It’s useful to put bubble wrap or paper on the bottom of the box and after that put the books.
  • Make sure all boxes are properly closed.
  • Mark all boxes. Write your first and last name, address, and what is in the boxes on the boxes.

If you follow all our advice, your books will be properly packed and ready for loading and transport. Packing books in plastic boxes can ensure that they will not be damaged due to rain, flood, or some other factors, but what is really important is that your books don’t stay in plastic boxes for a long time.

Packing photographs for a move

Photos are one of the most cherished memories of all of us. They are the only way to capture certain moments forever. People most often photograph birthdays, wedding celebrations, and parties, as well as important moments in their lives. You can also take a few moving photos, and record this big step in your life. So, back to the packing. Depending on whether you want to pack framed photos, individual photos, photo albums, or photo boards, the method of packing will also depend.

If you are packing framed photos, regardless of the size, the principle of packing is the same. You need appropriate packaging, adhesive tape, and bubble wrap. First, clean the dust from your pictures. Then, on the glass part of the frame, glue the tape in x. that way you will avoid breaking the glass. wrap the frame in bubble wrap and place it in the box. Repeat the process with all images, regardless of size. Also, you can put books between the pictures to ensure that the glass on the frame doesn’t break.

Couple packing books and photographs for a move.
The method of packing books and photographs for a move is almost the same, but you have to be careful.

When we talk about photo albums, in this case, the focus isn’t on the packing but on preventing their loss. The packing procedure can be similar to packing books, but the most important thing is to save them. So, pack the items in boxes with your personal belongings, and keep them close to you. Because there is no moving insurance that will compensate you for the loss of photos.

If you aren’t very skilled, seek professional help

Packing photographs and books isn’t such a challenging and difficult job. But if it’s a larger quantity, it can be very difficult and tiring. Also, if you don’t know your way around or are new to this business, we advise you to completely rely on local movers Gaithersburg MD. They are at your disposal at all times and will be very happy to help you with any problem that comes your way. And even when it comes to packing books and photographs for a move.

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