How to be a good neighbor when moving house

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    Just because you’re leaving the old neighborhood, doesn’t mean that you should forget about your old neighbors. Show them some moving courtesy. The majority of people who are moving care about how their relocation process impacts the rest of the neighborhood; However, they can be unaware of how many people the relocation process can affect. Just as important, and maybe even more so, is to make sure that the new neighbors perceive us in the best light possible before you get settled in the new place. Be a good neighbor when moving and it will bring a lot of benefits.

    Timing must be carefully planned when moving

    If you are able, move out of your old place during the workweek, after your neighbors have gone to school, work, grocery shopping. That way you will show them you really want to be a good neighbor when moving. The moving truck will occupy a lot of the parking space, you will block the sidewalks with movers and large pieces of furniture and there will be a lot of activity overall. Load the moving truck carefully and as swiftly as possible.

    An old lady is meeting a good neighbor while moving
    Be a good neighbor when moving and care about other people’s convenience.

    Notify them

    Most of the neighbors will already be aware of the relocation. However, think about the people who live down the block as well. You might believe your relocation can’t impact their lives at all, it’s still a good idea to slip a notification in their mailbox. Inform them about the date and the time when you will be moving. Just like they are unaware of your move, there is a chance you are unaware that another family nearby is moving on the same date; or maybe they are organizing a big garden party and will require some extra parking.

    It’s crucial for a stress-free relocation to prepare parking space for the moving truck and for people who are there to assist you to move. If you want to be a good neighbor when moving, get trucks that won’t take too much space, and a company like movers in Silver Spring MD who won’t take too much time to do the job. Some neighbors might just want a chance to say goodbye and wish you luck.

    Do your best to obtain a permission

    Decide before the moving day where the truck will be positioned. Hire a company that will be reliable and that will tell you on time if their truck will be blocking someone’s garage, driveway, or if the truck will be parked in a back alley. People are usually okay with someone taking the space when relocating; however, if you end up being guilty they are late for work or a meeting, your nice neighbor image will quickly crumble. You really need to be a good neighbor when moving if you want to maintain the image for later. By the way, if you can avoid blocking another neighbor’s access at all, do so. Besides, even though you might think your move will only take a few hours, it would be good if you counted in an extra hour or two just in case some unpredicted problems pop up.

    Check everything one last time

    Once the truck with your stuff has left, before you close the door of the old apartment for the last time, search the place for anything that you might have left behind. Properly pick up and dispose of the garbage and debris to keep the (old) neighborhood safe from any air pollution and clean.

     Be sure to hire the right movers

    Most moving companies are aware of the impact on the neighborhood. However, keep in mind that loud music, shouting, blocking of sidewalks is not acceptable. You should hire movers like moving companies Gaithersburg MD, reliable, efficient and fast in servicing the customer.

    One neighborhood from arial view
    It’s not hard to be a good neighbor when moving, just plan it out well.

    Be a good neighbor when moving, say goodbye and be a good neighbor when moving in as well

    Provide neighbors with some time to say goodbye. Say your goodbyes a week or two before your relocation. You also don’t want to spend all day rushing from house to house to wish your neighbors farewell. Leave contact information to people you became close with.

    Almost all of the tips also apply to the new neighborhood. You may not know your new neighbors but it’s still considered common courtesy to inform the homeowners closest to your place of any inconveniences that may affect their daily routines.

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