How to stage your apartment in Washington for sale

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You have decided to stage your apartment in Washington for sale and plan to do it in an efficient way. Preparing your property for sale on the real estate marketplace is an excellent way to give you an advantage. It is well known that homes that do not do staging have a lower rate of success. A lot of people cannot imagine how the apartment might look without any stuff in it. Staging is done to showcase the best aspects of your home, impressing buyers, and sell at the highest possible price.

To give you a better idea, staging is the process of strategically arranging decor and furniture. This is done in order to achieve the best look for the house with the purpose of selling it. You may rent some temporary decor, or get some new furniture in order to make the best impression. Read how to stage your apartment in the text below.

Getting ready to stage your apartment in Washington for sale

A lot of agents believe that staging influences the majority of buyer’s opinions on the houses that they visit. It also helps them imagine the property with their own pieces of furniture and decor. In addition to this, it can significantly influence the sale price and make the house sell faster.

Since the house that you are selling needs to look at its best, it is crucial that you clean it and remove any clutter. Clear the house of personal items and trinkets, and do not just leave them in cabinets. Potential buyers usually check such places, and you do not want to make the impression worse. Make everything look roomy. Consider renting out a storage unit, if there are a lot of your items that need to be removed for staging,

Do a deep cleaning after taking all of the unnecessary items and clutter out. Make your bathroom and kitchen sparkly clean, and in absolute order. Avoid freshening the house up with air fresheners or scented candles, because some people could be allergic. Instead, open up all of your windows and wind it out. If you happen to have kept pets in the house, get rid of their scent and hair particles.

A person dusting, getting ready to stage your apartment in Washington for sale
Make sure to clean your apartment when you stage your apartment in Washington for sale

Prepare the important rooms and make it look bright

Most buyers like to see bright tooms, so make sure to set up the lighting properly. Make sure that everything is properly lit. Consider replacing your lamps if they are outdated or too dim. See what light temperature is best suited for your rooms. Wall lamps and lamps can create a cozy home atmosphere, which always helps to land the sale.

There are certain rooms that have greater importance when staging your apartment or house. The most important place out of all rooms when staging your apartment for sale is the living room. After comes the master bedroom, the kitchen, and lastly the additional bedrooms.

Remove furniture to make the apartment look bigger

You should remove about half of your furniture. This doesn’t come easy as you are probably using most of your in-home furniture. However, by removing it, you will make it look more spacious and more attractive to potential buyers. Since your goal is to sell the apartment, you should be focused on the buyer. The sooner you detach from your home, the better. It will be easier for you to consider it a product that needs to be made attractive to the buyer.

Painting your apartment for sale is a good idea, however, please cover all of your stuff before your start. It will certainly freshen up your apartment. Also, makes sure to repair everything that is broken, like a door handle, or a leaky faucet. Replacing all wall-to-wall carpeting can also breathe fresh life into the apartment.

Remove and rent more beautiful furniture if your current furniture is not the best-looking one. You can put your furniture into a storage unit, and if you don’t need it sell it or donate it. Look for residential movers Washington DC to move the furniture for you. If you have already moved your furniture, then consider pop-up furniture which looks beautiful enough to achieve the same goals.

A staged living room
Staging your home can really make it shine

Rearrange your interior and exterior to stage your apartment in Washington for sale

Once you have reduced the amount of furniture or have replaced it with rentals, you should proceed with the rearranging. Create a setting known as “floating furniture” by putting the chairs, sofas, and tables away from your walls. Even if the room has a wall-to-wall carpet, set all of the furniture on a rug to tie them together. This setting creates an intimate and cozy space that is great for socializing. If you are on a tight schedule, or cannot do that yourself ask moving companies Washington DC for help.

When you are finished with the inside, take care of the outside appearance of your home. After all, it is actually the first impression that the buyer is going to get, which is very important. You can clean your windows, wash your home and footpaths, plant flowers, mow the lawn, and trim the greenery. If you have a house, make sure that the sidewalk is clear. If you have a patio or porch, put some outdoor furniture on it to make it more lively. As finishing touches, put fresh flowers in vases, a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table, and folded towels in the bathroom. People love to see such things.

A orderly and staged patio
Staging your outdoors can leave a great impression

In conclusion

Do not spend too much money when you stage your apartment in Washington for sale. The most important thing is that you have emphasized your home’s best features. Direct your staging efforts to create a design that appeals to the greatest range of buyers. This will drastically increase your odds of selling your home at a good price. The more people are interested, the greater the selling price will get. Once you have sold your home, contact the professional Excalibur Moving and Storage has a professional crew that will move the rest of your furniture to your new home.

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