How to keep your storage clean and organized

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Many people use storage services and units to store their possessions. For example, items that won’t fit in their home, valuables like trophies and photos, or even larger items like furniture or appliances. Storage units are a great convenience, but they can get messy and fill up quickly. Before you know it, a pile of boxes has been tipped over. Half of your belongings are out of the unit, and you still haven’t found your Christmas decoration. The last thing you want to do is take everything out and dig through boxes for something, especially if the weather is bad or the timing is inconvenient. To get the most out of your money, it’s important to organize your storage unit to maximize space efficiency. We are here at Movers Rockville MD to show you how to keep your storage clean and organized and where to begin with.

A storage facility designed to keep your storage clean and organized
Reduce the stress from moving by renting a storage unit to keep all your belongings

How to choose an adequate storage unit?

When choosing an adequate storage unit, it is important to consider why you need it in the first place. Are you looking to store some household items, seasonal items, furniture? Do you need your belongings to be climate-controlled? Are you storing them for a short period of time? This will help you pick the best storage unit and also help you decide on the packaging. Depending on your storage needs, different spaces can be used. No matter how far you move, our long-distance movers Maryland are here to provide you with quality services. Before deciding on the unit, make sure to visit the facility that is the same size as the one you’re planning to use. Seeing it, in reality, might be easier than trying to picture it in your head. You could also use some tools to measure and mark the dimensions outside. That way you will get a visual representation of how much space a unit provides. The next step should be making an inventory.

Make a list of the entire inventory

If you want to keep your storage clean and organized, you may need to consider eliminating everything you do not need or want. Sometimes we save things because we have not taken a moment to review everything we have, but they are things that we do not even need or like. Give away, recycle or throw away everything you don’t want. It is necessary to make a list of the things that you are going to keep and where they will be placed. This way you will find everything much easier and you will avoid losing your objects. It can be a bit boring, but it’s worth spending a little time taking inventory. While large pieces of furniture, like a bed or sofa, are easy to remember, it never hurts to make sure to photograph and describe each piece of furniture in your inventory. Having prepared the complete list, start thinking about how to package and label them.

Packed boxes with items when moving out
Getting rid of unnecessary things is a key step when organizing your belongings

Packaging and labeling

It is true that cardboard boxes are much cheaper and equally useful for moving and organizing a storage unit. However, whenever possible, we recommend buying transparent plastic boxes, since moving and locating each object will be much easier and faster. In addition, later you can reuse these plastic boxes in your new home to store clothes out of season, shoes, bedding, etc. We recommend that in addition to being of different sizes, boxes should also be robust. When you store a certain amount of items, it can take on considerable weight. The different sizes for the boxes are:

  • Small boxes: for delicate items or things that can be heavy.
  • Medium boxes: for items such as dishes and kitchen utensils.
  • Large boxes: for lighter items like sheets, blankets, and towels.

Use quality packaging material. This will prevent breakage and take better care of your belongings. For example, use bubble wrap over newspaper because the newspaper can leak ink and stain. Classify objects with labels. Thus, you will know at a glance where everything is when you go to look for it and you will be especially careful if you know that this box is fragile.

Arrange your items by necessity

If you are planning on keeping some of your items for a long period of time, it is best to disassemble the larger furniture and store it in an upright position to make better use of the space. If some furniture cannot be disassembled, then you have to consider the idea of using them as shelves in the storage room to stack boxes on them. When keeping your items organized you need to take into account:

  • The order of usability: the things that you plan to use often or soon remain at hand, both in the upper boxes and in the area closest to the entrance.
  • The weight and the fragility: if it is extremely fragile, you cannot place it under other things that you do use more often. Everything that is much heavier must go below the rest of things.

Thus, you have two variants to play with, the proximity to the door and the position of the objects on each other. The order of each of your things already depends on what you are going to save.

A room filled with boxes
To keep your storage clean and organized, make sure to make a plan of storing boxes

Solution for storing sensitive items

Storage Rockville MD offers climate-controlled units. It is up to you to assess whether you need this additional service, based on the things you store. Climate-controlled storage units are useful when dealing with sensitive items since they preserve temperature and humidity, including documents and digital media. A lot can happen with your belongings while they are in storage. High temperatures, moisture, dust, and pests are the most common concerns that people have. Your goal is to keep your storage clean and organized and because of that, these storage units are here to make sure your items remain in perfect condition.

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