How to label your moving boxes like a pro

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Labeling moving boxes is probably one of the most overlooked tasks during relocation. Many people don’t even do it. They often think it’s a waste of their time to label their moving boxes and that it’s pointless too. Why would it matter if there’s a label “kitchen” or “bedroom” on a box, right? It doesn’t speed up the unpacking, or so they think. However, I do have to say that they can’t be more wrong. And movers in Maryland agree that putting labels on your moving boxes is something really important. So, here’s your chance not only to learn why it is so but also to learn how to label your moving boxes like a pro.

Why you should label your moving boxes?

I’ll try to be as short as I can here. Because the aim of this text is to give you tips for labeling your moving boxes like a pro. This part here has a purpose to show you why you shouldn’t skip labeling. And, hopefully, to motivate you to apply all of the tips that are coming.

So, here are a few reasons why you should label your moving boxes:

  • If you label your moving boxes you will stay organized. And I don’t have to tell you that the more organized you are, the smoother the relocation will go.
  • You can’t even imagine how much faster you’ll unpack if everything is properly labeled. That means that you’ll get to enjoy your home a lot sooner.
  • Professional movers, like Silver Spring movers, will be able to put the boxes in the rooms they are supposed to go to right away. Which means that you won’t have to lift nor carry any boxes.
  • Having everything labeled and an inventory list you’re making sure that nothing goes missing during the relocation. In case you can’t find something in a box where it’s supposed to be or if you can’t find a whole box you will know right away. Furthermore, you will have proof for the insurance.

How about a colorful relocation?

Now, there are so many different ways you can label your moving boxes. But only a few of them will enable you to label your moving boxes like a pro. So, let’s start first with the most important tip there is. And that is to use as many colors as you can! Color coding is something that everyone should know about! Applying this tip is quite simple and yet so efficient. You can use different-colored markers or different-colored labels. Whatever you come across first or whatever it seems easier to you. The point is that each room has its own color.

Colors - How to label your moving boxes like a pro
Two or more rooms mustn’t have the same color.

Now, let’s see an example. Let’s say that we’ve chosen the color blue for the living room. That means every single box or other packing materials where you put something from your living room must be labeled blue. That label can be a mark made by a marker, tape, paper or label. The most important thing is that it is blue.

Apart from labeling these containers blue, you should let your movers know that blue is the color of your living room. That way they’ll know where blue-labeled containers are supposed to go. So, you can stick a blue-colored paper on the doors of the living room in your new home. And do that for each room once you arrive at your new home.

Label your moving boxes by what’s inside of them

Color coding makes unpacking easier because you know straight away which box belongs to which room. But if you want unpacking to be even easier and faster then you should label the inside contents of your moving boxes. When you know what’s inside each box without having to spend time looking through it you will save yourself time and energy. You’ll be able to prioritize unpacking boxes just by these labels.

A box with "fragile" on it
Do not forget to put a label “fragile” on every moving box that contains something fragile!

So, while you’re packing a box you should make an inventory list where you’ll write down every single item you’ve put there. The more detailed the list, the better. After you’re done with the list you should stick it on the top of the box or on its side. Or you can stick it inside of the box and write a new label with a brief explanation of the inside contents.

Another kind of system for labeling your moving boxes

If you don’t have time or you don’t like the idea of color-coding that’s okay. For there are plenty of other labeling systems you can use. One of the most common ones is a number system. All you have to do is put large numbers on three sides of a moving box and that’s it! And yes, it has to be on all three sides. The goal is to make it easier for your movers to see the number. And the only thing that should be written on the moving box, except from the number, of course, is the name of the room where the box is supposed to go.

This system goes hand in hand with that inventory list. That’s right. There’s no skipping that inventory list if you opt to label your moving boxes using numbers. Your inventory list should contain the number of a box and then its contents. This will come in handy when you’re getting a free moving estimate or when you’re getting insurance for your belongings. And a good idea would be to make copies of this list so it doesn’t get lost.

Name tags on a table
If you’re feeling creative then you can give names to boxes instead of plain numbers!

Which system to label your moving boxes you choose is up to you. The worst thing you could do is mix different labeling systems because you will end up disorganized. Just as long as you stick to one system, everything will be just fine. The result will be the same – properly labeled moving boxes. 

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