How to move a boat to another state

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    Owning a boat might be considered a luxury for many people. But boating is very common for Americans. Moving is also very common in the States, which makes owning a boat a little difficult. Or so it might seem. Hiring some movers and packers in Maryland will make the job of moving tremendously easier. Boat moving might seem like a complicated, big deal, but it is not. People do it very often, and after doing it once, you will think the same. We hope that our tips on how to move a boat to another state will give you some peace of mind.

    How much does it cost to move a boat to another state?

    Same as when hiring some interstate movers Gaithersburg MD, many factors impact the cost of the move. Some of the most influential ones are:

    • The weight and dimensions
    • Value and the insurance you purchase
    • The means of transportation used
    • Any extra services used
    Man fishing on a boat
    There are many factors that impact the cost when you want to move a boat to another state

    The weight and dimensions

    If you have used some moving services Gaithersburg MD you know that the most important factor to consider is the weight and dimensions of your cargo. When you move a boat to another state, it is the same. A small fishing boat can cost less than $1000 to transport while mega-yacht costs up to multiple tens of thousands of dollars. This factor is the most important and influential one of all of the factors mentioned above.

    How to do it?

    There are three ways that you can use to move a boat. The easiest of them would be to hire professionals, like when moving with some residential movers MD. The most laboriously challenging would be to do it yourself, followed by hiring a delivery captain.

    Professional boat moving service

    Sometimes the best thing to do is to entrust your valuables to skilled people that know what they are doing. You can look for boat moving services at your marina or online, on uShip platform for example. You can expect to pay from $1.50 to $3.50 per mile traveled, where going east turns out a little pricier than going west.

    Do it yourself

    Like with everything, you can always choose to do something by yourself. Towing your boat on a trailer is only possible if you have a small boat that doesn’t require a special permit to transport on public roads. Height can also be a problem on routes where there are overpasses. If you cannot seem to find a way to transport your boat by yourself, let the professionals take care of it.

    Hire a delivery captain

    If there is a water route that can get to your new home, this might be a reasonable solution. This way you won’t even have to take your boat out of the water. You can easily find delivery captains through yacht brokerages or in your marina. Just make sure that whoever you hire has a USCG license and insurance.

    Men talking about how to move a boat to another state
    By hiring a delivery captain, you won’t have to take the boat out of the water

    Now that you know the ways there are to move a boat to another state, it should be easier to pick. Like when moving, we always recommend using the services of professionals. By doing something you don’t know yourself, you risk damaging your belongings and injuring yourself. We wish you good luck!

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