How to take apart a sofa when moving long distance

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    Moving is an exciting life event. However, it can also be full of stress and usually takes a lot of time and energy. Most people who moved would rarely say that they enjoyed this period. It can be overwhelming, especially if moving long-distance. The fact that you need to pack and prepare your entire home can make you feel desperate. This particularly applies to packing large pieces of furniture. Also in case, this is your first move, you will need to ask for help from movers and packers in Maryland. Also, it would be necessary to do a little research on moving preparations and use your skills to disassemble some items. For example, moving a big piece such as a sofa, you will also need some tools to finalize it. In this text, you will find useful tips on how to take apart a sofa when moving long distance.

    First things first

    The first step that you have to take before preparing a sofa for a move, is to measure it. Since this is a long-distance move, you probably will not have the opportunity to visit your new home. Therefore, ask the real estate agent for a sketch of the place and precise measures. This way you will make sure that your sofa will match and fit in your new space. Before residential movers Gaithersburg MD come to pick it has to be ready for long transportation. Moving heavy furniture to a new home is directly linked to higher transportation costs. For this reason, you should consider whether it is worth transporting it. In addition, big and bulky items increase the risk of damaging other items. If you do not properly handle it, you may suffer serious injuries. Read on to get familiar with the proper preparation of your sofa.

    a wooden ruler
    Before you take apart a sofa when moving long distance make sure to measure it

    Why do you need to take apart a sofa when moving long distance

    It would be pretty easy to just put large items next to each other in the moving truck. However, transporting such heavy pieces may put both you and your movers at risk. Therefore, proper disassembling and packing are a must.

    Also, take into account the value of your sofa. This is not such a cheap piece and you do not want to waste your money and time on refurbishing it. Therefore, do not leave it for the last moment. Give yourself enough time before long distance movers Maryland arrive to pick it up. If you partially dismantle it, it would be easier to take it out of your house and load it on the truck. This means that you will save yourself, your helpers, and your movers against the harmful injuries that may happen during the moving process.

    different tools to take apart a sofa when moving long distance
    Have different tools at hand for disassembling furniture

    First steps to disassemble a couch

    The steps of disassembling your sofa will depend on the type of sofa this is. In addition, its size and material play an important role in preparation. What also matters is whether this is a recliner couch or a pull-out sofa for sleeping. When disassembling this furniture for a move consult the user manual. This way you will learn which order to follow to take things apart properly. If you threw away the manual, quickly find an online copy of it. For any further doubts about where to start, you can contact the furniture store where you bought it. They will be able to give you proper piece of advice on taking care of disassembling your sofa. In addition, it would be great to have somebody to assist you during this process. It includes heavy lifting which you will not be able to do on your own.

    Disassembling fun can start

    First of all, remove all the items from the box of your sofa. Items like blankets, linen, duvet coves, or cushions should no longer be there. Once everything is out, vacuum clean all the pieces and crumbs from it. You do not want to take pieces of food cross country. When trying to take apart a sofa when moving long distance, lay it on its back. You also need to prevent furniture damage. Unscrew the legs directly by using a screwdriver. The next step is to remove the arms from your couch. Unscrew all the screws holding the arms together. A pair of pliers can come in handy to remove the upholstery staples from the couch. Remove any other elements from the sofa to make it as compact as possible. In the end, you should have a large rectangle that you can easily wrap up.

    Other tips to take apart a sofa when moving long distance

    Once you take out all the fastening elements including screws and bolts, make sure to properly store these away. It is advisable to have a couple of small boxes to keep these little peaches and not mix them up. You can find useful small boxes on the Amazon website. In addition, this way you will ensure not to mix screws. It would be much easier later when you have to assemble your sofa. Also, remember to label these little boxes properly. For a recliner sofa, make sure to secure its metal mechanism with a piece of strap or tight rope. Now comes the moment to wrap the entire sofa in a moving blanket. Be extra careful if your sofa is of a light, creamy color. It can easily get a lot of dirt which will be hard to clean away.

    bolts and screws with a screw-driver
    Keep screws and bolts in separate piles

    It is highly important to take apart a sofa when moving long distance. Feel free to consult a manual, a manufacturer, or even your movers to provide you with useful advice on disassembling. Make sure to remove everything from your sofa. This will make it lighter and easier to handle. For some particularly fragile areas on your sofa, you can use extra pieces of thick cardboard to protect them. If your sofa is too heavy, make sure to use floor pads so you can drag it all over the place and protect your floors. Remember the disassembling order since you will soon need it to reassemble the sofa in your new home.

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