How to move your office with ease

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Office relocation is not your regular residential relocation. There’s so much more at stake. From sensitive documents to expensive gadgets. And if anything goes wrong, the consequences would be much bigger. Just imagine if, for example, some of the computers would break during transportation. Now compare that with the situation where, for example, your plates break during the transportation. I trust you see what I’m getting at. And now that we’ve established that commercial relocation craves a lot of careful planning it’s time to talk a little bit about how to move your office with ease. So keep reading to find out!

The first thing to know about office relocation

The first and the most important thing if you want to move your office with ease is that you hire professionals to help you. It doesn’t really matter if you’re moving your office just across the street. Or even to another floor of the same building. Office relocation is one big job and you could use all the help you can get. Furthermore, whose help is more wanted than the help of one of the best moving companies in Maryland? So, your first task is going to be to find the best moving company in Maryland to handle moving your office.

"Fraud alert" sign
It can happen that they work with your competition and are recommending you a fraudulent moving company on purpose.

How to find the best moving company in Maryland to move your office

You have two options here. You can either find a moving company:

  1. through recommendations
  2. or on the Internet.

The first option is the better one. The main reason why is trustworthiness. If you hire a moving company that someone recommended to you it means that the said moving company should be trustworthy. I’m saying should be because it really depends on the person you’re taking advice from. If it’s someone you trust then the movers are certainly going to be reliable. Whereas, if it’s someone you just happen to know then you should be more careful.

If you don’t have any recommendations you can always try searching for movers online. Start by looking up movers in Potomac MD, for example. It can give you a few options to start with. The important thing is to make sure that the moving company you want to hire is legit. No matter what option you choose.

How to make sure that the moving company is legit

If a moving company is legit it should be insured and have the USDOT number. This is information that moving companies usually have on their official websites. However, you can always double-check that information. In fact, you should double-check it. Go to the US Department’s Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. If a company is legit you will find it there.

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And you’ll also find all sorts of useful information.

Furthermore, the best moving companies will also be a member of the Best Business Bureau. That is an organization whose members must provide their customers with a service of a certain quality. So, if a moving company is a member of the Best Business Bureau it says a lot about them. And one more thing, the Best Business Bureau’s website is also a place where you can find more useful information about the moving company. Maybe the most useful information will be about complaints from their former customers and how they have been dealt with. That will be even a better source of information than reviews.

How to prepare your employees and move your office

Let’s talk about your employees now. If you want to move your office with ease you have to prepare your employees for the upcoming relocation. The best way to do that is by letting them know on time. And if you’re wondering what is on time, it’s as soon as you know. You have to leave them with enough time to prepare. They have to have enough time to finish up their most important tasks and to put everything into order. And not to mention that they also have to have enough time to plan a residential relocation. That is if they choose to move somewhere closer to the new location of your office.

Do you need a moving coordinator to move your office?

There’s something else you can do to make sure you move your office with ease. Namely, you can appoint one of your most trusted employees as a moving coordinator. It has to be the person you trust the most and the one that is reliable and able to coordinate the move. That person can be responsible for negotiating with the moving company you choose. Or if you trust them enough, they can be the ones that choose the moving company. Or at least the top 3 movers and the final decision can be yours.

The main point with appointing a moving coordinator is for you to have more time yourself.

Other than that, the moving coordinator can handle all the paperwork related to moving. And trust me, there’s no end to paperwork related to moving. Because not only will you have to change the address with the authorities when you move your office but you will also have to let your clients know about that change. Your business will suffer if you don’t let your clients know that they can find you in another place. Furthermore, that person can handle the utilities, or more precisely change the address for the utilities. You will have to have the power, water, and heat at your new office in order to continue with your business.


To summarize – the most important task if you want to move your office with ease is to find a reliable moving company. That is the key to everything. Once you’ve hired movers it’s time to tell your employees that you’re relocating your office. That is also the perfect time to appoint a moving coordinator who will deal with everything else. Follow that steps and you will have smooth office relocation.

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