How to pack and move shoes

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When we were young, most of us told how important shoes are for one’s health. However, in the days of youth, those lessons are rarely taken to the hearth. Only with age do we learn just how much of a life improvement good footwear can be. And, of course, we also learn how much good shoes can cost. That is why most of us aim to buy rarely, both buy well. This means that caring for footwear after you buy it is essential in order to protect them from unnecessary damage. It is with that in mind that we made this guide on how to pack and move shoes.

Be it that you are moving for a long-distance relocation, a few hour’s drive or a tourist trip – you are nonetheless packing and moving shoes and you are going to have to do it right or else you are risking damaging them! Here is how to go on about it!

Packing material for when you pack and move shoes

With any packing, the material that you use is pretty important. Of course, one way not to worry about it at all is to hire professional packing services offered by those moving companies like Excalibur Moving and Storage that will take care of the whole process for you. However, if you wish to save some money you will no doubt have to find yourself some packing material.

Luckily, finding packing material suitably for packing and moving shoes is not too difficult. After all, you are not the first person to pack and move shoes.

red shoeboxes - pack and move shoes
Prepare the right boxes!

Our point here is that when you buy your shoes, they are already in the box they were shipped in. This means that you have the same box used by shipping companies that moved this shoe from who knows how far away without damage or loss of quality. If you have these boxes, use them. However, don’t forget to do some of the work yourself. Boxes are not magical and will not work under certain circumstances.

For example, never stack something heavy atop of your shoebox. This will make it dent and, therefore, endanger the shoes inside them. Also, they are far from waterproof, so be sure to store liquids separately and with great care. Finally, put some cushioning material inside them and wrap them if you plan to go on long distance relocation or storage.

In summary, three things to think about when packing materials are concerned.

  • Cushioning material – Something to lower the damage occurring from it falling or the ride tumbling while transporting the shoes.
  • Wrapping – Put plastic wrapping around the shoes or the box of shoes you intend to pack and move.
  • Original shoebox – Hwen you pack and move shoes try to put them into the original shoebox. That way you know that the box is fitting. A box too small or too big can create problems.

Clean before transportation

The older generations often said that you can judge a man standing by looking at his shoes. Therefore, street shoe-cleaners were are a common sight, making the shoes of people walking the streets of our cities clean at all times. Today, while it is still a pretty cherished thing to have clean shoes, we have definitely gone into a more casual direction with our footwear. However, while you might not need to clean your sneakers every time you use them, you will have to do a pretty thorough job if you are to pack and move shoes via movers or to a storage Rockville MD.

star shoes
Make sure that they are clean!

When moving or storing, having items that you are moving clean is a big advantage. That way you are saving yourself from a lot of mess and complications, especially so if the relocation is especially long or if the items are to be stored.

By cleaning you are making sure that there is no mold or any pest, you are also checking to see if there are any wear and tear on the shoe, any damage to be documented etc. By knowing what state your shoes are before the move you will be able to tell if any damage is inflicted during the move.

To clean shoes, you can always first consider washing them. However, that kind of policy can result in damage to more high-end quality shoes that are far from something you can simply wash and let dry. With those shoes, most likely leather, you will need more care. Care for leather, that is.

Use the brush to put off any dirt and then wax it to make sure that it shines like in the good old days. Open up the laces to let the air in and make sure that there are no degrees anywhere. Clean the foot of the shoe with a wet cloth as thoroughly as possible.

Time to downsize

If you are moving in a hurry and don’t have the time to figure out exactly how to move all of your shoes, why not consider downsizing. Shoes are pretty difficult to pack and do take a lot of space. Getting rid of them will help you pack a lot faster. Therefore, an answer to the question of how to pack and move shoes is to really move less shoes.

shoe box
What to do with all the shoes?

You have a lot of options, including storing, selling, donating, and simply scraping shoes. Charities are your best options as they are always in search of more footwear.

In conclusion

In summary of our guide on how to pack and move shoes. Try your best to use the original packaging. Make sure it is protected with cushioning materials. Clean them and inspect them before and after. Finally, travel as light as possible. If you have more shoes than you can pack or use efficiently, sell them, throw them away, or simply donate them. With all of that said, you are ready to get on with packing and moving your shoes right away!

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