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Whenever you are moving to another city, state, or even a few blocks away, you have to prepare for moving. The most important thing is to find a reliable moving company. If you are moving to Bethesda let your movers Bethesda MD to do all the work for you. Here are some tips and tricks on how to organize your relocation and what to think about before movingWe’ve put out some interesting facts for you.

Get to know your new city

First thing first. Before choosing an apartment, you need to do a little research on the city. It’s important to get to know its surroundings, public transportation, markets, schools.

computer on the table
Do yourself a favor and do the research before you moving to your new home.

Bethesda is an unincorporated city in southern Montgomery County, with over 63000 residents. It is located northwest of the Washington D.C. Bethesda is named for a local church, the Bethesda Meeting House. Here you can find the National Institutes of Health main campus and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as well as a number of other military medical and research institutions.

The area is known for its fine restaurants offering a wide range of cuisine from contemporary American to the Mediterranean, French or Latin American. In Bethesda, there’s a bar for every kind of customer. These are some of the best bars and restaurants in the city: CO2 Lounge is an Italian restaurant, in Redwood restaurant & bar and Range you can find some interesting cocktails.  In Palazzo and Sushi Damo you can drink amazing martinis. If you would like to try some fine vines this is for you, Vino Volo or Adega Wine Cellars & Cafe. And if you are a whiskey fan you should go to Branded ’72, Barrel + Crow, or Civil Cigar Lounge.

 Bethesda is the perfect blend of both, city urban and suburban lifestyles. You can find here apartment buildings, boutiques, and spas and on the other side family homes and quiet neighborhoods. Bethesda weather is usually pleasant without extreme heat and there is not too much snow neither. You can get around without even using a car. Instead, you can take the subway and you will be in Washington D.C. in 20 minutes. The Washington Metro has two primary locations in Bethesda. It has beautiful parks and landscapes. The city has its own festivals, like film or fine arts festivals. She has dozens of top-rated public and private schools. The conclusion is if you are moving to Bethesda, he has a lot to offer.

We can go on and on like this, naming all the things Bethesda has to offer but the point is, if this is your new city, you are very lucky.

Find an apartment that fits your needs and budget

The next step is to find an apartment that is right for you. That’s not an easy task. You need to think about living costs: rent, bills. Bethesda is one of the most expensive cities in the USA, so you should consider that, and if it is necessary, find some affordable neighborhoods. So take your time, do the research, and choose wisely. Is it going to be an apartment or a family house?

You can filter your search and adjust it to your needs and budget. It is very important to think about your budget so plan well your relocation budget as well.

Calculate moving budget
Calculate carefully your costs of moving.

After choosing some of the potential new homes, it’s time to see them in person. Keep your eyes wide open, check every detail. Open the kitchen cabinets, the closets, run the fossettes. Check the windows, check all the details that are important to you. 

Prepare for your moving to Bethesda

When you have finished the pursuit of your new home, it’s finally time for packing. It is maybe the best time to sort your belongings and choose what to take with you or not. You can check for the climate in Bethesda and that could help you to sort your clothes for example. If you don’t know what to do with some of your items, here are some ideas:

  • you can give them to some of your friends before moving to Bethesda
  • sell them on the internet
  • donate to some charity organization
  • recycle them
  • or you can store them temporarily

When we are talking about the best time to do something, you can also check when is the best time to move to your new home.

moving van
Let the professionals do all the work for you.

After all of this, the next step is to find a reliable moving company.

Find a reliable and affordable moving company

The most important thing is to find a moving company that will respond to all your needs. You can look up on the Internet and read the reviews left by the previous customers in order to help you to choose the company that will make your moving to Bethesda happens.

You have to think about what do you expect from a moving company. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to make a list of your demands. Think if you need also packing, or only relocating. Or a full service. In case you don’t know what does that includes, we will give you a few hints. It means, packing, loading the truck, unloading, relocating, and unpacking. They can also dispose of the packing materials. They will get rid of all the boxes, paper, plastic wraps. The reliable moving company will offer you insurance in case of damage or loss of your belongings and what is important, your money will be reimbursed.

To avoid unnecessary stress, you should let the professional team of Excalibur Moving and Storage take care of packing your stuff, relocating, and storage if it’s needed. And you can let yourself exploring the vibrant city of Bethesda. It’s not easy to feel comfortable and act immediately like you are at home, your old home, but Bethesda is a city that has a lot to offer and you will love it. Moving to Bethesda will be great for you.

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