How to Prepare Your Items for Summer Storage

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    It’s that time of year again, where we enjoy endless family outings, (local) travel, and the hot, lazy afternoons followed by romantic late summer nights. For some of you, that might mean you will be uprooting yourselves from your current locations. For others, it just means that you will be preparing for summer by creating additional space in your houses. for all the extra activities and people that somehow come hand in hand with summer. And how do you do that? By putting away all your surplus belongings and out-of-season items in storage Rockville MD. Just let your home breathe. If you are looking to prepare your items for summer storage, you are in the right place, just read on!

    Metal parts
    Disassemble any large equipment that you need to put away before you place it in storage.

    Preparing for decluttering and storing

    Before you can prepare your items for summer storage, you need to determine exactly what you want to store. Excalibur Moving and Storage experts recommend categorizing them in terms of long term summer storage items and shorter-term ones. Always start with unneeded items first. As you do this, you have to keep in mind the amount of stuff you have in order to choose the correct size of the storage unit. Don’t worry, you can get any size you want. From closet-sized to one room, two rooms, a whole house if need be! However, since summer temperatures can run pretty high in certain areas, it might be best if you got climate-controlled storage to avoid moisture and mold buildup.

    How to prepare your items for summer storage like a pro

    1. Look into storage restrictions

    Once you have chosen the perfect size of a storage unit, you have to find out what the facility does and doesn’t allow in their storage units. Usually, they themselves will provide you with a list of all the items they do not allow. If they do not do this, remember to request an estimate just to avoid complications afterward. Examples of non-storable things include painting, fireworks, narcotics, gasoline, etc. Perishable food, medicine, and plants are also on this list.

    2. Decide which personal items you want to prepare for summer storage

    You may want to store everything you can, but unless you are willing to pay a steep price, you need to prioritize. Don’t put everything in your storage unit because you’ll only have to go back every other day to collect something. If it is the stuff that you may not use again, consider giving them away or selling it.

    Man between boxes trying Prepare Your Items for Summer Storage
    Be practical, nifty, and intentional about where and how you place things inside the storage unit.

    3. Create an inventory list

    When you start to prepare your items for summer storage think long-term. Chances are, you will forget what you have packed in the boxes and you may look for it at home. That’s why you need to create an inventory of everything you put in the storage unit. Make sure you keep the record safe. It goes without saying that you should label your boxes. Or simply store everything in clear boxes that you can easily see-through. That way you’ll become far more efficient managing your storage unit.

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