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Sometimes, when you start a new job from which you live far away, you may be offered assistance with relocating. This is typically called a relocation package and includes things like housing, transport, etc. However, in case you’re not offered assistance, it can be possible to negotiate. So, if you are planning a new job or move, follow our guide on how to negotiate a relocation package in Gaithersburg! Once you’ve negotiated a package like a pro, moving companies in Maryland will help you relocate in no time!

What is a relocation package?

This is a type of help you can get from your company or employer to help you with moving and transport costs or other expenses relating to your workplace. Typically, a relocation package will be in the form of financing, but it can include other things as well:

  1. Assistance with finding a new home
  2. Temporary accommodation
  3. Arranging transport


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Is it possible to negotiate a relocation package in Gaithersburg? YES!

Types of relocation packages 

There are different types of assistance, which is why it’s possible to negotiate a relocation package in Gaithersburg. The expenses covered will be different from company to company, that’s why it’s important to stay informed! 

Home costs 

Home costs refer to those expenses tied to your contract or lease. Some companies will pay for your real estate agent and others for closing fees. 

New residence assistance 

This type of package can include temporary accommodation (including hotels or apartments), finding you a real estate agent, or paying for your utilities in your new home.


Your employer may offer to pay your moving costs given that they are usually not that cheap, especially if you are moving long distances. You may be able to negotiate a relocation package that includes paid transport of furniture or other things.


 A relocation package can also cover the costs of storing property and a storage unit short- or long-term. 

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Pro tip: be clear and confident!

How do I negotiate a relocation package in Gaithersburg?

Now that you know exactly what relocation packages include, it’s time to start negotiating! But how do you go about doing this? Follow these 4 tips when negotiating for an assistance package in Gaithersburg that will ensure you have everything you need to successfully move.

Analyze what you want

Here, it’s time to start being honest with yourself. What do you really need to move? Make a list of your top three priorities and be clear about what you want and why when negotiating. This could include special transportation in cases of disability, breaking a lease before the specified time, etc. Even if your employer can’t fulfill your every request, they may give you alternative options to choose from, which is also a win! If one of your conditions is finding excellent movers, local movers Gaithersburg MD are there to save the day! 

Research research research

Find out which packages are typically given to people in a similar situation. Then you can decide what is realistic to ask for and what isn’t. Once you’ve researched enough, contact your HR department and ask them to give you further information. They are always willing to help! After that you can reach out to people who have recently received or even negotiated relocation packages and see what their experiences were.

Be clear and appeal to mutual benefits

It’s very important to stay clear about your needs. However, you can’t expect them to just grant you whatever you ask for. The best approach is to find certain ways they can help you while also benefitting the company. Be direct about your conditions being essential to the quality of your work, for example. You can say: “If I had the extra two hours I usually spend commuting to and from work, I would get a lot more done.” This is an excellent approach to show you are willing to work harder if your conditions are met. And don’t forget, residential movers Gaithersburg MD will then make your move effortless and cost-effective.

Negotiate a relocation package in Gaithersburg

Relocating is often very challenging, but it’s also a great opportunity to practice your negotiating skills. You can ask your employer for help when relocating for a job, and it is possible to negotiate a relocation package in Gaithersburg this way! With the right attitude and these tricks up your sleeve, you can make sure your new job starts on a positive note! Once all or some of your conditions are met, make sure you contact moving services Gaithersburg MD if you want to save stress, money and time in the moving process!

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