Tips for dealing with pressure when moving in Washington

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The moving process can be overwhelming and cause anxiety and stress. Not only do you need to organize and pack all your belongings, research moving companies Washington DC, or find storage, but also prepare your new home, contact utility companies, etc. On top of that, physical symptoms of moving, such as headache, back pain, and lack of energy, are unavoidable. It seems that pressure and stress are integral parts of moving, so we have prepared some tips for dealing with pressure when moving in Washington. Don’t let the stress get the best of you!

Good organization will lower the stress level

It is important to have a detailed moving plan and know exactly what you should be doing every step of the way. Stress will multiply considerably if you start packing late, choose the wrong moving company, or damage your belongings during transit. The best way to avoid anxiety and pressure is to properly prepare and bring some order into the moving process. Make a moving checklist that includes all tasks and activities and create a timeline. In this way, you will stay on track and you won’t forget anything.

An upset couple
It is perfectly normal to feel stressed out or anxious during the move

Hiring reliable movers will facilitate dealing with pressure when moving in Washington

Nothing facilitates dealing with pressure when moving in Washington more than hiring experienced movers who know what they are doing. A reliable moving company, such as Excalibur Moving and Storage will handle every aspect of your move and ensure the safe transport of your belongings. Good movers should be experienced, licensed, and offer insurance and a variety of services. Make sure that the moving company you choose meets your needs and fits your moving budget.

In order to find local movers Washington DC that are perfect for you, you need to do some research. Visit specialized moving websites where you can find all the necessary information. Check companies’ reviews and ratings and read previously submitted comments and complaints. This will give you a clear idea about the quality of service they offer. Also, request several moving estimates and compare the prices.

A mover next to a moving truck
Good movers will facilitate and accelerate the move

Declutter before you start packing

Decluttering your home before the moving day will reduce a lot of stress. We all accumulate things we don’t need over the years. However, there is no point in packing and transporting something you don’t use or want. Not only is it a waste of time, but a waste of money as well. The cost of a relocation depends on its size and volume. The more things you have – the higher the cost. So, getting rid of unnecessary items is one of the tips for dealing with pressure when moving in Washington.

Organize your belongings in three piles – keep, toss, sell/donate. Get rid of furniture that won’t fit into your new Washington home, old gadgets, magazines, kids’ toys, clothes you no longer wear, etc. Once you know which items you want to keep, it is time to start packing.

The packing process and dealing with pressure when moving in Washington

Packing is the most tiring, emotional, and time-consuming part of the moving process. It can take weeks, even months. People feel overwhelmed, they go through items that have sentimental values and bring about memories. This can cause additional anxiety and sadness. However, decluttering and organizing your belongings can also help reduce stress and instill a feeling of control. Try to awake positive memories and associations during this process.

A couple packing
Starting to pack well in time will facilitate dealing with pressure when moving in Washington

In addition, it is very important to know how to properly pack your possessions. Otherwise, you risk a possibility of damage. Gather packing supplies in advance. You will need cardboard boxes of various sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, furniture blankets, scissors, markers, etc. Wrap each item in bubble wrap before placing it in a moving box. Don’t forget to label the boxes – write essential information on them such as handling instructions, content, and destination room.

If you are an inexperienced mover, you can hire professional packers. There are many moving companies that provide various moving services Washington DC, including packing services. Professional packers will provide quality packing materials, are familiar with packing techniques, and will handle your possessions with care. If you have particularly bulky or heavy items, such as a pool table or a grand piano, let them know in advance. They will need more manpower and special equipment.

Explore Washington and your new neighborhood

One of the reasons why moving is so stressful is the fear of the unknown. You leave behind your old home, neighborhood, friends, neighbors, and job, and have to adapt to the new surroundings. So, one of our tips for dealing with pressure when moving in Washington is to get familiarized with your new city or neighborhood. Check out local shops and cafes, find a new favorite restaurant, a nearby park, etc.

Washington is a beautiful place to call home. It is culturally rich, home to more than 70 museums, with great job opportunities and a diverse community. On the other hand, you can expect a high cost of living. It is best to explore different neighborhoods. Make a list of priorities considering your lifestyle.

  • Georgetown is home to an affluent community, academics, and diplomats. It offers top restaurants, brand-name shops, and beautiful parks.
  • If you want rich nightlife, choose Logan Circle or Adams Morgan. They are home to numerous restaurants, music cafes, and stylish bars.
  • In case you are looking for a family-friendly neighborhood, we recommend Glover Park. It offers great education opportunities, as it is home to Stoddert Elementary School, and it is also one of the city’s safest areas.

Get ready to move!

As you can see, Washington offers something for everyone. We are sure you will love it here and wish you a safe and stress-free relocation.

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