Is living in Bethesda safe – what to know before moving there?

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    If you are considering relocating or purchasing property in Bethesda, Maryland, you would like to know if it is secure for you and your family. When determining where to reside, one of the crucial considerations is safety. You don’t want to live somewhere where you have to be concerned about crime. So, is living in Bethesda safe?

    Living in Bethesda

    Bethesda has a population of 63,000 people but is not a city but an unorganized settlement. Bethesda’s typical family income is $155,000 and the city was named the healthiest in the United States for women. Bethesda is well-known for its broad and robust economy, which is centered on medical care, defense, software, and banking. And if you prefer warmer weather hire long distance movers Bethesda MD as this area receives little snow and has 197 sunny days a year.

    Bethesda is bike-friendly and manageable; it’s so simple to get around that you don’t need a car. This makes Bethesda’s accessibility even more appealing. So do not hesitate to hire movers in Bethesda MD and relocate to this amazing place.

    Picture of the train
    Bethesda has a good transportation system.

    Bethesda has a diverse range of pubs and restaurants,  ranging from neighborhood meals and gatherings to clubs and bars, moving companies,  hookah bars, and gourmet dining. If you intend to relocate to Bethesda, you have various choices.

    Bethesda, Maryland: How safe is it?

    Many people decide to hire local movers Bethesda and relocate here because Bethesda’s total crime rate is lower than average and smaller than state norms. When it comes to overall offenses, there are two types: violent and property offenses. Specifically, serious crimes such as murder, manslaughter, violent assault, and rape are lower in Bethesda than in other places. Property crime, such as theft and arson, is often lower.

    • The total crime rate in the city is 4 per 1,000 inhabitants, which is below the national average.
    • The rate of violent crime in the city is 0 per 1,000 inhabitants, which is below the national average.
    • The rate of property crime is 4 per 1,000 inhabitants, which is below the national average.

    In comparison to other cities, how safe is living in Bethesda?

    Knowing your community’s crime rate might help you make wise decisions on where to reside and start a family. It may also assist you in becoming more conscious of your environment and taking care to safeguard yourself and your family members. Bethesda has a very low crime rate, ranking it among the safest cities in Maryland. So if safety is your concern do not hesitate to contact moving experts such as Excalibur Moving and Storage and relocate here. It’s indeed safer than 60% of other cities in the United States. Crime rates vary drastically from one location to the next, so it’s critical to know the facts for your community.

    Small girl riding a bike alone as an answer to the question Is living in Bethesda safe
    Many people ask, “Is living in Bethesda safe?” and the simple answer is yes

    Bethesda is considered a safe place to live. The rate of crime is low in comparison to other towns of comparable size, as well as numerous family-friendly activities in the city. The city of Bethesda is an attractive area to live because of its low rate of crime and family-friendly activities. If you’re thinking about relocating to Bethesda, know that you’ll be relocating to a place that is relatively secure for both you and your household. So is living in Bethesda safe in conclusion? Yes, it is.

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