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Moving long distance can be quite an ordeal, but it will be ten times as chaotic if you don’t plan it properly. You probably don’t want even more on your plate than you already have when moving far away, so do everything in your power to make the process easier. Luckily, you can rely on this long-distance moving checklist to save you time and money!

Long-distance moving checklist: a quick rundown

For the impatient among you, here’s a quick rundown of all the essential tips for long-distance moving in this list (we’ll go into detail with each one below):

  1. Write everything about your long-distance move
  2. Decide when to move
  3. Decide what to bring when moving
  4. Find the best movers for you
  5. Get the boxes for packing
  6. Measure your furniture before moving
  7. Be smart about packing
  8. Pack fragile items well
  9. Sort everything out with your moving company
  10. Change your address once you’ve moved
long distance moving checklist - open notebook
Tick all the points on this checklist for the perfect long-distance move

Write down everything about your long-distance move

The average move involves more things to remember than you’ll be able to keep up with if you never write anything down. Luckily, you can do exactly that – write down everything of importance. If a moving company offers you a quote, write down how high it is. For how many boxes is that quote? Write that down, too. You can also create an inventory moving checklist to ensure you don’t lose any items during the move itself.

Decide when to move

You may get all the things you’ll need for relocation but forget to set aside the time for it. Avoid this by setting a specific date in stone. Odds are you’ll need a day or two off from work, so ask for some free time in advance. Scheduling the move on Friday is a solid idea since it leaves you with the entire weekend for wrapping up unfinished business.

Decide what to bring when moving

After living at the same place for a while, you’ll inevitably hoard piles of unnecessary knick-knacks. Taking these things along on your move is wasted effort, so get rid of them. You can do this on your own, but you could also use junk removal services if you’re short on time.

Once you’ve separated the “undesirable” stuff from the rest, maybe you can do a yard sale to make a bit of profit off of them. As an extra tip, consider using up your perishables (food, drink, paint cans, and the like).

Find the right movers for you

Here’s possibly the most vital point on this long-distance moving checklist (unless you intend to handle the move alone). Not every company is worth the price they ask for, no matter how low. As such, you should do your research to secure the best service possible for you.

calendar with yellow marker
Choose your date wisely

If you’re, let’s say, looking for movers in Potomac MD, first learn whether they’re licensed by checking their DOT number (Department of Transportation Number). If they’re legit, read up on any reviews posted about them on forums. Make sure you get three quotes at least (and that they fit your budget) before coming to a final decision.

Get the boxes for packing

Next on this list of long-distance moving tips is advice that can save you quite a pretty penny. You could go and buy boxes for moving, but why not get them for free? There are tons of bookstores, liquor stores, office supply stores, grocery stores, and other establishments that store more empty boxes than they really need. They’ll most likely give you these boxes free of charge since they’re a waste of space.

Measure your furniture before moving

Imagine going through the entire process of interstate moving and realizing that some of your furniture doesn’t fit through your new doorway. And imagine the added pain of dealing with that situation. It’s basically the most infuriating thing that can happen, so it’s no wonder that many a checklist for long-distance relocation urges you to avoid it.

The best way to prevent this disaster is to simply measure every large piece of furniture, from piano to cupboard. Should anything be too big to fit through, there’s little need for you to take it along, is there? You can sell anything that you don’t bring, give it to someone, donate it, dump it – it’s up to you.

Be smart about packing

There are so many people that never read through any checklist for long-distance moving and just pack any way they feel like doing. While it seems easier at the beginning, this method will only reward you with headaches once unpacking starts. That’s why you should do it the smart way – here are some pointers:

  • do it early and bit by bit, rather than rushing through it the night before the move,
  • pack the things you rarely make use of first, then pack the more useful items after,
  • Separate things into clear categories (books, holiday decorations, etc.),
  • label every box you use,
  • put fragile items into labeled boxes after wrapping them into shirts, socks, or towels,
  • make a checklist for moving boxes to keep track of them.

    messy garage
    You do not have to bring everything

Sort everything out with your moving company

If you’ve taken care of the above points in this long-distance moving checklist, odds are you’ve already opted for a Maryland moving company by now. That isn’t the end of your dealings with the company, however. You still need to make sure they do their job right and that you do your part.

A great piece of advice for you would be to call the company a few days in advance to confirm the move date. Sometimes, even the finest moving companies Gaithersburg MD offers need a reminder, so don’t hesitate to check. You should also set aside the money you’ll owe the movers, as well as their tip (typically in the range between 10% and 15%).

Change your address once you’ve moved

A checklist of long-distance moving tips can’t be complete without something that many forget to do. Once you’ve moved, you’ll have to notify many organizations of the fact. Otherwise, they’ll keep sending their mail where you used to live. Insurance companies, banks, the post office, and others should know that you’re located somewhere else now, so let them know.

Wrapping up this long-distance moving checklist

Moving across the country or moving out of state is far from easy, and you’ll need every bit of advice you can find. Smart packing, finding the right movers, keeping tabs on every detail – all of that goes a long way to protect you from the trouble you don’t need. But this long-distance moving checklist has you covered from start to finish so that you can focus more on other matters in your life.

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