The importance of moving company reviews

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It’s hard to imagine hiring anyone or buying anything without reading reviews about that or them before the purchase, right? Well, the same goes for hiring a moving company. Just seeing the moving company’s website is not enough to hire them. Or that’s what almost everyone thinks. You can be certain that movers Gaithersburg MD are reliable once you see their reviews. And that’s precisely where the importance of moving company reviews lies. It is probably a crucial part of the decision-making process. So, we’ve decided to talk a little bit about why moving company reviews are important when you’re hiring a moving company.

Before you start searching for a moving company

The most important part of the moving process is finding the perfect moving company. When I say perfect, I don’t mean the best one. What I mean is the perfect one for you. And the reason is that a moving company that is perfect for you doesn’t have to be the perfect one for someone else. It all depends on what you are looking for in a moving company. For example, if you have a piano, your perfect moving company must offer a piano moving service. Whereas, for someone who doesn’t own a piano this service isn’t important at all.

A man writing a list - The importance of moving company reviews
What you can do is write down a list of the qualities your perfect moving company must possess.

If you do manage to find the perfect moving company for you, then relocating can be a piece of cake. However, if that’s not the case then everything can go wrong. And I bet you don’t want that, do you? So, once you have that list of desirable qualities you can start searching for movers. And please, take your time when you’re doing that.

Prior to reading moving company reviews

The importance of moving company reviews should be clear by now. But that doesn’t mean that you should go and read every single moving company review on the Internet. If you begin your search for a moving company by doing that it would take you ages to finish it. Reading moving company reviews should actually be the last thing you do.

What you should start with is thorough research. That means, first of all, check if the moving company is licensed. Now, if you’re looking for long-distance movers in Maryland that shouldn’t be so hard. By law, all the moving companies that offer long-distance moving must have the USDOT number. And you can go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website and check if a company has one. This website can also give you some pretty useful information, but later more on that. Another specialized website is the Better Business Bureau’s website where you can make sure that the company is licensed.

Top 10 graphic
And before you get on to moving company reviews you should prioritize.

The best way to that is to make a top 10 list of your perfect moving company. And then, read-only reviews of those moving companies.

Read moving company reviews with the understanding

After you’ve made your top 10 list of, for example, long-distance movers Maryland, reviews of those moving companies are going to be that thing that tips of the scale in someone’s advantage. These testimonials of former customers can provide you with all the necessary information. Because no moving company will ever put on their website that they are sometimes late. Nor will they put the information like, for example, that they don’t have enough vehicles.

This kind of information you will be able to find only in moving company reviews. All you have to do is pay attention to the amount of good and bad reviews a certain moving company has. If the scope of the bad reviews is bigger than the one of the good reviews, you shouldn’t hire that moving company.

Now, the tricky part here is to know what to believe in. It is precisely because the moving companies know the importance of moving company reviews that we have a huge amount of fabricated moving company reviews. They tend to fabricate both good and bad reviews. So, you should be careful about what you believe in. And maybe try to read as many moving company reviews as you can.

A missing piece of a puzzle
Reviews of moving companies are in fact the missing pieces of the puzzle.

How to spot fake reviews

This is a subject I could talk about for days. So, I’ll try to be brief and give you just a few pointers. What you should do is read more about how to spot fake reviews before you start reading them. Here are those pointers:

  • If you get impressed by grammar or how well written a moving company review is, then you’re probably reading a fake one. People who write these reviews are usually those who work in marketing.
  • If you stumble upon a few reviews that seem to have been written in the same way, it’s probable that they are fabricated.
  • Pay attention to details like personal information or personal names. A typical customer won’t remember those details about the movers. So, too many details should be a red flag.
  • In fact, too much of anything is a red flag. If a review is overly positive or overly negative it might be fake.

When you take all that into account, the best customers’ testimonials are actually those in the middle. If you think about it, no company, no matter how good it is, could ever satisfy every need of every customer. There’s always going to be something that you’re not going to be satisfied with. So, the most honest moving company reviews will be the ones that have both something positive and negative to say about the moving company. And those moving companies that are trying to hide every negative review are actually trying to hide something much bigger than that.

With all that being said, we hope that you now know the importance of moving company reviews. Furthermore, that you feel confident in spotting all the fabricated reviews.

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