Move-in cleaning tips and tricks

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    A new home certainly gives you a lot of possibilities. There is nothing but bare walls and uncluttered space out of which you should make yourself a home. However, the first thing you should do is to clean everything. Either if you have rented or bought a new home, this is a must. You will feel much better once you know that everything is clean. So, here are some basic move-in cleaning tips and tricks.

    The first stop should be your bathroom

    The very first room you should clean is your new bathroom. Since this is a space that should be spotless at all times, make sure you disinfect it thoroughly. So, what you should do is to get all the cleaning supplies you are going to need.

    The first area you should clean thoroughly is your new bathroom- pay special attention to it

    In addition to this, you can also feel free to get a new toilet seat. It is not a great expense and it is also the most efficient way to ensure they are really clean. As a matter of fact, you can do this even before you relocate. Your residential movers Gaithersburg will not mind having another small item to relocate.

    Another move-in cleaning tip is cleaning high

    The features that are close to the ceiling do not usually get enough attention. For this reason, they stay dusted for a long period of time. In addition to this, they also sprinkle dirt and dust onto the spaces below them when they are cleaned. For this reason, make sure you clean them first before you clean the lower parts and floors. The items you should not forget are ceiling fans, tall shelves, and overhead lighting features. If it happens that you do not have enough time to clean both higher and lower parts, feel free to store some of the furniture items until you finish with cleaning high. Storage Rockville MD is always at your disposal.

    Leave the floors for the end

    The last thing on your cleaning list should be the floor. What you should do first is to vacuum everything thoroughly. In this way, you will remove not only the bigger items but also some dust. If it happens that there is a lot of junk once you come to the floors, you can always ask for help.

    Yet another one of the move-in cleaning tips is leaving the floors for the end

    When this part is over, you should finish up by mopping. Just make sure you are using a product that is safe for the surface in question. Once you finish this, feel free to put all of the furniture pieces inside and arrange them.

    You have changed your place of residence, but this is not the end. What awaits you is cleaning your new home. Do not worry- if you organize everything properly, there will be no problem. We have provided you with several move-in cleaning tips and we hope you will find them useful.

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