5 Tips for Helping a Senior Prepare for a Move

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    There are some tips and tricks when it comes to helping a senior prepare for a move. You should understand that they will not be able to do a lot of physical work if any. So, you should base your helping on physical labor mostly. They can, of course, still talk to moving companies and sign moving contracts. But you cannot expect some seniors to lift and carry a piano, can you? This is where you step in – you will need to do what they cannot do on their own. So, without any further ado, let us see what will you need to do when this is concerned.

    Helping a senior prepare for a move – our list of 5 tips

    So, before you think about should you hire professionals when moving or when helping a senior relocate, you should think about these things you can do to help someone relocate. This goes especially if you are helping a senior:

    • Help with packing. You should definitely help a senior pack. They might do some really easy packing things, but nothing heavy. This will be your main job.
    • Help with loading their items into a truck. Unless you hire some of the best moving services Washington DC offers, you will have to do this as well. Simply help a senior load a moving truck. It will take you an hour or two (maybe more), but you will do a really good thing!
    • Help with moving preparation. There is more to moving and relocation than simply moving from Point A to Point B. You will have to help with moving organization as well. For example, find some really good packing supplies. Or even browse eBay to find them for the senior. You will help out a lot.
    • Help with cleaning. Everyone needs to clean after and before a move. You should keep this on your mind.
    • Help them find movers. You can also help a senior find a professional moving company. Simply look for some of the best local movers Washington DC can ever offer.
    Two seniors on a bench
    You should allow the seniors to rest on their moving day

    What else can you do?

    There are some other things you can do to help the elderly relocate safely. For example, you can organize their entire relocation. You should also understand that they might not be used to someone helping them. After all, a senior is an adult who has probably done everything on their own so far. But with some things, even seniors need help. They cannot lift heavy items and they can hurt themselves if they try to relocate on their own. Basically, if you are helping them out, you will have to do their move for them. This is a good idea, especially because they cannot do it on their own.

    Two people recreating the "Creation of Adam"
    The seniors will appreciate a helping hand for sure

    Helping a senior prepare for a move – final thoughts

    When it comes to helping a senior prepare for a move there are some tips you should follow. We have selected five of them, but feel free to improvise on the spot if needed. Good luck with this one!

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