Moving day etiquette – what to pay attention to?

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    A move might seem like a simple project. Just load stuff in a truck at point A and unload at point B. However, it takes a lot more than that to prepare for a move. You need to organize well, notify the right people, and prepare your apartment or house for a relocation. Without proper preparation, there are so many things that can go wrong. So, you should inform yourself about moving day etiquette and what to pay attention to. Let us help you with a few tips from our guide.

    Informing neighbors is a part of moving day etiquette

    Relocations aren’t silent. Usually, it’s quite the opposite. There is a lot of banging and shouting, even if you call some of the most reliable residential movers Washington DC has to offer. You don’t want your neighbors to wake up to your noise or make them feel uncomfortable.

    Noise isn’t the only problem. There is also blocking the stairway. You don’t want your neighbors to be late for work or school just because you didn’t notify them on time you would be moving on that specific day. If your building is a smaller one and you know your neighbors personally, you can tell it to them face to face and maybe bring a small gift with you as a part of moving day etiquette. If you live in a big building where you don’t know many people, just print it out and put it in the main hall.

    There are four cocktails on a wooden table.
    Providing cold beverages for the workers is a big part of moving day etiquette.

    Figure out the parking situation ahead of time

    This is a big one. If you aren’t prepared, a lot of things can go wrong. You should reserve parking space for the moving truck in advance. Otherwise, the moving company might arrive at full parking just because you didn’t follow simple moving day etiquette. Your movers will be grateful for responsibly providing the parking space and your neighbors will appreciate that you know how to be a good neighbor when moving house.

    Don’t overpack your boxes

    The best way to deal with packing is to allow your movers to do the packing for you. However, a lot of people are into doing things themselves. It’s ok to use up space inside your boxes as much as you can to save some cash on the boxes. However, if you go too far it’s gonna be a problem for the movers. The boxes become much more prone to falling apart once they’re overpacked. Buy proper packing materials and keep your boxes in good shape so the movers don’t get in trouble just because the box fell apart in their hands.

    Provide beverages for the movers

    This is something people won’t tell you about moving day etiquette since people don’t often do it. However, it is not just a nice way to behave on a moving day, it is also common decency. Just imagine having to spend hours working hard and lifting heavy furniture. Wouldn’t you be thirsty? Knowing what to drink when working in the heat and providing it for them can mean a lot to other people. They might refuse at first, but be a little more persistent. People appreciate it when you show kindness.

    One person is giving a $20 bill to another.
    Knowing how much to tip will make you look good and professional.

    Tip the appropriate amount to each mover

    You might work with some of the best movers like Excalibur Moving and Storage and they will spend the whole day doing their best to provide you with their best service, so don’t forget that tipping well is a big part of moving day etiquette. Of course, nobody expects you to give away money. Just ask around or search up how much is appropriate to tip your movers. Maybe you will have to work with them again one day and they will remember you as the pleasant person who provided them with nice tips and refreshments.

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