Moving services: A Closer Look

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There are a few different types of moving services. Understanding the type of service you will be receiving will help you to choose the right one. In this article we will provide insight on what to expect to help you avoid surprises.

Local Moves

Rockville MD - Full Service Moving CompanyAt Excalibur Moving and Storage we operate within the Maryland, Virginia, and District of Columbia area (also known as the Tri-State area). We do not consider a move from one of these states to the other a long distance move. For your move to be considered local it needs to be within a range 100 miles. However, feel free to contact us if you have questions on the matter.

Long-Distance Moves

Long distance move are considered to be so if they are at least 500 miles away. The reason being, it will take our crew at least 2 days, in total, to get the job done at a reasonable hour. Excalibur Moving and Storage only offers Full Service moves for long distance for insurance purposes. This service includes packing and wrapping, loading, hauling, unloading, and he placement of your items. Some companies offer self service moves, in which you would do all of the packing on your own. The movers would then load, haul, and unload for you.

Interstate Moves

Moves over 500 miles are considered interstate moves. However this varies by the company as some consider crossing state lines even within a distance of 5 miles to be an interstate move. Prices for this type of move depend on the weight of the shipment.

International Moves

International moves are for move going from one country to another. These types of moves are more complicated as you will need to go through customs and abide by their policies and regulations. Similar to interstate moves the price is calculated by the weight of the shipment.

Auto Transport

You may want to ship your vehicle as well as the contents of your home if you are traveling to another state or country. In this case auto transport is something to consider; you have 2 options to choose from:
An open air trailer -drives on the highway and is usually seen packed with cars.
A closed trailer – recommended for a luxury car as an extra safety measure.

Small Moves

Small moves are usually conducted for 1 – 2 bedroom homes or customers moving only a few items from one location to the next. Some moves may be too small for movers and in this case you may want to consider a flat rate or truck rental.

Special Movers

Special movers handle large or fragile pieces. This may be a piano, pool table, hot tub, or shed. They will use their expertise to handle your items professionally. Using special movers will help get your most precious items moved to your destination without issue.

Corporate Relocation

This type of service is offered to businesses. Services provided by these specialists include moving the contents of your office and coordinating to make sure your business day is not interfered with. They will be able to answer your questions and make sure that your relocation process is smooth.

Truck Rentals

Renting a truck is a more simple method of moving. It may be more time consuming that hiring movers but it will also be cheaper as you are doing everything yourself. There are many companies that offer truck rentals and provide different truck sizes to fit your needs.

Moving Labor

Another option to renting a truck is to hire a moving company to do just the loading or unloading for you. This will make your move less costly and save you the trouble of doing all the heavy lifting.

Self Storage

Self storage facilities provide you with a safe place to keep your items until you decide to take them out. You can store items that you don’t use often, everything until you new home is ready, etc. This is a convenient way to keep clutter low if your living situation changes or everything won’t fit in your new home.

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