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When you hire Excalibur Moving and Storage, our crew will take care of everything; packing all of your small items into boxes, wrapping your furniture properly, loading them onto the truck, driving them to your new location, unloading your shipment, unpacking every item and putting it away. Excalibur’s crew will also disassemble and reassemble your furniture. While a full-service move is the most convenient and efficient relocation method, there are still several tasks to take care of before the movers arrive. This guide will provide great tips on how preparing for full service movers prior their arrival will help make the day go smoothly.

Prepare a moving checklist

Help us keep track of your items. At Excalibur our guys are very professional and will make sure everything is packed tightly and neatly. However there are some items you will want to pack on your own. We recommend that you make an itemized list of the items in your home. Label the boxes you’ve packed to make them easier to keep track of. Your itemized list should describe each item listed so that you can just check them off as they arrive and are unpacked.

Pack a necessities bag

At Excalibur We move everything, big or small, from one location from the next. We also do all of the packing and wrapping for you. So it’s good- the day before your move or  in the midst of packing- to pack a separate bag or box full of essentials for the first night in your new home. This will ease your mind during the moving process because you won’t have to unpack everything to find your toothbrush or toilet paper. If you plan to pack a bag of necessities be sure to put it to the side or store it in your car so that it doesn’t get mixed in with other items.


Before your move date organize your belongings to eliminate clutter. At Excalibur Moving and Storage we provide you with an unlimited supply of packing material at no extra charge when you choose our Full Packing Service. Consider donating unwanted items, having a yard sale, or selling your items online. This will save you time on your move date and make unpacking a lot easier.

Separate pets and movers

In order to keep your pets and the moving crew safe it is best that the two be separated. This type of precaution is so that your pet is not injured and items don’t get broken in an attempt to avoid endangering your pet. It is also out of consideration for our crew; we want to provide the best service possible and in order to do that the guys have to be safe.

Get your home ready

At Excalibur Moving and Storage we have a lot of experience with different types of moves. We understand that everything may not fit out of your front door. We can remove doors for you to make spaces wider and put them back on before we vacate the premises. We also protect your floors with floor runners to keep them from getting scratched during the moving process.

Empty and unplug appliances

It is important to prepare for your move in advance. Most tasks must be done before the movers arrive. Plan to clean out your refrigerators and freezers to make moving them easier. Also clear out water lines from icemakers and washing machines of any excess water. Lastly unplug everything – this will save time for the movers and eliminate the risk of damages.

Separate flammable items

There are some items the movers won’t be able to transport for you. For example anything that could catch on fire or is hazardous. Keep items that are combustible away from the rest of your belongings and plan to transport them on your own. For a full list of items be sure to check with the company you are hiring for your move.

Consider packing valuables yourself

You may want to pack important items on your own. This would include financial documents and jewelry. Our guys are very trustworthy however, you may want to consider this option to ensure that nothing gets lost in a sea of boxes or left behind.

Acquire moving insurance

It’s important to create an inventory list of your items as well as purchase insurance for them. Accidents happen even when you are being as careful as possible. Our guys pack and protect everything in your home with the Full Packing Service offer. In addition to standard liability insurance we are partnered with as an option for extra insurance. We recommend this to all of our customers as it will ensure peace of mind during any move.

Provide refreshments

You may want to show your appreciation to the movers by giving or offering to buy the food or drinks. This is something they will be grateful for as they are working very hard on your move date. However, it is not an obligation- neither is a tip.

Prepare a tip in advance

Tips are a great way to show the movers that they did a great job. Our policy is “if you are satisfied with the service feel free to tip the movers.” It is not a requirement and no customer should feel obligated to do so. If you do decide that you may like to tip for the service please have it with you on your move date.

Contact us today at 1-800-548-6052 or fill out the contact form to find out how we may be able to assist you for any moving, packing or storage needs you may have.

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