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Moving is a challenging task and it is very stressful no matter if you are moving your office or you have found your home in some new city. You can do it yourself or you can do a little research about office movers Gaithersburg has to offer and hire the moving company that suits your needs.

If you are a big company you can solve this by hiring Excalibur Moving and Storage professional team. Let them conduct your move and help you with moving your office to Gaithersburg. But, if you are a small or start-up company, chances are that you will have to do it all by yourself. The key to a successful relocation is in a good preparation plan. So, here are some tips to help you.

Get rid of the unnecessary items before moving your office to Gaithersburg

Some of the things you should think about are emptying out all the offices, packing delicate company computers, and ensuring that sensitive documents don’t get lost. Before you start packing your office inventory make sure you get rid of unnecessary items. Sure you will find some files, paperwork, and other documents in office drawers or cabinets that are accumulated over the years and that you do not need them anymore.

Check your company’s protocol regarding the old documents so you can get rid of those you don’t need anymore.

Before you do anything, find out what is your company’s protocol regarding the old documents so you can shred them or file some of the documents that you should keep. The most confidential documents you should keep with you. Tag or bundle your documents and paperwork together. You can collect all the important documents inside a plastic bag or cardboard box.

Go through each drawer. Throw away dried up pens, mostly filled notepads, paperclips, and any other item that you won’t be needing in your new office. If you have some private items like photos or anything else, pack that too. Or you can return those items to your home until you figure out where to place those items in your new office.

To pack all the inventory and office equipment, you will be needing a lot of packing supplies:

  • cardboard boxes for moving your office to Gaithersburg
  • bubble bags
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • proper tools
  • moving sheets or blankets
  • a dolly

Electronic devices

When you have finished sorting the documents it is time to pack office electronic equipment, computers, printers, office phones, laptops, wireless routers, printers, and fax machines. Make sure these items are properly packed and protected from any damage during the office move in order to use them again. These are the most valuable items in your office. When packing computers, make sure all the wires are disconnected from all of its parts. Pack each component carefully.

Wrap and secure computer monitors, mouses, keyboards. If you are using laptops at your office then use the laptop bag to pack them. In case you do not have the original bag, you can use a small box. If it is a bigger box, you can add inside some paper or wrap the laptop with a bubble bag so it doesn’t get damaged. Keep all wires and cables properly separated and organized to prevent tangling during the move. Or you can put them in the box with the appropriate devices. Use plenty of padding materials when packing office equipment like printers, scanners, fax machines, to provide them additional care.

Make sure you pack properly your office electronic equipment.

Office furniture

After packing all of the equipment and the documents it is the time to prepare office furniture for the move to Gaithersburg. Before packing the office desk, you should disassemble it. Unscrew and remove all the drawers, racks, and other parts. Keep all the screws and bolts in some Ziploc bags to prevent losing them. Wrap all the parts in protective blankets to protect them from any kind of damage and secure them with the packing tape.

Before packing cabinets, make sure that all cabinets are locked. And protect all the shelves and cabinets with a few layers of strong bubble bag. To protect the drawers from the damage it would be best to wrap them with the stretch wrap. Given the fact that you will have an enormous number of packed boxes and that you will have to sort all of them when you get to your new office, it would be best to label them and to mark in which office goes what.

Hire professional movers when moving your office to Gaithersburg

When you have prepared all the inventory for the move, you should choose some professional movers. Finding a reliable moving company is a crucial thing for many reasons. Your company needs to continue with the work as soon as possible so you do not need that stress whether your office inventory is going to be damaged, lost, or stolen. Make sure you opt for the insurance in case your inventory gets damaged or lost. Make sure you specify the type of insurance you need at the very beginning. So in case of damage will they be repaired, replaced, or are you going to be reimbursed.

Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to make a list of all the inventory or take some photos so you can easily note if something is missing. You can never be too cautious. So, be very careful when choosing your movers. Avoid doing the moving on your own, especially lifting heavy items. The lack of the appropriate tools, or packing supplies that can lead to injuries and damage to your inventory. Let the professionals that are skilled and well equipped for that type of work to conduct your office moving.

Make sure you adjust your office as soon as possible so you can continue working.

Adjust your office after the move

Before unpacking the office easier, make a room plan. In that way, you can easily organize and decide where you can place the furniture, as well as all the other things such as computers, desks, office supplies, etc. After moving your office to Gaithersburg you need to install furniture and technical equipment. Then it is time to organize your desk and start working again.

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