Tips and tricks for exploring Washington after moving from Rockville

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    It’s never an easy task to adapt to moving from one place to another. However, it’s important that you know how to get around even if the relocation is local. For that reason, it’s important that you not only know how to get around but also get the right assistance. When you hire Excalibur Moving and Storage you will get the right type of assistance for your relocation. Besides that, here are some tips for exploring Washington after moving from Rockville.

    Take your time when exploring Washington after moving from Rockville

    When you want to enjoy a new city, it’s important to be ready for it. Especially as moving can take a lot of energy from you. For that reason, it’s best that you take it one step at a time, and firstly rest and take your time. After the long distance movers Washington DC finish the job, it’s going to be much easier to focus on other things that come with relocation. Take your time and find out as much as you can about Washington DC and your neighborhood. This will give you a big advantage and make exploring easier. Above all, there are a lot of things that will be very interesting to see and experience in Washington DC.

    People unpacking before exploring Washington after moving from Rockville
    Make sure to leave yourself enough time to prepare your new home

    Walk around your neighborhood and other parts of Washington DC

    After you arrive at your new home, it’s best that you get to know your nearest surroundings. That will give you the necessary support and ease to explore more and more. On top of that, you can always get the help of your neighbors and get to know them better. You don’t have to wait long after the long distance movers Rockville MD complete the move before you get out of your Washington DC home. Especially as you want to find out where you can take care of the basics. Be it a gas station, market, or just knowing how to get around, make sure that this will be your first task after the move.

    Exploring Washington after moving from Rockville will be very easy to do on a bike

    Is walking not your favorite activity? Then maybe it will be better if you bike through Washington DC. There is a lot of infrastructures set in place in the city that will make life easier for people that get around riding bikes. After you get the assistance of moving services Rockville MD it’s best to get some activity and find out about the larger area of your neighborhood. As Washington DC has everything necessary to get around with a bike, make sure to use that to your advantage. It will help you out a lot when it comes to exploring Washington after moving from Rockville.

    Take one of the famous tours around the city to get a better feel of what Washington has to offer

    Washington DC is one of the most famous cities in the US. That’s why it not only attracts people from the neighboring states but also all over the nation and internationally. For that reason, after you move from Rockville, it’s not a bad idea to enjoy your time in the best and most efficient way possible. After you finish with your moving and storage Washington DC tasks, you can take some of the tours to better get to know the city. Especially as there are several, be it that you like history, the beautiful outdoors or want to better get to know the entertainment that the area has to offer.

    A woman looking at a map of Washington DC
    You can start exploring Washington after moving from Rockville with a tour

    Know how you’ll get around DC and other parts of the US

    When you move, it’s important how to get around. Thankfully, the city is very well organized and can offer you all the necessary accommodations when it comes to getting around the city and other parts of the US. Above all, that’s why you can expect the swift help of moving services Washington DC to be there for you in the shortest amount of time. Especially as there won’t be as much traffic and the public transportation system is more than decent when you compare it to other major US cities. On top of that, there are several airports in the Washington DC area that can help you get all over the US too.

    Start exploring Washington after moving from Rockville by enjoying the food the area has to offer

    One of the ways to get exploring Washington after moving from Rockville is to taste the local cuisine. There are a lot of restaurants and special food places that are worthwhile your visit. It’s not strange for our office movers Washington DC to see that certain companies take out their employees to fancy restaurants in the area. Especially as there’s a mix of many cultures in Washington DC which largely impacts the variety of foods available in the area. One thing is certain, you will always have somewhere to go to grab some amazing food and you won’t get disappointed.

    The Capitol is one of the most famous places in Washington DC and is worth checking out

    You can’t think about Washington DC without having The Capitol in mind. It’s probably one of the first places that come to mind when you think about the DC area. As it’s among the most important buildings in the country, it’s not a surprise that it has a lot of tours that focus on it. Besides that, a lot of tourists like to visit it. So why wouldn’t you as the new local in the area do the same? It’s one of the most beautiful buildings in  Washington DC and it is rich in history. Don’t waste your time and make sure to check it out as soon as you can to get familiar with one of the most important places in the US and Washington DC.

    The Capitol as when exploring Washington after moving from Rockville you should visit it
    Make sure to visit one of the most important buildings in Washington DC

    Make sure to check out the Great Falls National Park

    Only around 15 miles away from Washington DC is the Great Falls National Park. It offers everything that is necessary to the people that love the beautiful outdoors. It’s full of nature and history all mixed up. Especially after an efficient move to Washington DC you want to enjoy your time and truly relax. With 800 acres of space and absolute beauty around you, you will be able to do just that. Be it that you want to visit it with your family and kids or on your own, it will be more than worth it. It’s the perfect place to escape from the big city and it’s great to get to know it right from the start.

    The Capital One Arena needs to be among the places to visit when exploring Washington after moving from Rockville

    Do you like sports? Are you someone that loves going to concerts and other types of entertaining shows? Then you can get it all in The Capital One Arena. It’s home to Washington DC’s NBA, NCAA, and NHL teams. Besides that, many performers will choose this venue as one of the best in the area. It’s one of the reasons for the homesickness of people that move from DC to another city. Obviously, as few places will be able to offer that many entertainment options in one place.

    Museums are one of the places worth when exploring Washington after moving from Rockville

    As one of the cities which has great historical importance, Washington DC also offers a lot of museums to check out. There’s everything for anyone and all of those museums look absolutely majestic when you see them for the first time. They maybe aren’t among the top places with scenic views in Washington DC, but their content will keep you coming back to them. There are a lot of places to visit be it from history to art museums. Here are just some that we’re sure will be worth paying a visit to:

    • Smithsonian Museum
    • National Portrait Gallery
    • Hirshhorn Museum
    • Freer Gallery of Art
    A museum
    Make sure to check some of the museums in Washington DC

    Paying the National Zoo a visit will be more than worth it

    Are you looking for some free options to enjoy Washington DC? Then you’ll absolutely love the National Zoo. Especially since admission is completely free. It will offer you around 3 hours of quality entertainment and a feeling that you’re out of the big city. It’s even better to visit it with your kids and family. It will truly be a fun place to visit and you won’t regret paying it a visit. Especially as it’s one of the best when you compare it to other zoos in the area. So make sure to visit it as it’s open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.    

    Library of Congress is the right for you if you love books

    As the oldest federal cultural institution in the country, the Library of Congress is one of the places you absolutely want to visit after you move to the area. It represents the national library of the United States and offers you a lot of materials that you can check out. Besides being useful for students and generally for the public, it’s also a beautiful place to check out. When exploring Washington after moving from Rockville make sure to have the Library of Congress on your list of places to visit.

    When exploring Washington after moving from Rockville check out the Lincoln Memorial

    Lincoln Memorial is one of the best-known monuments in the Washington DC area. It’s open every hour of the day and every day of the year. That makes it one of the most popular places to check out for both locals and tourists. So if you want to go exploring Washington DC after moving from Rockville, we would advise you to visit the Lincoln Memorial during the early hours of the morning or late hours of the night. That will give you the best view and also make the crowd around it smaller.

    The White House during night
    Make sure to check out the most famous of Washington DC’s monuments

    IFly is very interesting if you love feeling the adrenaline

    We already mentioned some of the historic places in the city. However, it’s also important to stay active and make sure to have some fun. If you’re an adrenaline junky, then IFly is the perfect place for you to have some fun and enjoy. You will be able to enjoy indoor skydiving where you can truly feel the excitement from high points. Of course, it will be very safe and you can do it with the whole family. Above all, it’s a place worth visiting from time to time. For that reason, make sure to have it on your list of places to explore first after your move is complete.

    The Wharf is one of the areas that are iconic in the DC area

    What to do in the area if not exploring one of the most famous and best areas of Washington DC? The Wharf is one of the iconic parts of the area and you want to check it out. It’s the place where you will encounter a lot of locals but also tourists. As it’s right on the waterfront, it’s only logical that it attracts a lot of people. It’s a very fun and enjoyable part of the city which we’re sure that you’ll enjoy. Don’t overlook the Wharf and what it has to offer and make sure that you pay it a visit.

    View of the streets as a symbol of exploring Washington after moving from Rockville
    Make sure to check out the iconic parts of Washington DC

    You want to be as happy as possible when you move to a new place. And in order to do so, you want to go and find out as much about your new location as possible. With our advice on exploring Washington after moving from Rockville, the whole transition will be much easier to manage. From fun and entertaining places to places full of history, there’s always something for you. For that reason, make sure that you enjoy Washington DC as much as possible after your relocation.

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