Tips for moving to a warmer climate

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For some people, moving to a warmer climate can be a veritable nightmare. The prospect of plenty of sunshine and warm weather might sound enticing, but if your body is not prepared it becomes quite difficult to continue your life in a normal manner. Many people are moving in Rockville MD only to find out that they are struggling with their new circumstances. Luckily, there are ways around this problem. In this article, we will be sharing a few tips and tricks on how you can manage relocating to a much warmer climate than you’re used to.

How to prepare for moving to a warmer climate – tips and tricks

Here are some of the things that you can do to make the transition a bit more manageable:

  • Make sure your Air Conditioning is fully operational
  • Always keep some sunscreen and hydration at hand
  • Go through your seasonal clothing

Additionally, you may want to prepare to spend some more time indoors. Adaptation comes in stages and you can’t force it to happen overnight. Everyone is different, after all, and we all have our own way of adapting. So, if you are not taking the change all too well, don’t worry. It is all part of the process and you will be able to progressively feel better in your new, sunshine-filled, area.

a person in a field of wheat
Being out in the sun is amazing. But you need to prepare for it.

Air Conditioning may be your “lifeline”

One of the most important things that you will need to sort out is the air conditioning system in your new home. Once your long distance movers Rockville MD have transferred your belongings, contact an HVAC professional. They will thoroughly check the system, the thermostat, and verify that everything is functioning as it should. While they are there, have them remove any of the dirt that may be in the air filters and check the circuitry as well. You may even want to have them check if there are any gas leaks present.

Furthermore, you will also need the services of a mechanic for the air conditioning system in your car. Have them refill the coolant, motor oil, and any liquids that are necessary. This will ensure that your vehicle is operating under optimal conditions. And if you don’t happen to have air conditioning in your car, you will want to seriously consider acquiring it. If you are not used to very high temperatures, your car can soon become so hot that it will not be manageable. Even when you roll down the windows.

Don’t forget hydration and sunscreen

One of the most important things to remember when moving to a warmer climate is to always have some sunscreen and hydration available to you. Your skin is not used to the extreme sunlight, after all, and it will require additional protection. Ideally, you will want to use a product that has an SPF of 30 (97% protection), as that will provide you with the best protection. Most of the best moving companies in Maryland will happily point you to where you can obtain these products. Furthermore, you will want to have plenty of hydration at hand.

When just starting to live in a much warmer climate than you’re used to, you will want to drink plenty of water. Heat exhaustion is something to happens to even the most hardened residents of warm areas. And you, just starting to live there, are even more susceptible to it. Therefore, have a couple of bottles of water always near at hand, and drink from them regularly.

a glass of water, representing what you will need after moving to a warmer climate
Remember to hydrate!

Make sure your wardrobe is up to speed

While you may think that it is alright to remove all the winter clothing from your wardrobe, this might not be the best idea. While you will need to trim some of it down, you may want to keep a few pieces. Of course, focus on having enough lightweight jackets, dresses, and shirts that will make you feel cool. You will also need a raincoat or two for those thunderstorms that frequently occur in warmer surroundings. You can have your residential movers help you with packing, as well, if you end up having too many items with you. Or simply ask them for packing tips and tricks and sort the packing process on your own.

Another thing that you need to consider is that while winters are shorter and warmer, they are still winters. And that means that you are still going to need a sweater, a coat, and a pair of boots. Don’t throw away all of your winter clothing thinking that you will no longer need it. If you are downsizing, you may want to consider a storage option for some of your items as you will not need them for most of the year. But when you do need them, you will be happy that you have them.

Pros and cons of moving to a warmer climate

The main advantages of moving to a warmer area include:

  • Improved vitamin D levels
  • More opportunities for outdoor activities
  • Winters “drain” less money
  • Sunshine helps improve mood
two people leaning on each other
Being in the sun can considerably improve your mood.

In a nutshell, people that live in warm climates are generally more active, healthier, and do not need to worry all that much about winter preparations. But moving away from the city of Rockville comes with some disadvantages, as well. The main drawbacks of relocating to a warmer climate include:

  • More pests and insects
  • Humid summer months
  • More allergens

To be perfectly honest, moving to a warmer climate is not for everyone. While you may think that sunshine is the best, if you are not prepared for dealing with everything that comes with it, you will soon find yourself in a not-so-enviable position. But if you do take some time to prepare accordingly, apply some of the tips we’ve spoken about, you will have nothing to fear. Just remember that adaptation comes slowly and that it is always difficult at the start. Persevere, make adjustments, and you will soon be able to enjoy the climate in its full glory.

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