What to do with unwanted clothes when moving

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Your love for fashion got you in trouble now. You have a ton of cute outfits in your closet, but sadly some of them are out of style. You’ve started decluttering a couple of months before the moving day, but now you are unsure what to do with all of those clothing items you don’t want anymore. Continue reading and find out what to do with unwanted clothes when moving. When you move homes, you have a lot of different tasks you have to complete. It can be exhausting and stressful. That’s why you should book one of the best moving companies in Maryland for a smooth relocation. This way you will avoid any unexpected setbacks.

Why you shouldn’t throw away unwanted clothes when moving?

Before we start, let’s consider why you should avoid throwing away unwanted clothes. We are all too familiar with fast fashion stores. Sure we can feel cheerful when we get a cute new outfit, but often forget the impact fast fashion has on our environment. The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world and around 85% of textiles end up in landfills each year. Before you put your old clothes in the trash bag, remember that:

  • You can repurpose or recycle 95% of textiles.
  • Your clothes will release toxic gas when they are decomposing in the landfill.
  • Your fast fashion choices contribute to clothing waste.
  • Some of those clothing items could remain in the landfill for over 200 years before decomposing.
  • Chemicals used to produce clothes can seep into the ground and harm the environment.

Now that we know why we should absolutely avoid throwing away unwanted outfits, let’s see what other options are there.

A boy on a landfill
Avoid throwing away your unwanted clothes when moving.

Give them to your besties

Whether you are moving into a small apartment or you want to try out minimalism, you can give clothing items you rarely wear to your best friends. So, before you donate, recycle or start a DIY project let your friends roam through your closet to see if there is anything they would like. Usually, friends have a similar sense of style, so surely they will find something. You could organize an evening for all your friends to come to hang out and choose what clothing pieces they want to keep.

Host a garage sale

Consider hosting a garage sale if you want to get rid of unwanted clothes before moving and earn extra cash at the same time. You should start decluttering your home a couple of months before your move, so around the time, when you set the date with the best Silver Spring movers. Create a couple of cute and inviting posters to spread around your neighborhood. You can also use social media to reach even more people.

Try to compost your unwanted clothes

Clothing items that are made from natural materials like cotton, silk, hemp, or wool can be returned to earth. Remember to remove anything that isn’t biodegradable before composting. Cut your items into smaller pieces so they will break down faster. Also, you can add a couple of worms to enhance your compost.

A person composting
You can compost items that are made from natural materials.

 Start a DIY project

If you are a creative individual, you will enjoy this! You can DIY old clothing items into new ones, or you can completely transform them. Turn your jeans into shorts, rip your old jeans for a new grungy look, or turn an old band tee into a halter top. But you can also transform old jumpers into cushion covers, make a duvet cover, or wall art with old t-shirts. Seriously, you can do anything your mind thinks of.

Turn them into cleaning rags

A lot of cleaning awaits at your new place, so it would be smart to save some of your clothing items and use them as cleaning rags. If an item is beyond repair, you can’t really donate it. And it might be difficult to use in a DIY project. With just a pair of scissors and a bit of time, you can turn those unwanted t-shirts into cleaning rags.

Donate them to a homeless shelter

Some homeless people wear the same clothes for days before being able to wash them. The conditions they live in are rough, and they’re unable to afford new clothes. Therefore, you can donate your unwanted clothes to a local homeless shelter. Call them in advance to see if they will accept your donation.

Donate them to an animal shelter

Donating unwanted items is maybe the best way you can downsize before a long-distance move or a local move. Animal shelters are always in need of bedding. They could use some of the clothing items like bedding, rags for cleaning, or blankets. Just remember to call them to check if they accept donations of that kind. Certain shelters don’t accept some items, so inform yourself beforehand.

A woman donating her unwanted clothes
You can donate your unwanted clothes.

Donate to a community organization

Seek organizations in your community that accept used clothing and shoes. You can donate them to the Salvation Army. Items donated to the Salvation Army are sold in their thrift stores. These proceeds help fund Adult Rehabilitation Centers, where people that struggle with substance abuse can receive the help they need. You can donate your unwanted clothes before you move to a new home. Also, you can donate furniture, household goods, and appliances. If you make an appointment, they will come to your home to pick up the donations. Another amazing organization is Dress for Success. This is where you can donate your unwanted work clothes. They will give away clothes to women that need professional outfits for job interviews. They aim to empower disadvantaged women by providing professional clothes, mentorship, and career development training to help build self-confidence and economic independence.

As you can see, there are creative and helpful ways you can deal with clothing items you don’t wear anymore. There’s no reason it should end up in a landfill. We hope this brief article helps you figure out what to do with unwanted clothes when moving.

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