Upsides of moving to Gaithersburg in 2023

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If you’re planning a relocation to Gaithersburg soon, but are worried about any challenges you might face once you get there, we’re here to reassure you. First of all, you can always count on moving and storage Maryland services if you’re worried about the moving process. Once you do get there, you’ll also find that Gaithersburg is a great place with lots to offer to newcomers. Regardless of the reason for your relocation, you can be sure to find a purpose and room for professional and personal growth in Gaithersburg. There are many upsides of moving to Gaithersburg because the city has also seen some new developments in recent years. Get in touch with your movers and start packing your bags. Nothing should hold you back from pursuing your dream of moving to Gaithersburg.

Wherever you’re coming from, you’ll find Gaithersburg to your liking

Located in Montgomery County in Maryland, Gaithersburg is a city of about 69,600 residents. It just barely reaches the top 10 largest cities in the state. It’s not as densely populated as some other cities in Maryland, which makes it perfect for newcomers. There’s enough room for the real estate market to breathe and you can find your way around easily. However, that shouldn’t suggest that the city is boring. That is not the case by any means. Even though it’s not particularly large or overpopulated, the city is known for being diverse and multicultural. You won’t feel out of place no matter where you’re coming from. Ask around for some of the long distance movers Gaithersburg MD residents rely on and get going. If your path leads to this Maryland city, no matter how long you have to travel, you’ll feel right at home once you finally do arrive.

The diversity is one of the main upsides of moving to Gaithersburg

Gaithersburg has many communities with people of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It’s the third most culturally diverse city, counting all communities in the entire United States. Even though it falls into the category of smaller cities, the people there make it still worth exploring. It’s 2nd most diverse small city. This fact makes the fact that the environment in the city is extremely open and friendly to newcomers. It won’t take you a long time to fit in. Accepting and non-judgemental communities make for an overall easier and laid-back lifestyle for everyone. Therefore, you can be sure that no matter where in Gaithersburg you decide to live, neighbors will be friendly, staff in public places will be professional and job opportunities will always come with an equality statement. The moving services Gaithersburg MD has to offer will be of top quality as well, with excellent customer support!

a diverse community as one of the upsides of moving to Gaithersburg
One of the upsides of moving to Gaithersburg is the city’s diversity.

You can count on the support of the people who’ve moved here recently

Even though the moving industry generally speaking has seen some turmoil in recent years, that fact doesn’t seem to influence Gaithersburg too much. The city has seen steady annual growth in population at a rate of 1.36%, with an increase of population of 4.19% for the last census in 2020. Therefore, you’re definitely not alone in your quest of making it here. One of the upsides of moving to Gaithersburg would be that you’ll have a lot of company. People who’ve recently moved here will understand your struggles. Moving is a difficult task, to say the least. Once you’ve hired one of the moving companies Gaithersburg MD has to offer and you relocate here, you’ll still need support. Thanks to the number of people moving to Gaithersburg, you’ll surely find people there who remember their own moving anxiety all too well. They will undoubtedly be willing to help you.

A word of caution that you should pay attention to

Considering the fact that it’s located in Montgomery County, it might be surprising to learn that the annual income in Gaithersburg is only just barely above the national average. Montgomery County has the highest wealth index of 33.63 in the entire state of Maryland. On the other hand, Gaithersburg has a median household income of $91,845 which is slightly above the state average of $87,063. This is not a bad thing. However, a regular person can still lead a perfectly satisfying life in Gaithersburg since the real estate market is not too demanding. Most people rent their homes and the average rent is about $1,747 a month for a two-bedroom apartment. Even though you’re likely to run into some unforeseen expenses at the beginning of your new life here, you’re likely to get right back on track in a couple of months. Be sure to:

  • plan the first year of your life after the move
  • have a moving plan with a well-thought-out budget
  • look for job opportunities before you get here
  • try to find apartments that are in your price range
  • have a good safety net in the form of savings
a planner
Make thorough plans before you put your move into action.

Don’t rush into the relocation blindly. It’s true that Gaithersburg is interesting and pleasant as a place to live. However, you should be sure sure to plan your relocation carefully. The city is not particularly large, but it does have its fair share of newcomers. That could still make for some hard competition when it comes to looking for housing and work. You can end up with a good deal, you just need to plan everything in advance. Professional residential movers Gaithersburg MD has to offer advice on taking as much as 6 months to plan a move. Heed their advice and don’t be hasty.

Residents care about their city

The city is known for its great public services. Due to it being one of the most diverse places in Maryland, Gaithersburg officials do their best to make it neat and pleasant during the entire year. After your relocation with local movers Gaithersburg MD, you won’t have to worry about the weather conditions affecting your lifestyle, for example. The city sees a lot of snow during winter. About 4 months a year, you’ll get to enjoy the snowy landscaping without worrying about how you’ll get to work. Snow removal services are on point the entire time and they cover a lot of ground – even the side streets. During the fall, multiple curbside leaf collections are something you can count on and you won’t be let down. Therefore, the Gaithersburg community takes the state of the city very seriously. They take great care to make it a pleasant place for everyone, and you should definitely act accordingly.

A moving truck
Hire movers and relocate to a place that has a strong sense of community.

Gaithersburg is as diverse in activities as it is in people

The city’s officials do their best to do their due diligence. However, you shouldn’t come to the city expecting a typical suburban life. The city has a downtown, that is beaming with life. If you’d prefer to live a quiet family life, then you should look for a place in the suburbs. The main stage is reserved for a beautiful Olde Towne Plaza, which also reflects the city’s rich history. Gaithersburg has a unique aesthetic in the sense that it provides an ideal mix of both urban and suburban surroundings. If you’re a fan of shopping you’d be interested to visit the western side of the city, where the famous shopping district, RIO is. The city’s layout is almost as diverse as the people living in it. It has something for everyone and you will find a lot in the way of amusement here.

a man carrying shopping bags
The western part of the city has a shopping district, where you can indulge your consumerism to your heart’s content.

Right outside the RIO shopping center is a RIO lakefront

The beautiful RIO lakeside is an ideal place to walk by after you’re done with shopping. May through September sees a plentiful of fun events hosted there outdoors. If you’re a fan of such festivities, you’ll have your fill of parties in the open air. The place is glorious to visit even during the day, as you can rent a paddle boat and enjoy the day out on the water. RIO lakefront also has a number of notable dining spots, most of which are by the water. It’s an ideal setting for people of all age groups, as both the young and the old can enjoy the area.

Spend a day by Clopper Lake and enjoy the fresh air

If you’re a fan of the outdoors in general, then Gaithersburg won’t disappoint. With its glorious parks and lovely vistas, it’s a real treat for people who lead an active lifestyle. Seneca Creek is a 6,300-acre state park and it’s set on the shore of Clopper Lake. This park has a zip line, playgrounds, and large trails for you to explore.

Bohrer Park – an ideal place for sports fans

Bohrer Park an ideal place for basketball and golf lovers. This park has a large Activity Centre with two basketball courts and a gym. Furthermore, the park has a golf course, a skate park, and a number of ponds which overall make for a perfect day spent outside.

park as one of the upsides of moving to Gaithersburg
Spacious parks and outdoor sports centers are one of the many upsides of moving to Gaithersburg.

The upsides of moving to Gaithersburg also include taking a trip through history whenever you feel like it!

Apart from recreational parks and shopping opportunities, Gaithersburg has plenty of museums and cultural hubs to offer. Most notably, Gaithersburg Arts Barn is a venue where you can find art exhibits that are always the talk of the town. You can visit artists-in-residence studios, and there is also a gift shop where you can pick up a few moments. You’ll find Kentlands Mansion right next door which, while still hosting various exhibitions, also serves as a venue for chamber music performances. These two venues belong to Arts on the Green, Gaithersburg’s home for performing and visual arts, so we highly recommend checking them out once you get there.

Gaithersburg Community Museum documents the building of a railroad and a famous observatory

Gaithersburg Community Museum is a local history museum is at the old Gaithersburg Railroad Station. It’s dedicated to displaying historical objects from the 19th century and it also has a History Park outside, which is documenting Gaithersburg’s development over time. Furthermore, this museum displays objects from the observatory in Gaithersburg, the International Latitude Observatory. This observatory documents the important history of the city because this is where the scientists measured the earth’s wobble in 1899. The observatory itself was restored and preserved, so you can visit it as well.

a picture of a railroad
The railroad in Gaithersburg was built in 1884, connecting it to Baltimore and Ohio.

Take the time to get to know the city

There are many upsides of moving to Gaithersburg, but it’s up to you to decide. Moving there requires a lot of preparation, and your experience might be different from those who came before you. However, the community there is warm and inviting, and they will do all in their power to make you feel welcome. Furthermore, you can count on the city being safe and well-maintained by the local services. However, depending on the reason for your relocation, you could be expecting something different. If you’re moving for work and you’re hiring office movers Gaithersburg MD professionals rely on, you should remember to enjoy the city while you’re there. It would be a shame to miss out on its diverse culture and various fun activities, both outdoors and indoors.


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