Useful Tips for Storing Stuff for Winter

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    When the season is changing it’s time to pack and store all the unnecessary items. But before storing them make sure you prepare them and clean properly. Remove everything that you won’t be needing during the winter. If you are not blessed with wide closet space you can contact some of the moving companies and check the storage Rockville MD has to offer. You can hire reliable movers to pack and relocate your belongings to the storage. But if you have decided to do it yourself here are some useful tips for storing stuff for winter.

    Sort your items before storing stuff for winter

    If you are planning to store your items, make sure you start early so you have enough time to sort your belongings, wash them and pack. Make a list of tasks and start one by one:

    • sort your items
    • washing before storing stuff for winter
    • provide packing supplies
    • pack your belongings
    • find a storage unit

    Before you start packing your items, you should sort your clothes and other items. Why losing energy on packing and washing the items that you do not need anymore. If there are some items that you haven’t been using for a year or more, it is a clear sign that you don’t need these items. You can throw away the items that are damaged or that you can’t use anymore. If there are some of the items in a good condition, you can sell them on the internet, give them to some friends and family or you can donate them to some charity organization. On the other side, if you still want to keep certain items, store them with the rest of your belongings that you have planned to store.

    Wash and prepare your stuff

    Before packing your belongings and place them into the storage unit, make sure you properly wash and clean them. Even if it is not dirty, you should wash all the clothes. Check the labels of course, so you can wash them properly without damaging them. If you don’t have time to wash everything at your home you can take your clothes to the dry cleaning. This is to prevent odors that can attract pests. If you have some items made of leather, like sandals or shoes, you have to provide them with adequate care. Leather shoes, purses, and jackets need to be cleaned and rubbed with conditioning oil so that they do not dry.

    It is for sure that you want to keep the items fresh as long as possible. So you can put into the storage unit some air freshener, but also you can do a little trick with the essential oils. Apply a few drops of some essential oil on a paper towel and put it into a box or a plastic bin that you will use to store the clothes. If you are going to store bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, paddleboards, etc, you should clean them and let them completely dry before storing them.

    Packing your items

    In order to pack your summer items for the storage, you need to provide some packing supplies. You can use plastic bins, boxes, then you will be needing a packing tape, moving blankets. Wrap your sensitive objects in wool or cotton. Fold or roll and store in a plastic storage bin your jeans and t-shirts. The thing that you can’t fold or that is not going to stretch, you can hang them and place like that in the storage. Stuff your shoes with newspaper or tissue paper to keep their shape. In order to save some space, you can use the vacuum bags to pack some of the clothes. Of course, you will not do that with jackets or coats, but you can pack like this some t-shirts, shirts, skirts, dresses, etc. It would be good to put the items that are similar together to avoid confusion when searching for them later. Make sure you put the labels on the boxes, cases, and plastic bins so you can find quickly the items you need. Maybe you can write on the box the list of the inventory that is inside.

    Choose your storage

    Choose carefully your storage unit. Measure your items, check how many items you have to store. This is important so you can choose the storage of the right size. The next thing you should think of is to find a climate-controlled storage unit, so your belongings are kept in good condition. Check with your moving company what kind of the storage units they have, is it well secured and safe to leave your belongings there. Also, you can check if you can get insurance. Consider everything when choosing your storage unit so you don’t have to worry about your items. Reliable moving companies can provide you with full service. Excalibur Moving and Storage company can provide you with different kinds of services, including a storage unit. So, make sure you contact them to help you.

    When you prepare and pack everything it is time to place your items in the storage. Be strategic about how and where you place the items in the storage unit so you can save some valuable space. Make sure you are putting items in places that are best suited for their size and weight. You should also consider which items you’re going to need more often so be sure to place them on an easy-to-reach spot near the door. So, you don’t waste time going to storage and searching through the boxes the item you need.

    Tips for storing stuff for winter

    Here are some useful tips for storing stuff for winter. If you prepare well, you will successfully find suitable storage and store your belongings. 

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