Why should you create a floor plan when moving house?

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Relocating to a new home is an opportunity for your to rearrange your belongings in a better way. This is especially true if you are moving to a bigger place. You have to make sure that your furniture fits perfectly, regardless if you are moving to a house or apartment. Use your creativity to make your new home look best even in the case that it is not modern or roomy. No matter its size, you can make it cozy and comfortable. To do this, you would need to create a floor plan when moving to your new home.

Why create a floor plan when moving?

Having a good floor plan, makes you realize which pieces of furniture should you move or leave out. It is very expensive to move all of your items. Some items are not worth the bother at all. Moving old furniture which cannot pass through the door or is bulkier than expected is pretty much pointless. Sell off unwanted items or give them away. Extra fees may apply when you are moving bulky items. So the best thing would be to consider if you really need that large armoire at your new place.

A man about to create a floor plan when moving house
When you create a floor plan when moving house, use whatever tools that you prefer.

How is the floor plan for your move created?

Try using your pencil, graph paper, ruler, and thin cardboard instead of using online 3D home design software. However, if you prefer to use software, there are a lot of easily accessible mobile apps and online programs available. Still, people prefer to go the traditional way and make the floor plan manually. Start by going to your new place and measure your living space. Make sure to draw each room and mark its dimensions. Revise the whole space and decide the purpose of each room.

Measure the length and width of each room against the wall. Take note of the location of the cables, electrical outlets, light switches, heating vents, and ceiling lights. This will enable you to place the items that need electrical supply at their correct place. Once you have the exact measurements and shapes of the furniture in mind, you can come up with the best position for each piece. Try not to fill up space when placing furniture inside of the room. Do not disregard the importance of free space, make sure that all of the items are easily accessible.

What reasons are there to create a floor plan when moving?

Since we have covered the creation of the floor plan, it is time to see how to use it when planning for the move. As a matter of fact, floor plans can be used in various ways to help you with the organization of your move. For starters, you will know what fits and in which room. Just imagine arriving at your location and find out that some furniture cannot fit. A floor plan can also help you to see if your furniture can pass through the elevator, door, or room. Make a plan for where your furniture will go before the move. Doing so will save you a headache when you arrive. You may be interested in storage services if you want to keep some of your bulky items for future use.

A mover looking at a tablet
Having a good floor plan can help movers arrange your items for you.

You will know which furniture and appliances to move and where to move them

Spending a lot of money on a piece of furniture that you are having trouble moving later doesn’t make any sense. The same goes for realizing that there isn’t enough space for it, or that it doesn’t fit in the environment. Creating a floor plan can help you determine what pieces of furniture should you take with you, for any possible reason. You can always organize a garage sale and get some profits out of your move, by selling your unwanted items. Likewise, you will know what furniture to order for your new place, in case that the old one doesn’t fit.

Having a floor plan will allow you to see where you can place your large furniture. This will save you a lot of time since you won’t waste it making decisions several times. You can simply show it to the movers of the moving services Washington DC you’ve hired, or give them a copy. In this way, they will arrange everything for you exactly as you have wanted. An additional perk to having a floor plan is that you will be able to organize your packing. Since you have a map plan, you can pack, label, and group your items according to their destination room. It will be much easier to unpack when you arrive at your location.

Use the floor plan to find out where the basic utilities will go, such as cable and telephone. Make a layout of where you need telephones, stereo systems, televisions, and computers. Add electrical and cable outlets in advance, if you need them of course. Gather all the extra equipment and cords and pack them in your electronics. You may find a use for them at the new place.

These perks are not reserved for household moves only

All of these perks are applicable if you happen to be moving an office space. Once you have a floor plan for your new office space, you can hire office movers Washington DC to arrange your items for you. You can also hand them a copy of your floor plan design so they can arrange your items as you’ve intended.

Having a floor plan for both your current and future home or office will make things a lot easier. Firstly, in the case that you are selling, you will significantly improve your property list. Secondly, it has been proven in studies to be the most significant factor for promoting your home on the market. You should really consider it to be a standard, as most buyers are looking for floor plans when purchasing.

A family in the kitchen
Having professionals handle things for you will make you settle into your new home much quicker.

Enjoying the moving process thanks to the floor plan

Now that you have figured everything out, what’s left is to hire movers to do the work for you. You can rest assured that Excalibur Mover’s crew of professionals is going to move your items according to your wishes. Since you did create a floor plan when moving, they will follow it and arrange your items just as specified.

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