The benefits of renting climate-controlled storage in Washington

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When on the search for renting climate-controlled storage in Washington, you can see that you are left with a lot of results. However, they have a greater price than their non-climate-controlled counterparts and do not come in a variety of sizes. Despite this, they can store your items for a longer time and are better suited for storing specific kinds of items. Additionally, they are more suited for areas that have extreme variance in climate conditions.

A place for renting climate-controlled storage in Washington
Renting climate-controlled storage in Washington comes with many perks

What is climate-controlled storage?

If you are wondering what a climate-controlled storage unit is, then you are about to get your explanation. Climate-controlled storage is a type of storage unit that can maintain humidity and temperature levels. The temperature inside of them sits in the range of 55 to 85°F. It is common to find them in storage facilities that have indoor storage units. They optimize temperature and humidity because they can create moisture together. Maintaining this balance keeps your items moisture-free and protects them. If you need your items delivered to a storage unit, search for moving companies Washington DC for these services.

There are several reasons for renting climate-controlled storage in Washington

It is worth considering some factors when deciding whether to rent a climate-controlled storage unit:

  • Living in a climate that has high humidity or heat levels. You should mitigate the factors of the moisture-causing combination of high temperature and humidity if you live in such conditions. These elements can stealthily enter your unit, causing damage to your items unless properly protected.
  • You need to store your items for a long time. Temperature becomes a greater factor the longer you need to store your items. Furthermore, it is likely that the temperature outside is going to vary during that time. Be aware that the temperatures that you’re experiencing now are not likely to remain the same as now. If the weather tends to shift dramatically throughout the year, then better opt for a climate-controlled storage unit.
  • Valuable items and collectibles that you want to remain in pristine condition. It is not wise to risk the safety of your most valuable items. Antiques, items of sentimental value, collector’s items, and other valuables are the safest in climate-controlled settings.
  • If you are just storing the items for a short while, then they are likely to remain unharmed. That would be roughly a month or less in outdoor storage or three months or less in an indoor one. When you have decided which one to pick, find professional storage facilities to provide you with a unit.
A display of vintage items
Take proper care of your vintage items and other valuables.

Items that need a climate-controlled storage

When you think about the reaction between moisture and your items, you begin to see why they need climate-controlled storage. Electronics, can become rusted and damaged, making them dangerous and unusable for later use. Photographs and documents may become illegible or disintegrate. Your wooden furniture may crack, rot, or deform from excessive moisture. Leather items can become develop mold and mildew or lose their color.

Items that would need a climate-controlled storage unit

  • Metals. – They are very reactive to moisture. Copper turns green, iron rusts, lead turns into a white powder and silver turns black. It is best to store them between 35 – 55% relative humidity and 35-75°F. Their place is above the floor, safe from possible liquid-caused damage.
  • Electronics – computers, cameras, and speakers are prone to corrosion and grow mold in humid settings
  • Delicate fabrics. – Antique toys, clothes, or upholstered furniture may grow mold or mildew in humid environments. Ideally, they should be stored at 35 – 75 °F with 55% relative humidity or less.
  • Delicate paper items. – Magazines, comics, books, and photographs can turn yellow in extreme temperatures. Ideally, they should be stored at 35% relative humidity or less and temperatures between 35 – 75 °F. To prevent fading keep them away from light sources and exposure.

Other items

  • Musical instruments and wooden furniture. – Musical instruments made out of wood don’t do well in fluctuating temperatures, which can also be said for wooden furniture. Humidity levels need to be kept between 30 and 50% to wood rot and mold growth. To prevent splitting, make sure to polish and clean your wood with oil.
  • Media (tapes, videos, vinyl records, etc.). – Optical disks, should be stored in a cool and dry environment. The same goes for records, which should be stored in their original sleeves.
  • Wine. – This is one of the most sensitive types of niche storage. It should be stored in a low light environment with relative humidity between 50% and 80%, at about 55 °F. Keeping it in an environment that is too humid will age it too fast. However, dry conditions will degrade wine corks.

If you are moving an office space into storage, then look for office movers Washington DC. They will be able to handle your moving needs.

Stacked books
Books are especially sensitive to climate conditions

How much does renting climate-controlled storage in Washington cost?

Monthly rental costs are about 25% to 50% higher than the regular storage unit. Renting a self-storage unit usually costs around $88.85 per month. Therefore the cost of a climate-controlled storage unit would be either around $100 or $120 a month.

However, storage unit costs vary significantly between facilities and regions, so better check the costs in your area. High heat and humidity can damage render your high-value items unusable, which makes going climate-controlled storage unit a better option.

The reason behind the increased cost of climate-controlled storage units is quite simple. It uses more technology thus consuming more electricity because it has to constantly regulate the humidity and temperature. Additionally, the monthly rent includes any maintenance costs. Taking this into account makes it easy to forgive the additional cost.


As you saw before, there are a lot of factors present when renting climate-controlled storage in Washington. Hopefully, you are now more able to decide whether you need to rent a climate-controlled or not. You can call Excalibur Movers if you need someone professional and trustworthy to help with your storage needs.

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