4 signs you are ready to move house

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People find it hard to accept that they are ready to move house. And when they do, they move for many reasons. Some move because of going to college. Some because they start living together with a partner. Others just don’t like the home or the neighborhood they live in anymore. Some move easily, and some need time to be ready to move house.

Not many people like moving. There is too much work, packaging, and cleaning. Certainly, the new neighborhood and the new routine are not a cup of tea for everyone. But moving is an integral part of our lives. We move for different reasons, in all periods of life. We are changing streets, cities, and even countries. In such situations, the help of experts is always welcome, and the best interstate movers Gaithersburg MD will make you fall in love with moving when you see how easy they make it.  But how do you know when you are ready to move house?

These are four signs that will make you think you are ready to move house:

  1. Too much / too little space
  2. Too far from work
  3. Inadequately equipped neighborhood
  4. Cost (Rental and frequent repairs)

The need for a different size of space

Too little space

As we grow, so do our life roles. So from a student who lives alone, we become someone who enters into a life together with a partner. This means that the former comfortable studio will no longer be enough. Also, our space can become small the moment another little family member comes into the family. Crib, stroller, swings, boxes and toy boxes, diapers, bathtubs, clothes, all that needs to be put somewhere. Another room is needed, isn’t it? When this happens, the guys from Excalibur Moving and Storage will be happy to help you store everything you have. Also, sometimes we need extra space for an office corner, space for a hobby or for exercising. If there is no space to rearrange, the only thing left is to move.

Black teenager tidies up a closet

When we have little space, a mess is created.

Too many spaces

The need for less space usually arises from the situation when we start living alone. It can be due to something bad like divorce, breakup, death. Or because of the desire for a minimalist lifestyle and change. Also, daily maintenance of large space can become a real hassle, so it is quite clear that someone wants to move to a smaller space and dedicate more time to themselves. Although it is not easy for them, the elderly decide to move out of their large homes and move to studios or smaller apartments where their movement and maintenance will be easier.

You are ready to move house when you are far from work

When you stop the life of a student, who has plenty of time, the real-life of adults begins. That would mean saving time in all possible ways. If you have a full-time job or if you work in shifts, you will surely have enough of a two-hour trip from home to work every day. It takes time for all other activities, including preparing meals, hanging out with friends, relaxing, and enjoying yourself. A walk to the house or a couple of subway stops would be a significant change, right? If you answered yes to this question, it is one of the signs that you are ready to move house.

Change of neighborhood

Some need peace, and some need hustle and bustle. When you are young and carefree, you usually look for parts of the city that are busy, where you can meet a lot of people. While, older people, before and retired, usually seek peace. It is very possible that the area in which you now live no longer suits your wishes.

If you are young and you love spending a lot of time with friends, you will need a neighborhood with cafes, shopping malls, or a gym. On the other hand, if you are a young parent you are probably looking for a different hood. You will need a neighborhood with a suitable kindergarten, school, parks, and playrooms. Although moving with a child is not easy, most parents will agree to it if they go to an area where their child will have a carefree childhood. When it comes to older people, if you are one of them, you are for sure looking for a place where you will be able to have long peaceful walks with your partner or pet.

Old couple walking and holding hands
Older people usually like walks in a quiet neighborhood.

Bigger costs

Rental cost become higher

Renting a home is always a significant expense. Whether you rent alone or with a roommate/partner, the money still goes away. Given the standards, your current landlord may raise the rental price, which you simply cannot agree to. Also, a large shopping or business center can be built near your home, which will lead to higher demand and thus the price of rent. The price change itself may not bother you much, but if your home is already too small, far from work, this will certainly have an impact.

Frequent house repairs

Whether you have agreed with the landlord to have the repairs funded by him or you, this is a big problem. It happens to all of us that some home appliance stops working, but when it becomes frequent, it’s time to move, isn’t it? Too frequent leakage of the heating system, loss of water due to burst pipes, loss of wifi signal is certainly a big problem.  When you add to that the problems with the roof that often leaks, the electricity that goes out, and the sewer system that can clog from time to time, it becomes a real house from hell, right? It is especially complicated if you have a person in your family who you have to take care of, such as a child or an elderly person.

Hammer on brown wooden plank
Frequent repairs can empty your wallet.

There are many other reasons why people realize that it is not time to move, but these 4 are the most important. And we hope that it will help you understand that you are ready to move house. Moving doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially if you’re going into something you’ve been dreaming about.

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