How to help elderly people move

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It comes a time in everyone’s life when we are no longer able to do the things we usually can do. This lack of ability can be both physical and mental. It comes, of course, with the natural progression of life. As we enter the golden age of our years we feel more tired and wish to enjoy our deserved rest. That is exactly why elderly people often choose to relocate to a new home (or a senior home). That way they can have something of a vacation for the rest of their days. However, it is often the case that the relocation cannot be done by them alone, and that they need our help. If you want to help elderly people move, we will tell you everything you need to know.

Get good movers to help elderly people move

First off, we need to talk about movers. When you are picking movers for your (and probably with your) elders, you shouldn’t just go for any company out there. You need to have standards. To choose among only the best moving companies in Maryland. In order to do so, you should definitely know what attributes to expect from good movers in order to know how to recognize them.

movers to help elderly people move - two elderly hands
You need movers that care

Ok, so what are some of the things you should look for when searching for movers to relocate seniors.

  • Reviews. This one is pretty easy to see. Simply go on the platforms such as Yelp, Google, or others and read what previous users of this company’s services have to say about the company in question. Are they praising them for their functionality? Or maybe they are emphasizing how thoughtful and professional they were? Or, on the other hand, are scolding the company for some kind of action? Be careful to read thoroughly in order to know if the company you are considering has its record straight.
  • Good communication. It is very important to have frequent and clear communication with your chosen movers when you want them to help elderly people move. They should be aware of all the specifics about the move and any special requests you might have. And, speaking of special requests…
  • Senior moving specialization. Movers often have an array of additional, also known as special services, they will offer to clients. These are most often services like packing and unpacking, relocation and installation of electronics, office relocation, storages, etc. However, sometimes you will also see that the movers specialize in relocation to senior homes or elderly relocation in general. You should definitely pursue these kinds of movers.
  • License. Don’t even consider movers without a license, as you cant know if they are scammers and have no protection.

Go step by step

Be sure to staying safe during a move. To do this, do things slowly. When having to help elderly people move having patience is a must. Be sure that you do the move methodically and with the least possible amount of stress or physical strain. Therefore, remember – step by step. Don’t rush anything!

Get as much help as you can

When you are trying to help elderly people move, don’t forget you might need a little bit of help yourself. As we said, due to various states an elderly person can be, you should always be ready for a move that is a lot more complicated than the usual one. Therefore, you are likely to need some help.

That help can come in one of two ways. Eather it is professional help you chose after reading moving company reviews, or it is friends and family. Whatever it may be, make sure everyone understands exactly what needs to be done and what are the circumstances of this particular move.

Start planning quickly

When you are trying to help elderly people move with local movers Rockville MD it is important to plan thoroughly. Moving is all about planning anyway, but when seniors are moving this is even emphasized. You need to be very precise with your move and very clear with your movers. You have to have an elderly person’s ability to move by themselves or with help, their ability to leave the home for a certain amount of time, etc.

Be sure to plan exactly what needs to be moved, how to do it, by what time, and with how many people. Furthermore, you will almost inevitably downsize before moving. To seniors, this can sometimes be especially difficult to do. Have patience!

Do a medical checkup before and after

As we pointed out a few times by now, elderly people are more likely to be sick. This is exactly why you need to make sure they get a proper medical checkup before you can be processed with the move. Relocating is stressful as it is, and stress can have a thoroughly bad influence on the health of an individual.

a doctor
Keep eye on their health

When that individual already has bad health, stress can be a trigger to greater problems. This is why you need to make sure that you have done a medical checkup of the elderly people you will be moving and that they have been found to be able to move.

Furthermore, make sure they get a medical checkup after a move, just in case there was something on the road that could have put them into jeopardy.

And, speaking of safety

Disinfect everything

In order to make sure that the seniors you are helping move are staying healthy during these trying times, you should clean and disinfect everything, especially after the move.

Be sure to tell the movers to use protective gear while moving.

mask, gloves and soap
You need to disinfect thoroughly

After the move is done, you can disinfect the surfaces and therefore protect the safety of those you are trying to help.

To conclude

We hope that this will help you help elderly people move. We brushed on what to do before, during, and after the move, as well as how to hire good movers. Follow these guidelines and everything will be just fine!

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