A guide to moving to Silver Spring from a big city

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The big city comes with a lot of pros and cons. However, it’s important that you know how to approach moving to Silver Spring from a big city in the best possible way. Especially as you will need to face a lot of challenges and make life easier for yourself. One of the first steps to simplify that process is to hire moving and storage Maryland to get the relocation done in the best way possible. Here are some other ways to prepare yourself for this type of situation.

Check out some of the neighborhoods before moving to Silver Spring from a big city

Moving to Silver Spring will be a challenge depending on how big of a city you’re relocating from. And that’s why one of the first pieces of information you want to get before actually moving will be to find the neighborhoods that will fit your needs. For that reason, before you contact the moving companies in Silver Spring MD make sure that you explore and find out more about what each neighborhood of Silver Spring will bring with it. Some of the best neighborhoods we can suggest include:

  • Downtown Silver Spring
  • Takoma Park
  • Four Corners
  • Northwood Park
A moving truck
Take a look at the neighborhoods before moving to Silver Spring from a big city

Downtown Silver Spring

Do you want to have all the benefits and amenities of a big city? Then Downtown Silver Spring might be the right place for you. It will offer you a vibrant and urban community that will make you feel right at home. After the long distance movers Silver Spring MD assist you, you can enjoy a plethora of options when it comes to entertainment. For example, you can check out Acorn Urban Park, Veterans Plaza, Wheaton Regional Park, Silver Spring Civic Center, and many other parks, and fun activities to do. It won’t feel like NYC or LA but Downtown Silver Spring will have some benefits to it that will make it feel like you’re in a big city.

Takoma Park

One of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Silver Spring is Takoma Park. If you like a strong and progressive community, you will feel right at home. Especially after moving from a big city, you will have something that is not as frequent in such environments. If you like a supportive environment, you won’t make a mistake by getting moving services Rockville MD to assist you with the relocation to Takoma Park. There will be some fun events and places you will be able to check out, such as:

  • Takoma Park Folk Festival
  • Sligo Creek Trail
  • Old Town Takoma Park
  • Rock Creek Park

Four Corners

If you’re a younger person coming with a family or just looking for a job, Four Corners might be the right neighborhood of Silver Spring for you. Overall, it’s a very peaceful area so it shouldn’t surprise you that there are also a good amount of retirees living in the area. After the residential movers Gaithersburg MD help you move, you will be able to enjoy a spacious home, as the area boasts with such homes. Besides that, you will have a lot of options for relaxation and recreation like the North Four Corners Local Park.

A dog on a street in the suburbs
Four Corners is a great neighborhood to move to

Northwood Park

Another very family-friendly area of Silver Spring is Northwood Park. It’s a residential area that is a very peaceful and tidy area of the city. It’s also popular with families as it has some of the best schools in the city, like Northwood High School. That’s one of the main reasons that long distance movers Maryland are moving more and more families with kids to this neighborhood. Overall, you will be happy with calling Northwood Park your home.

What is the cost of living in Silver Spring in comparison to some other big cities?

The bigger cities in the US are usually more expensive to live in. So how does Silver Spring compare to it? It’s important to notice that it will depend a lot on the city you’re moving from. For example, NYC, Boston, and LA will be among the most expensive places in the US. And that’s why many call for interstate movers Maryland to help them move to a more affordable area. Especially as the cities have almost double the cost of living compared to the national average. And what about Silver Spring? It’s also more expensive than the national average, however only for 40%. For that reason, it will depend a lot on the city you’re moving from. But make no mistake, Silver Spring is not among the cheapest places in the US.

Are there any homes available to buy or rent in Silver Spring and at what price?

Depending on if you want to rent or buy a home you’ll have a different level of availability. The bigger cities usually have apartments and condos available for people. However, Silver Spring is somewhat different. There will be around 35,000 homes in the whole Silver Spring area. The majority of people living in Silver Spring are renters as around 60% of residents rent. Around 30% of them are owned, while 5% are vacant. On the other hand, the median home cost is around $500,000 and the rent is from $1,400 to $2,500 be it a studio apartment or a four-bedroom home.

A home in Silver Spring
How easy is it to find quality housing?

The job market of Silver Spring is different in comparison to some of the big cities in the nation

Bigger cities usually come with more job opportunities. However, Silver Spring has its own benefits and pros. Among them will be the fact that its unemployment rate is around 5.7% which is lower than the national 6%. This can be enough to hire the necessary moving services Rockville MD to help you out. But are there any other benefits that you’ll get from this move when it comes to the economy and overall jobs? The major employers in the area are the educational and healthcare industries. The average income in the area is around $40,000 and the average household income is around $76,000. That means that you’ll get 30% more than the national average.

What will the transportation be like in Silver Spring after a move from a big city?

Moving to Silver Spring from a big city might not change much when it comes to traffic. Especially as you’ll spend a lot of time in traffic. The average commute in Silver Spring is around 35 minutes. That’s almost 10 minutes more than an average US citizen will spend in traffic. But one of the positives of living in the area when it comes to transportation and getting around is that you’ll still be well-connected to other parts of the country. Especially when it comes to Washington DC. From here you have no limits as you’ll have an airport that is ready to take you anywhere in the US you need.

If you move with a family the area’s educational options will be of crucial importance

If you relocate with your family there will be a lot of concerns to have in mind like security and the overall community. However, one of the biggest things will be education. Thankfully, Silver Spring is pretty good when it comes to rankings in the state and beyond for such a small place. Especially as it’s among the top 50% of education districts in Maryland. Among the best schools for you in the area are Takoma Park Middle School, East Silver Spring Elementary School, Sligo Creek Elementary School, Forest Knolls Elementary School, and more.

Kids and a teacher in school
Education is very important when moving

What does Silver Spring have to offer when it comes to fun and entertainment?

In the end, you can’t forget about the fact that your life needs to be fun too. Especially after moving from a bigger city, you will feel like there isn’t enough to offer you entertainment. However, when you look at Silver Spring you will actually have a lot of options when it comes to having fun and entertainment overall. For example, you can check out the National Museum of Health and Medicine, Silver Spring Black Box Theater, and many bars and restaurants to enjoy.

Prepare yourself for the changes that come with moving from a big city to a smaller one

Of course, it’s not only about finances and the moving process overall. There are many other details that you need to keep in mind when moving to Silver Spring from a big city. For that reason, it’s important that you look at the move from every aspect. And there are a lot of changes that will occur from a bigger city to Silver Spring. And preparing for such a difference will be important as it can be stressful and difficult. Here’s what you need to do know to make your relocation easier:

  • Adjust to the lifestyle
  • Visit Silver Spring first
  • Know that things won’t be as available
  • Do research online

Adjust to the slower pace of lifestyle after the relocation

Living in a big city can be very fast-paced. That’s why moving to Silver Spring from a big city can change the situation and make things so much slower for you. Sometimes it’s a good idea to just stop and smell the roses and just enjoy everything that is around you. In a bigger city, you just won’t get such moments to just relax and ignore. That’s why it’s a good idea to take some time and enjoy your life in Silver Spring. After some time, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy it.

Friends taking a walk down the street
After moving to Silver Spring from a big city you’ll feel things slowing down

Before moving to Silver Spring from a big city make sure to pay the area a visit

In order to truly know how it feels to be in a city before moving, you need to visit it. Be it that you go to Silver Spring for a day or weekend, it will be a good idea to check it out and get to know your new area before you actually try to do something more permanent. Checking out the best neighborhoods and getting to know the community and the area will be a great thing to do. It will take some time and effort to visit it, but it will be a great way to get to know the area.

Get accustomed that some things you’re used to won’t be as widely or at all available

When living in a big city you can have almost everything you need. From bars and restaurants to malls and all else, you will have fewer things available in Silver Spring. Besides that, you might recognize that your internet is slower and other things are generally less available. Also, things like shipping will be so much slower after you move from a bigger city to Silver Spring. Getting adjusted to that will surely take some time. And Silver Spring generally has a lot of quality amenities overall.

Do your research online to get some answers about Silver Spring

In the end, it’s always a good idea to do some research online about Silver Spring. Be it that you want to find the best places to live, or some real estate to live in it. Overall, it will make things easier for you. As one of the most beautiful places in the state of Maryland, you will have a lot to learn about. On top of that, you can check out some additional information from the local influencers in Silver Spring. It’s a good idea to check out the internet for some more information about the location to make the transition from a bigger city easier.

A person looking up info about moving to Silver Spring from a big city online
Check out your options online

Relocation will take a lot of energy and preparation. And every move will be unique. That’s why you want to get to know as much information about moving to Silver Spring from a big city to make things easier for you. Do you need help with moving overall and need some tips and advice on relocation? Then don’t waste your time and make sure that you check out our blog and find some additional information to help you out.



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